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truth, commended the Gospel to a of a great work in this advanced crowd as the truth. He himself and progressive city. has been taken into the church on

F. BROWN. probation. The evanglists have been invited to the Anglo-Chinese College, Viceroy Yuan Hall, to hold a mission for students, but The Rev. G. H. Bondfield the work in the city goes on informs us that the Rer. A. as before. The Christians are Sydenstricker has been unanithoroughly aroused on behalf miously elected amember of the of the thousands outside, and Company of Revisers on the this is a very important result of Mandarin Old Testament in the mission. It is easy to secure place of the late Dr. Mateer. Chinese help in the meetings, We think Mr. Sydenstricker and we believe it is the begiuning admirably adapted to this work.

The Month.


birthday is to be celebrated. The

observance of mourning has been The month has made it evident that

general and in accordance with estabthere will be no serious uprising in lished customs. In some places the the provinces and no serious break in

strictness placed upon the people causgovernmental affairs as the result of

ed slight disturbances, but in general, the death of the late Emperor and

contrary to the anticipations and Empress-Dowager. The Prince Re

predictions of many, there has been gent has evidently assumed a strong

unusual quiet in all parts of China. position in the direction of the affairs

-In response to a request from the of state. This has been accompanied foreign business interests of China, with tolerance aud consideration for rules have been promulgated by the others high in authority and with a

Ministry of Finance for regulation of friendliness toward reform. The Re

banks, providing for their regulation gent has given orders that extrava

and restricting the issuance of paper gance should be avoided in the erection

currency. of the new palace. It is being proposed, in view of the establishment of

OPIUM AND REFORM. à constitution, to give the Emperor a fixed annual allowance. The Peking The Shanghai Taotai reports that government is to direct its attention during the 14 months prior to Novem. to three important matters :-(1.) The ber, 1908, there were 13,400 cases of regulation of finances. (2.) The estab- native opium imported into Shanghai lishment of parliament. (3.) The re- as against 16,114 during the precedorganization of the army and navy. ing 14 months.-Mr. Cecil Clemente, The Prince Regent proposes to have of the Hongkong Civil Service, has outlines of the national policies made been appointed to assist the British known to the people through the delegates at the forthcoming InterViceroys and Governors.-Hereafter national Opium Conference.-Plans civil metropolitan officials of the third are being forwarded for the Opium rank and higher will stand in audien- Conference, which will convene in ces before the Prince Regent unless Shanghai. The Chinese representathey have been accorded permission tives have arrived in Shanghai and to be seated.--The fourth day of the have in charge the preparations. The second month of the Chinese year is Shanghai Taotai and the Provincial fixed upon as the date of the inter- Treasurer of Kiangsu have been added ment of their Majesties, the Emperor to the Commission to co-operate with and Empress-Dowager. The 13th day the three other appointees.-The of the first moon is designated as the Prince Regent has consulted with the day on which the new Emperor's Grand Council in regard to the

feasibility of issuing instructions to the Viceroys and Governors of the provinces prohibiting the consumption of opium within two years. It is thought that an edict will be issued next year prohibiting the consumption of opium by the close of 190.-The Educational Commissioner and the Captain Superintendent of Police of Chihli province have issued a proclamation forbidding all students in the middle and lower schools to smoke, whether inside or outside of schools.


The proposal to dredge the Tung Ting lake has been given up owing to the large expense involved. The Governor of Chekiang has received a favorable reply to his memorial asking that an entrance be made in the Hangchow city wall for the railway to pass.-A loan of Tls. 60 000 has been arranged with the Russo-Japanese bank, the proceeds of which is to be used in the development of trade in Manchuria.- This month saw the inauguration of a monthly steamer service between Shanghai and Australia.

to put a stop to the boycott against Japanese goods. The order has created considerable excitevient in business circles. The matter has been appealed to the courts of the colony for decision.—A telegram from Berlin conveys the news that the German government expects to establish a high-school for Chinese at Kiaochow, at a cost of £30,000 and a yearly expenditure of £7,500.—The Japanese troops in North China will be withdrawn before January 3. Only thirty guards will remain in Peking. - The United States government is considering raising the rank of its representative to Peking from that of a Minister to an Ambassador.— The State Department of the U. S. government and the Japanese government have exchanged letters declaring that it is the wish of the two governments to encourage the peaceful development of their commerce on the Pacific, to endeavor to maintain the status quo, to respect each other's territory, to support the independence and integrity of China.--A telegram of the 12th instant announced the death in London of Sir Ewen Cameron, K.C.M G., FR.G.S., who was forty years connected with the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, a large part of which time was spent in the Far East.-It has been decided to establish general post office in Lhassa and have offices in all the Thibetan cities.

CHINA AND OTHER COUNTRIES. Several Chinese business men and the editor of two of the vernacular papers have been deported from Hongkong by the government in its effort


Missionary Journal.


At Oldham, England, 28th October,

to Rev. and Mrs. H. S. REDFERN, E. U. M. F. C., Ningpo, a daughter.

AT Tushan, 3rd November, to Mr. and

Mrs. DF. PIKE, C. I. M., a son (Douglas Henry).

At Yocliow City, Hunan, 12th Novem

ber, to Rev. and Mrs. PAUL E. KELLER, Ref. Ch. U. S. A., daughter (Margaret Esther).



At Taimingfu, Chihli, 5th Novem

ber, Mr. JOHN J MoE and Miss MARTHA ELIZABETH LAUGHLIN, both S. C. M. Ar Shanghai, 28th November, Mr.


STROM, bothi Sw Bapt. M.
At Shanghai, 3rd December, Rev.

John PETERSON and Miss E. AN

DERSON, both Sw. Am. Cov. M.
Ar Bhamo, 23rd November, Mr. W.

J. EMBery and Miss E. A. POTTER,
both C I. M.
Ar Shanghai, 2nd December, Mr. H.

J. ALTY and Miss A. M. RUSSELL,

both C. I. M.
At Shanghai, uth December, Mr. A.

Moore and Miss E. ANDREW, both
C. I. M.

AT Peking, 15th November, to Rev.

and Mrs. CH. W. KASTLER, Basel M., a son (Charles Wendelin).

AT Weihsien, Sh., 15th November,

to Dr. and Mrs. C. K. Roys, A. P. M., a daughter (Carolyn).

Ar Tientsin, 18th November, to Mr.

and Mrs. CHAS. W. HARVEY, Y. M. C. A., a daughter (Martha

Bunting). AT Tientsin. 30th November, to Mr.

and Mrs. BURTON ST. JHN, M. E.

M., a son (Lucian Belai. AT Runingfu, Honan, ist December,

to Rev. and Mrs T. EKELAND, Am.

Luth. M., a daugliter (Agnes Marie). AT Amoy, 2nd December, to Dr and

Mrs. C. E. BLAIR, L. M. S., a son. Ar Sinyang, Honan, 15th December,

to Rev. and Mrs. INGVALD DAEHLEN, Am. Luthi. M., a daughter

(Vivian Vilgard Irene). Ar Ningpo, 30tlı December, to Rev.

and Nirs. A. R. KEPLER, A P. M., a daughter (Dorothy Griswold).

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4th December, Rev. and Mrs. C. B. RAPE, Rev. and Mrs. G. B, NEWMAN, Rev. and Mrs. JOSEPH BEECH and two children (ret ), Rev. and Mrs. F. R. SIBLEY and child, Rev. and Mrs. F. C GALE and child, Miss F. SOMERS, all M. E. M ; Rev. C. N. CALDWELL, S. P M. (ret.); Rev. and Mrs. J. T. MCCUTCHAN, Rev and Mrs. O. V. ARMSTRONG, Rev and Mrs. H. W MCCUTCHAN, Miss E. CORRIHER, all A. P. M. S.

7th December, Mr. and Mrs. G PARKER and Miss F. A. M. YOUNG (ret.) from England, Mr. and Mrs. C. BLOM (ret. ; from Sweden, Miss H. W. S. ENGSTROM, Messrs. D. E. LANDIN and M RINGBERG from Sweden, Mr. S BJERTSOES from Norway, all C. I. M.; Mr. and Mrs. LesLIE, C. L. S.

Sth December, Miss M. THOMAS, Miss C. CARLETON, Dr. J. H. LECHJER, Rev W. R. CANNELL, Mrs. E. JACKSON and child, Rev. W.L KNIPE (ret.', all C. M. S; Miss M. L. B. VAUGHAN, A. P. M. (ret ); Rev. and Mrs. V. P. EASTMAN, A. B. C. F. M ; Rev. and Mrs J. M. D. GUDAI, and child, Am. Luth. M.

12th December, Miss FRAZEY anc Miss FONDA ; Mrs. H. W. and Miss F. Buu E, A. C. M.

15th December, Miss E. A. SHEPPERD, C. I. M. (re.) from England via Siberia.

21st December, Dr. and Mrs. W. F. ADAMS and two children, Reformed Ch. U. S. A ; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. DOHERTY and two children ret., from America, and Miss E. F. BURN (ret.) from England, all C. I. M.


Ar Kulangsu, Amoy, 24th November,

Mrs. F. P. JOSELAND, L. M. S. AT Hsuchowfu, 30th November, PAUL

Donald, only son of Rev. and Mrs. M. B. GRIER, A. P. M. S., aged 5

years, of diphtheria. Ar Changteh, Hunan, uitli December,

Mrs. W. L. BERST, A. P. M.




25th September, Mr. ISIDORE DEUTSCH, S. C. M.

8th November, Rev. and Mrs. W. REMFRY HUNT and two children (ret.) F. C. M. S.

23rd November, Miss ALWINE SCHUR, C. I. M., from Germany ; Rey. and Mrs. G. FISK, Rev. E. J. ELLISON, Rev. J. S. HARRIS, Rev. H. R. WILLIAMSON, Rev. E. B GREENING, Rev. E. R. FOWLES, all Eng. Bapt. M.; Rev. G. P. LITTLEWOON, U. Meth. M.; Mr. J. P. RODWELL, F. F. M. A.

26th November, Dr. ANDREW GRAHAM, Ch. of Scot. (ret.); Mr. H. J. ALTY, C. I. M. (ret.) from England.

29th Noveniber, Rev. 0. E. JOHNSON and Miss E ANDERSON, both Sw. Am. M. Coy. ; Mr. and Mrs. C. T. FISHE (ret.), froin England via America, Misses H. E. K. REIKIE, C. E. VARcoE, S. C. PEET and B. J. L. ReyNOLDS from North America, all C. I. M.

30th November, Miss ARMFIELD, C. M. S.

21st November, Miss JESSIE BEGG, C. I. M., for England via Siberia.

27th November, Miss A.O. MILLER, L. M. S., for England.

28th November, Miss B. Fox and Dr. J. R. Cox, both Can. M. M., for Canada, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. GILMER, Mrs. A. MENZIES, Misses L. RICHARDSON, G. DRING and E. K. ANDERSON for England, Mr. E. J. COOPER for England via Siberia, all C. I. M.

Ist December, Dr. and Mrs AMENT, A. B. C. F. Y., and Mr. L. C. PORTER, all for U. S. A.

12th December, Rev. and Mrs. W. J. WALLACE and two children, C. M. S., for England.

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2. Hackett Lecture Hall. 3. Medical College Dormitory. 4. McWilliams Building of David Gregg!Hospital, 5. Maternity Ward.



1. Theodore Cuyler Church.

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