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ress is reported at the various who are heralds of the divine stations. We long to hear of love, and preach Jesus who fed

, one here and one there, week the hungry multitude, not use our by week and month by month, influence with God and man to being steadily brought in, and further the material as well as so increasing the strength of the moral and spiritual welfare the feeble Christian communities of our brother man ? To teach struggling along in the midst of these simple folk that we are opposition. That is the burden doing this by seeking for them of our prayers, but that is just first of all the kingdom of God, what we are not seeing and hear- is process of years. One someing of. For some

times wonders, in moments of other the work seems at the temptation, if it would not be present time to be peculiarly better to cultivate a more elastic hard. Preachers are finding it conscience. Would it not be so, -even those who are doing well to help these people a little their best. Naturally, earnest- in their village affairs ? Why, minded workers cannot but begin the church would begin to to inquire why it should be so. "hum!" Whole clans would One has thought perhaps that flock to the chime of her Sabbath one's own is just the experience bells. So, in China, it would be of every youthful missionary, an easy thing for a missionary to who begins by hoping for great carry on a seemingly successful achievements, but after some mission by just a little display years of experience discovers of wordly power and authority, how slow and gradual must be and all the time be living in a the increase. Nevertheless there missionary fool's paradise ? To is more than that needed to ex- do so seems such an innocent plain the present depression. and harmless thing. It prevents Unrealized hopes is not a suffi- litigation, arrests bad feeling, cient explanation for the present and so covers a multitude of sins. state of affairs.

It flatters the missionary's selfIn our own region here the esteem by making him appear in churches seem to have come to the eyes of the people as a man of a point when they have at last importance, and wins for him grasped the unwelcome truth the reputation of being a "lover that there is little or no help to of the people. But it is the old be gained from the church in temptation of our Lord to seek lawsuits. In this matter the fame by a spectacular display of foundations were badly laid, and power to please the people. Bewe have suffered ever since. It cause we have fought against has been a long fight, and the this, and because the people of victory is only partially gained this region more fully realize the as yet. Only those who under- nature and function of the Chris. stand the Chinese and their re- tian church, seems to me to be ligious conceptions can under- one reason for the present stagnastand how hard it is, even for tion. Christians, simple and childlike Then our church is affected in their faith, to maintain their also by conditions more or less confidence in a Divine Being general throughout this provwho apparently fails to interest ince. There has been a long Himself in the material welfare period of unbroken prosperity of His children. Why do not we, and uninterrupted peace. Scarce. ly moved by the troubles of we have. Nor would I like to 1900, and the wars and rumours say we have gone back; but of wars that shook the north, would that we were producing the people of this province more!“I wonder we do not have lived in peace and plenty increase in number,” said John for years. Proud and self-satis. Wesley, “I can impute the want fied they do not feel their need of increase to nothing but want of a higher life. One longs of self-denial.”

of self-denial.” Surely this is, sometimes for a revolution of par excellence, the virtue that any kind that would shake the attracts. And so it seems to me minds of the people, and rouse in our villages and homes we them up to think. The soil is need more self-denying Chrishard, and it needs to be ploughed tians. Said one of our preachers up. Any disturbing force that at a recent gathering : " It is no would wake the torpid soul and use telling the heathen about heavy conscience to the percepe Jesus. They don't know anytion of moral and spiritual need, thing about Him.

thing about Him. They wish would be gladly welcomed. The to see Jesus in the lives of men." silent prayer of our hearts at this Notwithstanding the present time is, “ Coine Lord Jesus, and stagnation in the church, I must rouse from this sleep of death." say that never within my ten

Another reason for the pres- years of life in China has there ent depression is what I would been such readiness to listen to call the dearth of conspicuous the Gospel message among those Christianity. Many have turn- outside the pale of church influed from idols, like the Thessalo- ences. Everywhere there is an nian converts, to serve the living open door. A few weeks ago I and true God, but they lack spent three nights in a village the more positive qualities which and stayed in the house of a man, made that little apostolic who several years ago came to church, that sprang up with the hospitaland, having given up such marvellous rapidity, con- the opium babit, has continued spicuous in all the region round a strength to the church ever about. Our greatest need at the since. The sincerity of his pro present time is for men and fession, witnessed by the change women who will truly represent in his life, has won for him the Christianity to the heathen. If respect and admiration of all ip we had only a few in every bis housebold. The result was Church | We have a few, but we got a good hearing, and for they are not sufficient. The three successive nights the lamp of many burns dimly and preacher and I spoke for several is not sufficient to be a witness. hours in the large central guestWe need more "

witnessing" hall to an audience of about fifty Cbristians. Not only do we men, women and children; on require those who have been one evening holding a lantern

'converted," and are feebly service, at which the stories of struggling towards the king. Naaman and the Prodigal Son dom, but we require vigorous, were used to illustrate divine conspicuous, uplifting types of truth. That is what a consist. Christian character. I would not ent Christian profession can do. say we have none, because that It can always win a respectful would not be true. I could hearing. The man is by no tell of some splendid Christians means a paragon of Christiap



excellences, but his friends and members of the Aphuei party, neighbours have seen a saving Mr. Hsieh, Mr. Iang and Mr. power in his life. It is true, as Li, have also proved instrumentone of our missionaries has said, al in God's hands for blessing in that the best pulpit is the door- our midst. step of a Christian's home. The

It may here be observed that worst is that of one who pro- our expectation had been from fesses the Christian name, but Him, and a preparatory work lacks the reality. Thus on all had gone on since Mr. Goforth's hands there are abundant open- visit to Kuling during July; but ings for evangelistic work. our hopes, it seemed, were to be Would that many were as will- suddenly dashed to the ground. ing to receive as they are ready Only a brief hour had elapsed to listen !

after the return of the party from

Honan, when the signal fire of Our readers will be thankful to learn

the revolutionaries lit up the sky, from the accompanying letter that

following upon the deaths of the the revival which has been going Emperor and Dowager-Empress forward so powerfully in the prov- and preceding the end of the inces of Shansi and Honan, has commenced in Anking, the

military maneuvres of the Hucaptital city of Anhuei. The writer peh and Nanking armies, thirtyis Mr. C. E. Parsons, of the Chiua three miles away. The morning Inland Mission.

attack on Anking on the 20th Two weeks of special meetings, was followed by the bombardfollowing the visit of Mr. West- ment of a rebelling fort, aud, wood with native workers to during the thirty-six hours Mr. Goforth's meetings in Ho- of fighting, we knew that the nan, have just closed here, after, safety of Anking hung in the we rejoice to say, such a mani- balance. With every means of festation of God's power as has escape cut off, we turned to not been witnessed since the in- Him who stilled the tempest. ception of the work in Aoking. After the first night and day of It is that others, with us, may fighting had passed, we, as was magnify God and unite in prayer usual, met with the church to for its extension elsewhere that seek the Lord's blessing and this short account is given. protection. Eternal realities Truly the words, “He maketh faced each soul. The Holy peace in thy borders and filleth Spirit's presence was felt, and thee with the finest of the wheat,” we received assurance that all have a new significance to the would be well with the city. church here ; while our prayers The Destroyer's hand was stayed, have received answer, above for, after a night of turmoil all that we could ask or think.” without the walls, it ended in a

Chaugteh, with its wondrous long engagement, which, during work, bearing unmistakeable the morning, “turned the tide" testimony to the growing power and led to the flight of the rebels of the revival from the north, half a day later; the armies at did not fail to include with bless- the manæuvres remaining loyal. ing those attending from Kiang. All these events had evidently a su and Anbuei, and it was almost direct bearing upon what was to immediately after Mr. West- follow in the local church. The wood's return here that the Lord was breaking up the ground work began. The remaining and strengthening faith. The men


of-war arriving, the ladies were gambling, immorality, and others taken on board ; the others re- so numerous that no one could maining as a means of reassuring keep the record, were poured the people; the meetings in ques- forth. Resistance to the Spirit tion being shortly afterward be- bad largely ceased, and the work gun. Danger continued, but Mr. went on, ever deepening and Hsieh, occupied with his new widening. As the second week found blessing, seemed almost ob- passed, there were confessions by livious to all that passed, while families.

With many, confeswe each knew the Lord to be with sion followed confession. Deepus doing a new thing in our midst. ened conviction brought greater

Sunday morning Mr. Iang, of revelations. Conventional methNing-kuo-fu, preached. Behind ods of conducting the meetings him was a new power! With were discarded that there might the speaker Apother spoke ! Mr. be greater freedom in the Spirit, Hsieh led that afternoon, and bis and the intervention of man confession led to the breaking avoided in all. Surrender to down of his mother, who was Christ, and prayers for the bappresent. Mr. Li, of Chïh-cheo- tism of the Spirit were answered. fu, spoke at night, the Sword of The closing nigbt saw further the Spirit cutting right and left. sins confessed. Chiefest among

As the special meetings began, these were jealousies leading to Mr. Iang and Mr. Li returned, long standing differences; these as was unavoidable; Mr. West- being publicly confessed and wood and Mr. Hsieh on alter- righted. Several candidates apnate nights, giving, under the plied for baptisın, and, with the Spirit, an account of the work

present interest, although the so fresh in their minds.

meetings have been closed, the The Holy Spirit filled the work, we feel, bas only but begun place, and barrier after barrier here. May we all in this land, was swept away. Lips sealed realizing afresh “that it is not to prayer for many years were by might nor by power" but by opened. Hearts cold and indif

the Spirit, not henceforth limit ferent were melted.

Souls saw Him by our lack of faith, but, themselves before a holy God, in the name of Christ, and by the and were bowed beneath His

power of the Holy Spirit, press mighty arm with broken hearts onward in the path of prayer, and prayer for cleansing. Mem- expectant and believing, to the bers of the church prayed to be complete victory ahead during saved. It was, however, on Fri- times so full of promise! day night that a deeper work began; Mr. Westwood speaking. Like resistless tide God's

The following has been sent us by

a member of the English Baptist power came. Few were not

Mission working at Tai-yuen-fu in weeping. On every side were Shansi. confessions, as men and women agonized before God. This

The Revival in Shansi: Blessing continued for a long time with

at Chiao-ch'eng. out the slightest trace of con- It seems fit to place on record fusion or disorder.

It was

the continued instances of blesstime long to be remembered. ivg at present taking place in The terrible sins of hatred, pride, Shansi. After the meetings held hypocrisy, indifference, theft, by Mr. Goforth were over, those



Christians from the country dis- The following account of blessing tricts who had received blessing

in Tientsin, sent by one of the mem

bers of the Methodist Episcopal Miswere very anxious that their

sion, will be read with thankfulness. fellow-Christians should also be blessed.

At the Methodist Episcopal Three men-Wang P'ei-kw‘ei, Annual Conference held in PeKuo Heng-cheng, and Liu kiug in October, Bishop BashHsiang-chen-have for a month ford appointed Dr. J. H. Pyke been round the little scattered to be Conference evangelist, with Christian communities, praying liberty to travel, holding missions with and stirring up the people, anywhere the way seenied open. and on Saturday, November 29, Having received an invitation Revs. Arthur Sowerby and S. from the Methodist Episcopal Henderson Smith visited Chiao- Mission in Tientsin, he comcheng, the centre for the district. menced work on November 29. For three days special meetings Immediately the United Methodist were held, and with the same Mission requested to be taken into blessed results that took place the arrangements, and Dr. Hobart iu T'ai-yuen-fu, and have been was asked to come and assist. met with elsewhere. Nearly all Meetings were commenced daily the Christians were melted and in the city churches both afterbroken down, and Christian noon and evening, when very leaders, who by pride and temper large congregations attended. had hindered the progress of the Two of the churches have been church more than they had help specially fitted with electric lights ed it by their preaching, confess- for evening meetings and the ed before all the rest with bitter doors were thrown open for all weeping and many tears. Young comers to attend. Two things and old all alike were moved, have been proved, namely, that in and the presence and power of Tientsin the open evangelistic the Holy Spirit were felt by all. methods are a success, and that

It is a wonderful time of bless- hundreds of people are ready to ing, and cannot be denied, and enibrace Christianity if given an it behoves every missionary and open free welcome. Scores of every church to ask what God people have come to the front means, and whether the time has for prayer and give certain evinot come that God will save dence of their desire to live a by thousands and tens of thou- better life. But one thing else sands. Surely God is preparing has been demonstrated, namely, His church for some special that the Christians have been work for Him. God help us all revived and set to work as scouts to be ready. It is also of great to bring in those who are only significance that these Christians waiting to be brought into closer have a close acquaintance with touch with the church. When the New Testament, and in their the preaching is over the Chrisprayers their one hope for pardon tians gather groups of outsiders is in the Cross, while they put for private conversation; in this away entirely all self-righteous- way many have been led to pray ness and self-reliance. It is the for themselves. Thus there have simple Gospel message with the been some remarkable scenes. full power of the Holy Ghost Last Friday evening a Buddhist that is the dynamic of all these priest, who had travelled all wonderful meetings.

round North China seeking the

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