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plains the meaning of blind verts to our faith. This view oracles. The monotheistic Jews was especially held by a lady took this word and exalted it attached to the American Episand ennobled it. Sien-chï ex- copal Mission in Tokyo. She presses one important phase of told me that when she showed the prophet's work, the one which the card to a young Japanese especially impresses the popular lady of noble birth, who had not mind, but it is one which holds at that time openly embraced a subordinate place in the New Christianity, she immediately

, Testament. But, as the Chinese expressed an eager desire to study the Bible, perhaps possess this paper, saying that will come to have that broader if she had it she would use the higher meaning for them which prayer herself and teach it to prophet has for the thoughtful her younger sisters. The card student of the English Bible. is now to be printed in Japanese, As a matter of fact, vast num- and it was most encouraging for bers of Anglo-Saxon Christians me to learn that it was expected connect the words prophet and to be of great service. A dear prophesy only with the thought young Japanese lady told me, as of foretelling.

we parted, that the seed which I

had been sowing in her country Sincerely yours,

was not likely to die. If the J. E. WALKER.

League may be of service in SHAOWUFU.

Japan why not in China ? Prac

tical Christianity is the aspect THE MINISTERING LEAGUE.

of our religion likely to make

the strongest appeal to those To the Editor of

whose knowledge of our faith is · THE CHINESE RECORDER.'

very limited.

Hearts can be

touched by kindness when any DEAR SIR: Will you kindly amount of dogmatic teaching allow me to inform your readers may fail. It seems therefore as that during the course of my re- if it would be well for earnest cent stay in Japan I drew the workers in the China mission attention of missionaries to the fields to consider if the Ministervery attractive card used by the ing League might not be of members of the Ministering service in the land where they League. This society is not as are laboring. This association is well kuown as perhaps it deserves one of the simplest ever organto be, as it has accomplished a ised. Its sole aim is the promoremarkable aniount of charitable tion of Christian love and kind. work in lands separated from

It doubtless owes much each other by the whole breadth of its success to the fact that of the earth. Several of those owing to its very simplicity it is persons to whom I showed our not adaptable, and it has been card of membership, on which approved and made use of by is printed the simple rule of

many whose religious views kindness adopted by this associa- widely differ. By emphasizing tion and the short prayer used the law of love, which ought to by those who belong to it, held be the key-note of all true Christhat it could be of great use in tianity, the society has been teaching practical Christianity enabled to accomplish an amount to those likely to become con- of charitable work little dreamt.




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of by us when it was originally missionary and the approximate started in Lord Meath's, my Lon- number of Mohammedans estidon house, 83 Lancaster Gate, mated to be in the province which has since become the and district. It is fully undercentral office of the society, stood that correct figures are whilst I have the honor and at present impossible, but privilege of being its central

an approximation may be better secretary.

than nothing. Believe me, Sir,

Secondly. Will those who

have given Mohammedanism in Yours very faithful, China any special study kindly M. J. MEATH. send me information, as fully as

time and work will allow, as to The Rule and Prayer of the the religious and social condition Ministering League are as fol- of Mohammedans in their district lows :

and their accessibility and any "Loving Father, make us true

other information concerning followers of Christ, Thy ministering work undertaken on their behalf. children, loving, kind, and useful to

Reference to other sources of others. Teach us to feel for the poor and suffering, and may we be ready

information will also be much to do what we can to help all in need. valued and appreciated. For Jesus Christ's sake. Amen." As the findings of the eight MOTTο.

Commissions for presentation to "No day without a deed to crown it."

the Edinburgh Conference have to be in proof not later than

December 31, 1909, I shall be A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION.

glad of replies at as early a date

as possible. Further, since it To the Editor of

will not be possible to get as full

information as is desirable upon "THE CHINESE RECORDER.

this important subject iu time DEAR SIR: In connection with for presentation to the Conferthe arrangements for the World's

ence, I may state that should the Missionary Conference in Edin- material supplied be sufficient burgh next year, I have accepted to make a special publication the responsibility for collecting desirable, I am prepared to information concerning Moham- publish, in a separate handbook, medans in the Chinese empire the substance of what may be for submitting to the Committee sent me, giving, as far as posof Unoccupied Fields, which is sible, full acknowledgment to part of Commission I, engaged all who have kindly assisted. in arranging material for the The form such a publication will Conference mentioned. May I, take, must of course be dependent through your columns, make

upon what is supplied from two requests of your readers. China. Will any friends there

First. That brief statements fore who cannot send full details may be sent to me, care of the in time for the Edinburgh ConChina Inland Mission, Newing- ference kindly bear this other ton Green, London, N., from thought in mind? every mission station in China It may perhaps be stated that stating, as far as information this attempt to collect reliable will allow the number of information upon this littlemosques in cities known to the

known subject is the result of some correspondence between almost entirely upon the reDr. S. M. Zwemer, the well- sponse friends in the field are known authority on Moham- able to make. I therefore hope medanism, and myself. All it may commend itself to the findings for the Edinburgh Con- readers of your magazine and ference will pass through his secure their kind assistance. hands before publication, and it Any photographs or illustrations is my hope, though I have not will also be of value. his authority for saying this,

Believe me, that any subsequent handbook would also have the great ad

Yours faithfully, vantage of his revision before

MARSHALL BROOMHALL. being printed. The value of such an effort as this will depend LONDON.

Our Book Table.

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The object of these Reviews is to give real information about books. Authors will help reviewers by sending with their books, price, original if any, or any other facts of interest. The custom of prefixing an English preface to Chinese books is excellent. Things Korean : A Collection of while Dr. Allen was merely a Sketches and Anecdotes, Mission

Secretary of Legation, having ary and Diplomatic. By Horace N. Allen, M.D., late Envoy Extraordi

become a familiar figure at the nary and Minister Plenipotentiary Korean palace, he was one evenof the United States in Korea. F. ing discussing how to open up H. Revell Co. Pp 256. Illustrated.

Korea. He thought the introThe main title of this volume duction of foreign capital (Amerwould suggest that it belongs to ican, for instance) would be the the “Things" series on the Far best way, which brought on a East, on the plan of Prof. Cham- long discussion and resulted in berlain's compendious survey of his leaving with a concession for Japan, or Mr. J. Dyer Ball's imita- a gold mining enterprise in his tion of it for China. As the sub- pocket. “Not knowing of any title announces, this is a wholly one who was especially anxious different enterprise, and makes to have, or able to handle such no pretence of being a com- a property, I made out the conplete view of anything unless cession in the name of an Amerit be of the author's connection ican business man in Japan, with Korea, which was so pecu- whom I knew to be interested in liar as to be inherently romantic. Korea and whom I respected He tells (and not infrequently highly. He was very much retells) the incidents of this surprised at finding such an singular experience with frank- important document lying on his ness and without egotism. In morning's mail, as he had no these days of vain efforts to get premonition of the fact that he permission to exploit the east was to be made the partner of a it reads like one of Mr. H. G. king in a gold mine. He soon Wells' novels to be told that disposed of his concession to


other Americans, who have Association of China and Korea. made out of it one of the most

Twenty Stories. Seventy - seven

pages. noted commercial successes in Asia.''

The stories : “Taking Too Dr. Allen makes no secret of Little," "Returning Evil with

" "The Widow and Her

Good, his sympathy with the Korean

“The Dishonest Apas against the Japanese, and has Son,',

",” many sharp things to say of the prentice," "A Rainbow End.", process by which the present

Henry of Navarre and the status has come about, but his

Peasant Boy,' · The Fire at C. book is, in no sense, political. School,” ,

“For His Mother's Taken for what it is, it is a

Sake, etc., are translations unique contribution to current

from English, adapted to suit history, depicting conditions not

the lives of Chinese children of likely ever to be reproduced to-day, and will prove interestupon this (and perhaps any

ing, as well as helpful, to all other) planet.

boys and girls, as there is a A. H. S.

valuable lesson in each story.

A copy should be in every

home, Sunday School and school Stories for Young People. By H. L.

or college library. It should Zia. Mandarin. 20 cents. White have a large circulation and paper. Not illustrated. General wide reading. Committee Young Men's Christian

G. R. L.

Books in Preparation. (Quarterly Statement.)

(Correspondence invited.) The following books are in course Ballantine's Inductive Studies in of preparation. Friends engaged in Matthew. translation or compilation of books Orgau Instructor. By Mrs. R. M. are invited to notify Rev. D. Mac- Mateer. Gillivray, 44 Boone Road, Shanghai, Murray's Like Christ. By Mr. Chow, of the work they are engaged on, so Hangchow College. that this column may be kept up

Illustrations for Chinese Sermons, to date, and overlapping prevented. by C. W. Kästler. N. B. Some whose names have been By the same. Chinese Preacher's on this list a long time are asked to Manual, and Daily Light for Chinese. write and say if they have given up Systematic Theology.

12 parts. the work, or what progress, if any,

Dr. DuBose. they are making. Perhaps they are Stepping Heavenward. By Mrs. keeping others from doing the work. Crossette,

Expository Com. on Numbers. By C, L. S. LIST.

G. A. Clayton. Booker T. Washington's “Up from Expos. Com, on Hebrews, by G. L. Slavery. By Mr. Kao Lun-ching. Pullan.

Wide Wide World. By Mrs. Mac- Little Meg's Children. By Mrs. Gillivray.

Crossette. Training of the Twelve. By A. B. Prof. Chwolson's Hegel, Häckel, Bruce.

Kossuth, and the 12th Command. Gulick's Growth of the Kingdom. ment. By F. Ohlinger.

Muirhead's Scripture Treasury Re- Sermons on Acts. Genähr. vised.

Outlines of Universal History. H. S. D. Gordon's Quiet Talks on Ser- L. W. Bevan, Medhurst College. vice. (In press.)

Essentials of Christianity (Method.

ist Theology). Dr. A. P. Parker. GENERAL

Torrey's What the Bible Teaches. Sharman's “Studies in the Life of By J. Speicher. Christ.” By Miss Sarah Peters. Tholuck's Sermon on the Mount. Nearly ready for the press,

By J. Speicher.

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Psychology for Teachers. By S. B. Drake.

Ancient Babylonia and Assyria. By S. B. Drake. “His Great Apostle," and "

“ His Friends.” By Rev. Chang Yang-hsün.

Choosing a Life Work-Yours. A manual of texts for young Christians.

Stalker's Paul. J. H. Jowett's The Passion for Souls. (In mandarin.) Inspiration of a Christian. Fulness of Power. Metapbors of St. Paul. Dean Howson. By J. Vale.

Mrs. Nevius' Mandarin Hymn Book.
Dr. and Mrs. Nevius' Manual for
Christians, with answers to the ques-
Practical Chemistry in three parts:

I. Inorganic, Elementary.
II. Inorganic, Qualitative and

Quantitative Analysis.
III. Organic.
By H. G. Whitcher and Bae Yü-

Practical Physics, by the same and Liu Kuang-chao.

Higher Algebra, by the same and Liu Kuang-chao.

The Roman Theology and the Word of God, by Alplionso Argento.

Constructive Studies in Life of Christ. H. W. Luce.

New Primer of Standard Romaniza. tion on the Accumulative Method. By Frank Garrett. 1. Pandita Ramabai. J. Hutson.

2. Secret of Victory Over Sin. J. Hutson. Meyer's.

3. Young Men, Don't Drift. J. Hutson. Meyer's.

4. Our Bible Reading. J. Hutson, Meyer's.

5. Peace, Perfect Peace. J. Hutson, Meyer's,

6. Training of the Twig. Drawbridge. J. Hutson.

The first five are ready in Mandarin.

The Christian Home in China, compiled by Mrs. A. H. Mateer. Vol. I. The Daughter in the Home. Vol. II. The Wife and Mother in the Home, Vol. III. Simple Remedies and Household Hygiene. (In press.)

#FB. an adaptation of "David, a little soldier of Jesus Christ,”? by Rev. F. W. Baller. (In press.)

Prof. J. Percy Bruce is preparing the following :

New Announcements.

Elenientary Outlines of Logic.

Expository Lectures on the His. torical Parts of the Pentateuch.

Expository Lectures on Old Testa. went History (Solonion to Captivity).

Biblical Altas and Gazetteer. R. T. S., London,

R. A. Haden is preparing Murray's Humility and Holy in Christ.

Y. M. C. A.: Outline Studies in Biblical Facts and History, by I. N. DePuy and J. B. Travis.

Y. M. C. A.: Studies in the Life of Christ, by Sallian.

Y.M.C. A.: Harmony of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, by Crockett.

Y. M. C. A.: The Changed Life, by Henry Drummond.

Y. M. C. A.: Alone with God, by John R. Mott.

James Hutson : Meyer's Burdens and How to Bear Them.

James Hutson : Willison's Mothers' Catechism.

Mrs. R. M. Mateer: The Browns at Mount Hermon.

Samuel Couling: Jewish History from Cyrus to Titus.

F. C. H. Dreyer: Bible Reading Outlines for the Blackboard.

W. T. Hobart : Johnston's Scientific Faith.

Lectures on Modern Missions, by Leighton Stuart.

Laboratory Manual in Chemistry (Man. darin), by J. McGregor Gibb.

Mrs. Mills. Books for the Deaf Mutes.

Bismarck: His Life and Work (Wên-li), by

Rev. F. W. Leuschner.
Westcott's Commentary on St. John's Gos-

pel, by Rev. G. Miles, Wesleyan Mission. Onward, Christian Soldiers. 'Talks on Pract

ical Religion (S. P. C. K.), by Rev. Wm P.

Chalfant, Ichowfu.
Children's Hymn Book, by F. W. Baller (in

P. F. Price's Easy Catechism (Mandarin)

(out.) C. T. S.
Woodrow Wilson's The State, by Dr. D. Z.

Fenn's Concordance of the New Testament

is in type, and will soon be issued. Expository Commentary on John's Gospel. George Hudson.

By C. L. S.
Sterling's Noble Deeds of Women.
Speer's Principles of Jesus, by Joshua Vale.
Livingstone's Travels.
Gulick's Growth of the Kingdom of God.

My Belief, Dr. Horton.
Drummond's Programme of Christianity

Guizot's Civilization in Europe.
British Constitution.
Commercial Education.

By Y. M. C. A.
Johnston's Scientific Faith is withdrawn for

a time.
Stories for Young People, by H. L. Zia, is now

ready. Also Harmony of Samuel, Kings,

and Chronicles, by W. D. Crockett. Temptations of Students, by John R. Mott. Power of Jesus Christ in the Life of Stu

dents. John R. Mott.
A Changed Life. Henry Drummond.
Achievement-0. S. Marden (abridgment.)
A Handbook on Y. M. C. A. Work, with

Report of Y. M. C. A. Work during 1908.
Constructive Studies in the Gospel of Mark,


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