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Is the reform for which China is waiting, and without which all progressive projects will prove vain, namely, the

reform of her civil service, any nearer to-day Tbe Time and

than it was two years ago ? A 'root and branch' tbe man.

policy, touching the basis upon which the whole system of official life rests, is essential to everything else which the nation needs of new policy, and it does not seem to be in view. Some form of corruption, either in the attainment of office, or for adequate sustenance when office is obtained, is still necessary to official life, and the road to national service is therefore still barred to honourable men.

The most high sounding and well intentioned edicts must beat in vain against such a barrier as exists in this condition of affairs. All sorts and conditions of reforms are halting to-day because those who should be the agents for carrying them out are rendered incapable, where they are not ignorant, by the system under which they have to live. An adequately salaried, intelligent officialdom is an absolute necessity to a reform administration, and no number of minor reforms or exalted edicts will bring into the public service the men China needs so sorely until that service is made worthy. If the high officials of this empire could be brought to secure the services and advice of a committee of the finest administrators available throughout the world with a view to administrative and financial reform, and would act upon their recommendations, the result would be worth any expense which might be incurred in the process.

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The great Missionary Conference which is to be held in Edinburgh in June of next year, will doubless mark an epoch

in the work of missions throughout the world, Tbe Edinburgh

and many eyes will be turned thitherwards and Conference.

many prayers go up for its success. It is hoped that it will give a “review of the whole missionary situation up to date.” The plan of the Madras and China Centenary Con

" ference has been adopted, and eight great commissions are to prepare exhaustive pronouncements on as many great departments of the work. Many missionaries in China have doubtless been asked to correspond with one or another of these commissions, and it is hoped that all will make their replies as complete as possible. It will be labor well spent, for the Conference is intended to be epochal as no other before it. The church is fully ripe for a phenomenal advance in the evangelization of the world.

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The Sanctuary



The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.".--St. James v,

For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them."-St. Matthew xviii, 20.

For an increasing efficiency in the O Saviour of the world forlorn,

scientific work of the hospitals. Who, man to save, as mani wast born; Protect us through this coming night,

For such union in work as will best And ever save us by Thy might.

conserve energy aud permit evangelBe with us, Lord, in mercy nigh,

istic and scientific growth.
Aud spare Thy servants when they cry;
Our sins blot out, our prayers receive, For the Mission Boards at home,
Our darkness lighten and forgive.

that they be guided to a wise selection O let not sleep o'ercome the soul,

of those who apply for appointment Nor Satan with his spirits foul; Our flesh keep chaste, that it may be

as medical missionaries. A holy temple unto Thee.

That in all this work the great aim
To Thee, who makest souls anew,

should be the revelation of the power,
With heartfelt vows we humbly sue,
That pure in heart, and free from stain, the wisdom, and the love of God.
We from our beds may rise again.

For direction and guidance in the
All laud to God the Father be ;
All laud, Eternal Son, to Thee;

duty of giving of our substance to the All laud, as is for ever meet,

Lord, and that realizing we are but To God the blessed Paraclete. Amen.

stewards we may give to the utmost. PRAY

For the World Missionary ConferFor God's blessing upon all medical

ence to be held in Edinburgh in 1910. missionary work.

O Christ our Lord, who art the For the missionary doctors, that

great Physician, we pray for Thy they may be kept in God's steadfast

especial blessing upon our hospitals fear and love, that they may not lose and medical work. Have mercy upon courage through their lack of support

those who are sick and in pain, and or multiplicity of duties, that they

heal the diseases of their bodies and may be patient and compassionate of their souls. Bless the doctors and toward those to whom they minister,

nurses who are engaged this work, and that they may daily remember make them patient and compassionate that they have a God to glorify and a

toward those to whom they minister, soul to save.

and as Thou hast honored them by For the missionary nurses, that

calling them to follow Thee in Thy they may see and know the great blessed work of healing, keep them opportunities given them to tell of in Thy steadfast fear and love. Amen. Christ's love to those who are under

GIVE THANKS their care.

For the rapidly growing medical For all Chinese doctors, nurses, and

mission work, its increasing efficiency, other medical attendants, that love of

and the larger opportunities it offers their brethren may always be their for “manifesting Christ to the Genimpelling motive, and that they may tiles." show Christ's love by word and deed.

For those patients whose minds For all hospital and dispensary and hearts seem to open up at once, evangelists, that by faithfulness in and who are willing and glad to talk preaching and kindliness to the sick, on spiritual themes. P. 346. they may lead many to salvation.

That Christ's love is sufficient to For such increase of evangelistic make men willing to endure all the workers, both foreign and Chinese, disagreeable part of this work. P. 323. as will permit efficient “following For the continually growing sense up" of the great opportunities made of responsibility for self-support that by the medical mission work.

is seen in the Chinese church.

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How Can We Best Secure the Highest Spiritual

Results in Our Medical Colleges

EFORE considering direct spiritual effort, there are

many fundamental questions which must be taken

into account, on which depend the attainment of our Christian ideals.

In our college and hospital work—and hospital work cannot be disassociated from college work—we must aim at the very highest efficiency if we are to speak and work with power for spiritual fruit, and it is only through the highest possible efficiency that we can hope for the greatest spiritual results.

The task which the medical educator sets himself is an extremely difficult one. The number of subjects included in a modern medical education, and the large field each subject covers, together with the amount of clinical work that requires to be done, make the task to be accomplished by the man whose Christian ideal is high, harder than missionaries in general have any conception of.

To attain our object many things are necessary, and the first is, to obtain the very best doctors the West can produce, men who are or shall become thoroughly proficient in the Chinese language, men whose Christian fervour is beyond all question.

This is a triple qualification which involves a problem not easily solved. Taking furloughs, sick-leave, and other interruptions into account, how are we to get together a sufficient number of such men to handle the many subjects which it is necessary to include in a mnodern medical curriculum ?

Then comes the question of building and equipment for thorough work, and again the question is complicated. Can we get a sufficient number of out-patients and in-patients—men, women, and children-to supply the necessary amount of

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