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What is your memory of your school-day reading? Remember Virgil's “Aeneid"? Forty lines a da:

— translated slowly, painfully, word by word!! that your memory of the "Aeneid”? Very pru ably it is; the "Aeneid” means just that thousands of men and women-a task. The lab. of translation hid all the beauties of the origina.



Do you realize that Virgil's “Aeneid” is a worderfully thrilling and romantic poem? A poem

which expresses the spirit of the Augustan Age ct 113.8

Rome, its idea of Rome's origin, its conception of the ideal in human character? Do you know tha: this poem is necessary to an understanding po

Roman civilization, even as an understanding of Roman civilization is necessary to an understanding of our civilization? Would': you like to re-read the “Aeneid” in a beautifully clear English verse translation which exactly mirrors the Latin?

The “Aeneid” (thus translated by John Dryden) is one of the 418 complete works che constitute

You can.

The Harvard Classics

Clip this

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Dr. Eliot's Five-Foot Shelf of Books Dr. Charles W. Eliot—forty years president of Harvard—has picked out of all the writings produced civilized man those which, in his judgment, give the clearest and most unforgetable idea of what life has meant to men in all ages,—its romance, inspiration, dignity, passion, tragedy, comedy.


MINUTES That's what « The Harvard Classics” mean. They coupon

A DAY contain no excerpts. Every work is complete. Dr. Eliot himself says: “It is my belief that the faithful and considerate reading of these books . . . will give any man the essentials of a liberal education, even if he can devote to them but fifteen minutes a day.' Think of it! Fifteen minutes a day! Don't you think you I P. F. COLLIER & SON ought to know more of this wonderful series? You may do

U 416 W. 13th St., New York, N. Y. so, absolutely without cost

You may send me the free Harvard Class this book FREE to all

Book; no obligation.
Atlantic Monthly readers



A. M. 6-18

| Name


The FREE book contains (1) Dr. Eliot's explanation of the
series, (2) Many extracts from the chosen masterpieces,
(3) Comments on them by great critics, (4) Many handsome
illustrations from the books themselves.
In other words, this FREE book has a distinct value in itself.


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FINANCIAL POSITION. Tot January 1916 od Ass ..

12 000.000 nual Income



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T is with especial pleasure that we an- DWIN AUSTIN ABBEY, 2D, nephew

nounce the publication in America of of the painter, a graduate of St. Mark's what we believe to be one of the great School and the University of Pennsylvania, human documents of the war, - THE was killed in action at Vimy Ridge in April. ODYSSEY OF A TORPEDOED TRANS- 1917. His letters home, which have just PORT, translated by Grace Fallow Norton.

been published under the title, AN ($1.40 net.)

AMERICAN SOLDIER ($1.35 net), beThe author, a young officer of the French long with “A Student in Arms” among merchant service, traveled

than the classics of the war, showing, as they do. 125,000 miles through the war zone, rang- the effect of the war on the spiritual develing from New York to Archangel and opment of a young man's character, Alexandria. His ship, the Pamir, was pursued many times, shelled, torpedoed, and

To finally in 1917 sent to the bottom. Imme

drivers have a monopoly of thrills diately upon its appearance his book became the sensation of the hour in France,

among non-combatant war workers, we and received the important Prix Femina

should like to recommend TRICKING

TO THE TRENCHES, by John Iden Vie Heureuse as the most important war book of 1917. The Boston Transcri pt called

Kautz ($1.00 net). Written with an unit at the time: “By far one of the most

commonly graphic and humorous touch, interesting publications that has come out

these letters of a young American truck of the present war.”

driver give a fresh picture of one of the As the best first-hand account of the

most adventurous occupations at the back

of the front. deadly game of hide and seek ceaselessly

* played merchant

N as one of the two outstanding French war books, doing for the sea what "Under Fire" of modern social problems has been written does for the trenches, THE ODYSSEY by Rev. Bernard Iddings Bell under the title. OF A TORPEDOED TRANSPORT RIGHT AND WRONG AFTER THE should be read by every Atlantic reader.

WAR ($1.25 net). Dean Bell, who is now serving as naval chaplain, analyzes the

practical problems involved in teaching ENERAL SIR H. L. SMITH

the old morality in terms of the new life. DORRIEN said of A GENERAL'S LETTERS TO HIS SON ON OBTAIN

HE FAITH OF FRANCE, by “These letters give all necessary information, and if young Officers will only study has already been announced in these pages, them carefully and shape their conduct ac- is now published. James Norman Hall's cordingly they need have no fear of prov- HIGH ADVENTURE ($1.75 net), Caping unworthy."

tain Richard Haigh's LIFE IN A TANK, The letters are just as applicable to and Ralph Paine's THE FIGHTING American officers as to British, and a copy FLEETS ($2.00 net), will be ready during of the book will be a decided asset to any June and orders given now will be filled na of our young men in service.

the day of publication.

mane on the broad waters of the Atlantic; All bookson Christian morals in the light


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The Russian


Identifies Borzoi Books

Just west

The Putnam

UTNAMSS. Bookstore
2 west 45" St. of 5th Ave.

If you do not read
Our bookselling experience

Joseph Hergesheimer's books* extends over 80 years

you are missing tomers out of town for the

the finest American fiction mer can rely on prompt and

of your day.lligent attention to their I and telephone orders.

Alfredas noch

GENEALOGIST LAWRENCE BRAINERD 9 Ashburton Place BOSTON, MASS. arch for Authoritative records of all American ilies.


"Gold and Iron the latest of them — just out

contains three notable novelettes. ($1.50.)
The Three Black Pennys a novel which John

Galsworthy calls the most interesting recent
American book that he has read. (Third edi.

tion. $1.00.)
Both books are for sale wherever books are sold.

Send to the publisher for a complete list of

Borzoi Books

HORT STORY WRITER who is also a lecturer nd teacher has enough spare time to give a comechnique of the short story course through corrence. Limited to ten students only. Address Short care of the Atlantic Monthly."

ALFRED A. KNOPF, INC. 220 West Forty-Second Street


In Times Like These we look for guidance. New ideas of the significance of democracy, of the subordination of the will of the individual, of man as the chief end of creation, arise to perplex us. The Divine Guide alone can help us to see clearly through the engulfing fog of evil. The philosopher and scientist Emanuel Swedenborg has comforted and inspired thousands by his book “ Divine Love and Wisdom.” Endowed for that purpose, this Society offers to send you a copy without cost or obligation other than 5 cents for mailing. AMERICAN SWEDENBORG PRINTING AND PUBLISHING SOCIETY

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You are Interested in something ..


Why net get things printed

about it? We read and clip thousands of newspapers and mar every week: therefore, we can equip you SPERIMIT economically for a debate, speech, lecture, essay, C&T* else requiring up-to-date information, and MORE OF your competitors are likely to get.

Twenty select clippings for $1.00.

By the month, $1.00 and upwards. SEND FOR OUR BOOK LET, which explains the scope

clipping industry. 20th Century Press Clipping Bureau

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