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We print just as few Atlantics as the steadily increasing demand will permit. It is often difficult to secure a copy after the middle of the month. So we ask our friends either to

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The Atlantic Announces FOR JULY


By Victor S. Clark

It is Professor Clark's duty to study the German press in the interest of the American Government, and our readers will find this article of great interest and profit.


An episode in trench life, extremely novel and highly picturesque.


By William Beebe

By W. C. Scully

By Claudia Cranston

A most interesting paper in Mr. Scully's South African series.


A temperamental story by a new writer.


By Charles B. Nordkoff

The author of Flying Thoughts describes other days of flying on the French Front.

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Gentlemen: Enclosed find $4.00 for a thirteen months' subscription

to the Atlantic Monthly, beginning May, 1918.

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Another Tribute to the Latest Atlantic War Book

Many Atlantic readers are enjoying Porter's SHOCK AT THE FRONT, with its vivid pictures of life in and behind the trenches, its stories of humor and pathos, and its remarkable descriptions of a country at war. The following letter, recently received from a man in the United States service, expresses a soldier's appreciation of the book.

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Dear Sir:......



Detachment, U.S.S.G., Marathon, Texas
April, 26, 1918, 191

I am a Signal Corps telegraph operator, stationed in the most desolate part of the United States, on the Texas border, helping, I hope, to make the Big Bend District safe for democracy, while waiting and praying for a chance to go across and handle messages concerning Fritzes in place of the eternal grind of reports and bullet ins... about Villistas and Carranzistas. When not telegraphing I am usually reading, and when the Red Cross or the Y.M.C.A. affords the opportunity I read The Atlantic Monthly. The last copy I have had the chance to... peruse happened to be the December, 1917 number, and in it I ran across "Shock at the Front" by William Townsend Porter. I dont know that I have ever read a more interesting and lively account of life at the front. I was deeply enough impressed with the personality of the author to slip this message blank into the "mill" and write to ask you whether he has published any more articles of the kind, and where I could get them if he has so favored the public.

In the "Contributor's Column" of the number of the Atlantic in question you make the remark that "Though the reader would never guess it, this is the first time that Dr. Porter has written an article for an audience other than a professional one. I should say a reader would not guess it. Why the style is charming. There are passages that rum like poetry, and the most attractive current of humor contrasting and relieving the tragic spots.

Pardon this enthusiasm, but it is the only outlet... I have for any feeling of appreciation engendered by my reading. I will not consume more of your time, but if your office boy or twelfth sub--assistant has a few moments on its (gender uncertain these days) hands, and can tell me a little something more about Dr Wm. T. Porter, I should appreciate it. In the meantime, while waiting for a possible answer and another stray copy of "The Atlantic", I remainy

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SHOCK AT THE FRONT will be sent postpaid, on receipt of $1.25, to any address in U.S. or Europe. 41 Mt. Vernon St. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRESS

Boston, Mass.

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What is your memory of your school-day reading?

Remember Virgil's "Aeneid"? Forty lines a day -translated slowly, painfully, word by word! Is that your memory of the "Aeneid"? Very prob ably it is; the "Aeneid" means just that t thousands of men and women-a task. The labor of translation hid all the beauties of the original. But

Do you realize that Virgil's "Aeneid" is a wonderfully thrilling and romantic poem? A poem. which expresses the spirit of the Augustan Age of Rome, its idea of Rome's origin, its conception of the ideal in human character? Do you know that this poem is necessary to an understanding of Roman civilization, even as an understanding of Roman civilization is necessary to an understanding of our civilization? Wouldn't you like to re-read the "Aeneid" in a beautifully clear English verse translation which exactly mirrors the Latin?


You can. constitute

The "Aeneid" (thus translated by John Dryden) is one of the 418 complete works that

The Harvard Classics

Dr. Eliot's Five-Foot Shelf cf Books

Dr. Charles W. Eliot-forty years president of Harvard-has picked out of all the writings produced by civilized man those which, in his judgment, give the clearest and most unforgetable idea of what life has meant to men in all ages, its romance, inspiration, dignity, passion, tragedy, comedy.


That's what "The Harvard Classics" mean. They contain no excerpts. Every work is complete.

Dr. Eliot himself says: "It is my belief that the faithful and considerate reading of these books.. will give any man the essentials of a liberal education, even if he can devote to them but fifteen minutes a day."

Think of it! Fifteen minutes a day! Don't you think you
ought to know more of this wonderful series? You may do
so, absolutely without cost-

this book FREE to all
Atlantic Monthly readers

The FREE book contains (1) Dr. Eliot's explanation of the
series, (2) Many extracts from the chosen masterpieces,
(3) Comments on them by great critics, (4) Many handsome
ustrations from the books themselves.

er words, this FREE book has a distinct value in itself.

Clip this



A. M. 6-18


416 W. 13th St., New York, N. Y.

You may send me the free Harvard Classes Book; no obligation.



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T is with especial pleasure that we announce the publication in America of what we believe to be one of the great human documents of the war, - THE ODYSSEY OF A TORPEDOED TRANSPORT, translated by Grace Fallow Norton. ($1.40 net.)

The author, a young officer of the French merchant service, traveled more than 125,000 miles through the war zone, ranging from New York to Archangel and Alexandria. His ship, the Pamir, was pursued many times, shelled, torpedoed, and finally in 1917 sent to the bottom. Immediately upon its appearance his book became the sensation of the hour in France, and received the important Prix Femina Vie Heureuse as the most important war book of 1917. The Boston Transcript called it at the time: "By far one of the most interesting publications that has come out of the present war."

As the best first-hand account of the deadly game of hide and seek ceaselessly played between submarine and merchantman on the broad waters of the Atlantic; as one of the two outstanding French war books, doing for the sea what "Under Fire" does for the trenches, THE ODYSSEY OF A TORPEDOED TRANSPORT should be read by every Atlantic reader.



LETTERS TO HIS SON ON OBTAINING HIS COMMISSION ($1.00 net): "These letters give all necessary information, and if young Officers will only study them carefully and shape their conduct accordingly they need have no fear of proving unworthy."

The letters are just as applicable to American officers as to British, and a copy of the book will be a decided asset to any of our young men in service.

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N unusually readable and convincing

A book on Christian morals in the light

of modern social problems has been written by Rev. Bernard Iddings Bell under the title. RIGHT AND WRONG AFTER THE WAR ($1.25 net). Dean Bell, who is now serving as naval chaplain, analyzes the practical problems involved in teaching the old morality in terms of the new life. ⭑

HE FAITH OF FRANCE, by Maurice Barrès ($1.60 net), which has already been announced in these pages, is now published. James Norman Hall's HIGH ADVENTURE ($1.75 net), Captain Richard Haigh's LIFE IN A TANK, and Ralph Paine's THE FIGHTING FLEETS ($2.00 net), will be ready during June and orders given now will be filled on the day of publication.

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