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A new revised pocket edition of this standard guide book to the White Mountains. Automobilists, trampers, and vacationists will find it up-to-date and authoritative in every de

tail. With maps. $2.75 net. Boston HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY New York

Canadian Representative, THOMAS ALLEN, Toronto


For Nation-Wide Distribution

Three inexpensive reprints are now available for subscribers who, having enjoyed these articles in the At's to Monthly, desire to bring home to others certain phases of the present crisis. They are being widels distributed, not only by several State Councils of Defense, but also by individual men and women in many walks of life.


CURE, AND A PLAN FOR THE ALLIES The new and greatly enlarged edition contains all the articles from The Atlantic Monthly as well as seleta additional chapters.

I. How Cheaply Germany Has Fought VII. The Best Way to Crush Pan-
the War

II. How Much Germany Has Won in

VIII. Political Strategy
the War

IX. The German Pacifist Manæuvres
III. The Necessity for a Decision

X. The Western Front
IV. The Allies and Pan-Germanism

XI. The Western Front Theory Cria-
V. Military Operations

cized VI. Pan-Germany's Strength and Weak- XII. The Lesson of Three Years of War

and of Events in Russia

XIII. A Plan for the Allies SCALE OF PRICES : 3 copies for $1.00, postpaid ; Single copies 35 cents each, postpaid. 5000 or more at

$.23 per copy; 1000 or more at $.25 per copy; 100 or more at $. 28 per copy. Carriage additional,



HIMSELF In this paper Reverend Joseph H. Odell, who has, as he says, “probably written more in defense of the ministry than any other clergyman,' attempts to bring home truths to clergy and iaity. Many will defend to writings at this time ; many condemn. My soul has waxed hot within me as I have watched the part played by the Christian ministers during the present crisis.' Each, 10 cents; $5.00 per hundred.

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Joubert's NEIGHBOR HANS As proof of the almost unbelievable perversity of character which marks the German officials and othcers, Wilfred A. Joubert offers the story of his experiences with a Junker-born neighbor in southern Mexico. The man was a university graduate of the military caste. His code of ethics, and his absolute disregard of the nigha of his neighbors, so nearly coincide with the sp.rit which caused the European calamities of the last three years, that the experience reads almost as a parable. Each 10 cents ; $5.00 per hundred.


Orders promptly filled by THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRESS 41 MT. VERNON ST.


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“It Wears Well”



How much satisfaction do you get from a newspaper ?

Do you put it down with a confident feeling you have learned the exact facts of the principal recent occurrences that have taken place throughout the world ?

Do you find therein information of sufficient interest to warrant passing your newspaper along or cause you to save it to read again?

Do its statements speak with authority ?

The readers of The Christian Science Monitor can answer these queries in the affirmative because this great international daily newspaper has its own reporters all over the world gathering true stories of daily events, which are published uncontaminated by personal opinion or biased conclusion.

Simon Lake tells in his new book THE SUBMARINE IN WAR AND PEACE everything of possible interest about undersea navigation. The romantic story of the submarine has never been told so adequately as here by the great inventor whose renowned. Argonaut" in 1897 arouse world wide interest. He covers the whole subject clearly and satisfactorily, giving information of equal use to the general reader and to the deep thinker who is especially interested in the scientilic side of submarines. There are so unique and original illustrations on all pbases of the submarine, some very suggestive of future devel. opments. Price, $3.00 net. What Did We Get for $25,000,000 ? THE VIRGIN ISLANDS: Our New Possessions and the British Islands, by THEODOOR DE BOOY and JOHN T. FARIS, describes in the most interesting manner for the general reader, the intending visitor to the Islands, and the investor looking for possible business openings what they wish to know regarding these new possessions of ours, formerly the Danish West Indies. The whole scope of the Islands is coered from personal experience. The roniance, history and stories connected with the citierent places are given. Very profusrly illustrated, with 5 maps. $3.00 net. A Remarkable Biography THE LIFE AND TIMES OF STEPHEN GIRARD:

: Mariner and Merchant. By JOHN BACH MCMASTER. The first adequate biography of the famous Stephen Girard. It is the enthralling story of his career from cabin bos on a French merchantman to that of merchant prince and great private banker and public benefactor. It is American to the core, and at the same time it is a striking pic. ture of the times in which he lived. 7 illustrations (2 in color), 2 columes. $5.00 net per set. Hon. Oscar S. Straus, Ex. U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, writes of THE WAR AND THE BAGDAD RAILWAY, by MORRIS JASTROW, Jr., Ph.D., LL.D. "I congratulate you upon this excellent study and valuable contribution to possible terms of peace." The Boston Transcript - "Of all the books dealing primarily with the prob lems of Bagdad, this, with its illustrative mal', is unquestionally the best." It is the story of Asia Minor and its relation to the preseut conflict. It illustrations and a map(loth, $1.50 net. The Basis of Enduring Peace THE WAR AND THE COMING PEACE, by MORRIS JASTROW, Jr., Ph.D., LL.D., is a stimulating study of the "indercurrents" of the war. Written for those who wish to pass from a consideration of surface events to a deeper interpretation of the great contiet. It aims especially to provide a lasis on which a structure of enduring peace can be erected. Price, $1.00 net. OVER HERE. HECTOR MACQUARRIE, Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery and author of that famous book for soldiers - How to Live at the Front," has writ. ten a highly spiced, liverting volume of snap shots of America which are most entertaining. $1.3.5 net. THE TRAINING AND REWARDS OF THE PHYSICIAN, by RICHARD C. CABOT, M.D., Author of “What Men Live By." The author treats the subjert in a fresh, vigorous fashion that will appeal not only to students and doctors, but also to the general public. Nlustrated, $1.25 net.

The Christian Science Monitor, 3c a copy, is on general sale throughout the world at news stands, hotels and Christian Science reading-rooms. A monthly trial subscription by mail anywhere in the world for 75c, a sample copy on request.



U. S. A.

Sole publishers of all authorized

Christian Science literature



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We print just as few Atlantics as the steadily increasing demand will permit. It is often difficult to secure a copy after the middle of the month. So we ask our friends either to subscribe now or to leave a standing order with a dealer.

The Atlantic Announces



By l'ictor S. Ciara It is Professor Clark's duty to study the German press in the interest of the American Government, and our readers will find this article of great interest and profit.


By William Berit An episode in trench life, extremely novel and highly picturesque.


By W.C. Sculy A most interesting paper in Mr. Scully's South African series.

By Claudia Cranston


A temperamental story by a new writer.


By Charles B. Nordhoff The author of Flying Thoughts describes other days of Aying on the French Front.



By a Woman Worker

A.M 6-15

The Atlantic Monthly Company

41 Mount Vernon St., Boston.

Gentlemen : Enclosed find $4.00 for a thirteen months' subscription to the Atlantic Monthly, beginning May, 1918.

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Another Tribute to the Latest Atlantic War Book Many Atlantic readers are enjoying Porter's SHOCK AT THE FRONT, with its vivid pictures of life in and behind the trenches, its stories of humor and pathos, and its remarkable descriptions of a country at war. The following letter, recently received from a man in the United States service, expresses a soldier's appreciation of the book.

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Dear Sir:.

I am a Signal Corps telegraph operator, stationed in the most desolate part of the United States....on the Texas. border, helping, I hope, to make the Big Bend Distriot safe for democracy, while waiting and praying for a chance to go across and handle messages con=-* cerning Fritzes in place of the eternal.grind. of reports and bullet ins... about Villistas and Carranzistas. When not telegraphing I am usually reading, and when the Red Cross or the Y.M.C.A. affords the opportunity I read The-At-lantic Monthly. The last..copy... I have had the chance toperuse happened to be the December, 1917 number, and in it I ran across

Shock at the Front" by William Townsend Porter. I dont know that I have ever read a more interesting and lively account of life at the front; I was deeply enough impressed with the personality of the author to slip this message blank into the "mill" and write to ask you whether he has published any more articles of the kind, and where I could get... them if he has 80 favored the public

In the "Contributor's Column" of the number of the Atlant ic in question you make the remark that "Though the reader would never guess it, this is the first time that Dr. Porter, has written an article for an audience other than a professional one. I should say a reader would not guess it..... Why the style is charming. There are passages that rim like poetry, and the most attractive current of humor contrasting and relieving the trag lo spots.

Pardon this enthusiasm, but it is the only outlet I have for any feeling of appreoiation engendered by my reading. I will not consume more of your time, but if your office boy or twelfth subassistant... has a few moments on its fgender uno ertain these days). hands, and can tell me a little something more about Dr Wm. T. Porter, I should appreciate it. In the meant i me, while waiting for a possible answer and another...stray copy of "The Atlantic", I remain,

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SHOCK AT THE FRONT will be sent postpaid, on receipt of $1.25, to any address in U. S. or Europe. 41 Mt. Vernon St. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRESS

Boston, Mass.


41 M1T. VERNON ST., BOSTON, Mass. Gentlemen : Enclose find $1.25 for one copy of Porter's Shock at the Front





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