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The United States and Pangermania



Author of "The Pan-German Plot Unmasked" ROM THE PREFACE, WHICH is addressed: "To My American Readers"

"It is my wish to contribute to the result that hen this appalling conflict is over there may be → possibility that it will ever be renewed. A desive victory of the Allies which will make any gressive return of Pan-Germanism impossible is e only way by which this end can be attained. oward gaining this victory by #jecting from the beginning he crafty manœuvres of the Berlin Government, unceasingly enewed to divide and deceive he Allies, the deliberate and rofound conviction of every itizen of the United States an accomplish much. I have, herefore, brought together in his little book, written for you specially, a series of specific acts, easily verified, which should establish among you this certain conclusion:

Germany no longer exists.
In her place stands Pan-
Germany, whose existence
is incompatible with the in-
dependence of the United
States and the freedom of
the world."

Fighting for Peace



Minister to Holland for the First Three Years of the War

"We could wish that this little volume might be read by every American citizen, and not only read by but written in the heart of every person concerned in the direction of the Government and potentially concerned in the determination of the conditions of peace at the end of the war."-New York Tribune.

"His picture of Life in the trenches is vivid and thrilling. One feels that it is authentic. Those who have read Empey should read Nobbs. Each supplements the other,"

Says the Philadelphia Even-
ing Ledger about Captain
Gilbert Nobbs's "ON THE

$1.25 net

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interesting a book and it is so fine a book."

-New York Times

Profusely illustrated from portraits, photographs, and snapshots gathered in all parts of the world. $2.50 net

John Keats

His Life and Poetry, His Friends, Critics, and After-Fame


The wealth of material which now enables every side of Keats's brief life to be thoroughly known is distilled and clarified into a narrative and a psychological study of absorbing interest and of the most intelligent sympathy.

Illustrated. $4.50 net

These Many Years


"The book is rich in anecdote; and it should furnish an unfailing source of good things' for many nervous after-dinner speakers in the years to come."-The Bookman.

$3.00 net





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Relative to Vernon Kellogg'


Henry A. Wise Wood, chairman Conference Committee on Nationa paredness, recently said :

"I regard the article, 'At Von Bi Headquarters,' as of such great tance that I should like to reprist pamphlet form and send it germ throughout the United States."

Dr. Morton Prince says of HEADQ

"I think it is the best thing that ha written on the German state of m American soldiers and sailors co ceive no more appropriate gift than description of the amazing working German autocracy in Belgium.

Handsomely bound in cloth, $1.00 postpani ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRES Three Park Street, Boston, Mass.

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re than 7,000 Villages, Towns, and Hamlets

n this map there are shown more than O places. The State of Illinois contains t the same number of square miles as n on this map, and in Illinois there are less 1,700 places of 100 or more inhabitants. dition to this vast number of places it

Follow the
Troops in France

all woods, fortresses, fortified towns, naval arsenals, forts, ubts, batteries, aircraft depots, wireless stations and rail5. The forests and woods are indicated in green, giving the an attractive appearance, and adding a strategical feature portance. The scale of the map is 10 miles to the inch. It nds west to Ashford, England; north to Antwerp, Belgium; to Frankfort, Germany; and south to Orleans, France. It ws for comparison the battle line of 1914, when the Germans e almost at the gates of Paris. The ground gained by the ies, therefore, may be plainly seen. It is without exception the it satisfactory map of the Western Front which has been raved. It has been prepared especially to throw light on vements as they occur. It may be examined with ease, for type is bold and clean cut.

Complete Index Makes Locating Easy An index of towns and villages accompanying a map of s kind has been proven an absolute necessity. The smaller vns are the ones usually mentioned in the news dispatches. ey are not to be found on ordinary maps, and the locations most of them were, and still are, utterly unknown to the neral public, but unless their locations are known their ategical importance cannot be grasped.

Nothing is more unsatisfactory than searching all over the map for a small place that may or may not appear upon it. However, this loss of time and patience is now at an end, for the index which accompanies this map makes it vastly more useful and valuable. The index contains more than 7,000 names. An idea of the importance of this statement may be gained from the fact that 90 per cent of the war maps available to-day contain less than 500 names. This index is bound in with the map and enables one to locate instantly, any one of the 7,000 places mentioned.

Send No Money

The great value of this map is so apparent that a copy will be sent on approval without a penny in advance. If, after examining this map, you decide to keep it, send only $1.00 for the plain, or $2.00 for the clothbacked map. If not delighted with the map and index, return them and you will owe nothing. Just mail the coupon now.

Free Examination Coupon

Nelson Doubleday, Dept. 151, Oyster Bay, N. Y. Please send me the Large Scale War Map of the Western Front on approval. If it suits me, within five days I will send you $1.00. Otherwise, I will return it.



If you want the map mounted on cloth, greatly increasing its dure at the special price of $2.00, if it suits you, write "Yes" here.

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All the articles by ANDRÉ CHÉRADAME

which have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly have been gathered in a single volume entitled


We think this volume of such widespread importance to the American people that we are publishing it, contrary to our custom, in paper covers and selling it at twenty-five cents a copy. To patriotic societies which desire to circulate this inexpensive little book in large quantities we offer very low prices. Write to

The Atlantic Monthly Press Three Park Street, Boston


The Inside of the House Practical and Artistic Suggestion

Is the title of a handsome set of reprints: THE HOUSE BEAUTIFUL m It is composed of 32 large pages (91⁄4 1:2 and is profusely illustrated with phongprinted in sepia. It takes you into de homes, and shows you the things that a house livable — attractive interior arr ments, chairs and tables, rugs and cu fireplaces and lighting fixtures, close's alcoves.

This Reprint is a brief treatise on making from attic to kitchen. It w. you to make your home more artistic. home-like, more satisfying—and it w`; you in making decisions that may save 1 money.

Of What Shall I Build My House? Wood Stucco


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