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“Dead Broke” on $3000 a Year

And the Discovery Which Enabled Howard Lindsay to Save $800 Out of His Income and Later Made Him President of a Large Corporation

By PETER RHODES Who should walk into the room but "That year we didn't save one cent. Be Howard Lindsay! Of all men perhaps the sides that, we woke up on New Year's Dayts last I had expected to find as the president find a big bunch of unpaid bills to be taksa of this great new company. They had told

care of somehow or other out of future salır.

checks. me that Mr. Lindsay, of the Consolidated, “When I asked myself the reason for was looking for a fine country home and this I found that I did not know the stan was interested in buying the Dollard Place and no more did my wife, because we hadn't in Englewood; so as executor of the Dol- the faintest idea what our money had bero lard estate, I had come to discuss the terms

spent for. with him.

"Then I looked around among our frien's

and learned a great lesson. But Lindsay! Surely some miracle had

"The Weeds, I knew, were getting met happened. For it was the very man who than $5,000 a year. They lived in a mode had come to me “dead broke” about four apartment, did not wear fine clothes, seidon years back and had asked me to help him went to the theatre, did little entertaining. get a new job. But how he had changed! yet we knew they barely had enough money The man I remembered was down at the

to pay current bills. They found it out of the heel, and timid and ill-kept. The man now

question to save any money and found thens

selves, sc Weed told me, in the same predicafacing me was keen-eyed, alert, confident

ment that we had faced on New Year's and well-groomed.

Day. “You are surprised, Mr. Rhodes. I can see "In the case of the Wells I found a very that without your telling me. I was a pretty different story and one that set me thinkizz sorry object the last time we met

and hard. Their income was $2,000 a year, vet, !.. you may be sure I have not forgotten the good my amazement, they confided to Mrs. Brown turn you did me when I needed it so badly. that they had saved $600 a year ever sine

“Let that real estate matter rest for a mo- they were married. They didn't have a ment while I tell you how the miracle hap- grand opera in their program – except in pened. It won't take five minutes. It all their little Victrola – but they did go to th. seems simple as A B C as I look back on it theatre regularly, they wore good clothes, an: now. And come to think of it, it was simple entertained their friends Sunday evenirs and perfectly natural.

and were about the happiest and most con“My new life began when I discovered how tented couple of all our married friends. to save money. That happened soon after I "Then I discovered the magic secret. The started in the new job, and it all came about Weeds never knew whether they could altiord right in my own home. Our family cash ac- to make a given expenditure or not. Theirs count was in terrible shape at that time. Both like ours, was a sloppy, happy-go-lucky exis my wife and I had been used to luxuries at tence with the happiness cut out because they home and charge it to Dad' had been our were always worried about money matters easy way out of any money problem.

They kept no accounts and just trusted to “But it was different now and our sole luck and so had bad luck all the time. source of supply was my salary of $3,000. We “The Wells, on the other hand, were getting never went to the theatre that we didn't have more real enjoyment out of life than people the unpleasant feeling that we were using with five times their income - simply because money that ought to go for coal or clothes or they knew what they could afford to spend. food. We seldom bought anything without “The difference between these two families feeling as though we were cheating ourselves was that in one case the expenditures were out of something else.

made without any plan — while in the other

the income was regulated on a weekly budget It is simplicity in itself. It contains 112 pages, system.

size 8/4X1034 inches, and is bound in dark “Right there I got my Big Idea and my key blue seal grain fabrikoid, semi-flexible, to success and happiness.

stamped in gold. This book has been prepared “We sat down that evening and made up by an expert. a budget of all our expenses for the next This wonderful aid to money-making fifty-two weeks. We discovered leaks galore. this watchdog of your income and expenditure We found a hundred ways where little amounts will tell you to a penny where your money could be saved.

goes. It will keep absolute track of your ex“And in no time we were engaged in the penditures. It will keep you out of debt. It most fascinating game either of us had ever will put money in the bank. It will provide, played — the game of ‘Money Saving.' as nothing else can, a feeling of security,

“In one short month we had a 'strangle self-confidence and independence that comes hold' on our expenses and knew just where only from the knowledge that you have a tidy we were going. In one year my wife proudly and growing bank account. produced a bank book showing a tidy savings The Ferrin Money Saving Account Book is account of $800.

the first and only device of its kind. It is the “In the meantime an extraordinary change only account book based on the budget idea. It had come over me in business because of my is the only one that provides for the income not having to worry about my personal af- as well as the classified items of expense. It fairs. I was able to give my employer's af- contains compact information on fairs my full, undivided attention during busi

Keeping Expense Accounts. ness hours instead of being harassed and worried as I had always been before.

Making an Inventory of Household Goods. “I didn't fully realize this until the presi- Making Safe Investments. dent called me in one day and said, 'Lindsay, Making a Budget you have been doing exceptionally well. I have

The Ferrin System takes only two minutes a day. No been studying your work for the last year and knowledge of bookkeeping is required. Any child who can you have saved the company a lot of money.

read, can keep the accounts in the Ferrin Book. This

method is not a hard task. It is just fun. It is more enWe have decided to give you an interest in the joyable than a game — because the pleasure lasts forever. business.' And with that he doubled my sal- Skimping and saving are banished and you save money

as easily as you spend it. ary. I never told him what had worked the

Now, you will not worry about the money you spend for change, but my wife and I know well.

clothes, food, rent or the theatre. You will spend it írcely “When you consider what my income is

and will have the time of your life because you will know

how much you can afford to spend. now, all that I have told you seems funny, doesn't it? But I am still working on the same

Examine It Free plan. Result, I know just what I can sub

See how magically the Ferrin Book works. We know scribe to Liberty Bonds and the Red Cross and what you will think of it when you see it. So we are willing all the other war funds, and I never have to

to send you the book without your sending us any money

in advance. Just mail the coupon, and back will come the wonder whether I can afford to have a new book by return mail. When you have seen what big returns motor car, because my budget tells me - to a

the Ferrin System will pay you, send us only $2. If you feel

that you can afford not to have it, return the book and owe penny.

us nothing. Act now, for the sake of your bank account and It all began when we got a grip on our fumily expenses.

FREE EXAMINATION COUPON “So there you are. It is wonderful, isn't it? I often wish I might tell my story to the thousands of young married couples who are having the hardest time of their lives just when they ought to be having the best time.

Division of Business Education, 119 West 40th St., New York “If you ever get a chance, do pass this message on, for there are thousands who don't

Publishers of The Independent (and Harper's ll'cekly) know what the trouble is, who would give Please send me the Ferrin Money Saving Account Book everything to know “the secret of the fat bank on Free Examination. I will send you $2 within 5 days balance.'

after receipt, or return the book.
So now I have the opportunity and you are

lucky, if only you will act on the wonderful
message this story contains.

The Ferrin Money Saving Account Book
is built on the experience of Howard Lindsay.

Atlantic 68

your future.

Independent Corporation

* * *


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How the Armies' need for meat

was answered I

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'N a fighting man's ration meat is the important item. Twenty ounces of fresh beef, or its equivalent, is called for daily.

To supply the meat needs of an army that was suddenly expanded from 100,000 to 1,500,000 is a tremendous task. Added to the needs of the Allies, it is a staggering one.

In one week, Swift & Company was called upon to supply the Allies and the American Army abroad 24,000,000 pounds of meat and fats - enough to have fed America's peace-time army for more than six months.

An order of this size means the dressing of 13,000 cattle and 200,000 hogs.

To move the finished products 800 freight cars were needed. Of these, 650 were from the Swift refrigerator fleet.

Three days after the order was received by Swift & Company shipments began, and the whole amount was rolling seaward within a week.

Swift & Company's entire resources have been geared to every war demand. Since January 1, 1918, over 400 carloads of our products per week have been shipped abroad on war requirements.

The Nation's meat-supply machinery has stood the test.

Not once has there been a failure to meet the Government's needs.

This service Swift & Company performs without governmental guarantee of profit, and with a limit of 9 per cent return on capital employed in the meat departments. This means about two cents on every dollar of sales.

Swift & Company, U. S. A.


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