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CONOMY in storage

space demands that shelving be easily adjustable to meet changes in stock.

is now ready for distribution. This excellent collecer of practical material from The House Braatifal Map cine will appeal to every man or woman of modes means who desires a convenient, attractive, Ivan home. Scores of important questions confrontinge builder and furnisher of a small house are discused: articles written by experts and illustrated by dozas + photographs showing delightful dwellings that urbes home-makers have attained — most of them on a per small outlay of money.

House Beautiful Reprint No. 3 is composed of
large pages (9}" x 12}"), the same size as the maga
zine, and contains 14 splendid illustrated articles under
the following titles :-
What the Small House Really Is Thomas P. Ratio
Adapting the Farmhouse Type to the Suburbs Henry Holes
A Suburban Home

Philip Horton Sena
House Beautiful Prize Design for a Small House.
Much in Little: The Home of D. Harvey Booth at Geneseo, S.L
An Inexpensive Cottage.
A Woman's Achievement in House building Mary Fad
Small House Interiors.
The House the Woman Built.
The Home of Mr. Charles M. Baker, the Architect, at Fra-

mingham Centre, Mass.
Another Little House Planned by a Woman: The Home of

Miss Laura C. Hills, the Painter, at Newburyport, Mass. Mantels for Small Houses

Thomas P. Roblesse A Colonial Cottage that Cost $3500 Complete Florence Spring

The Home of Miss E. S. Cushing at Waban, Mass. With Durand Steel Racks there need House Beautiful Reprint No. I is entitled “Of Wher

Shall I Build My House?" It contains a wealth never be waste space. Individual valuable information, including many photographs, ce

wood, brick and stucco houses, and is invaluable to shelves can be removed or shifted in any one who is planning to build or remodel. a few moments without tools. They

House Beautiful Reprint No 2, entitled "The Is

side of the House Practical and Artistic Suggestions," are interchangeable, fit exactly, and is filled with helpful articles on furnishing and decora

ing. In its pages are shown pictures of many charming are easily taken down and re-erected. interiors that will inspire every reader to achieve a more

satisfying home.

Either set of these handsome Reprints We are makers of Steel Racks, Bins,

will be sent postpaid on receipt of Counters, etc., for every kind of mer

50 cents and the attached coupon chandise; also Durand Steel Lockers for every need. Write for catalog'ie.


THE HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, 41 MT. VERNON STREET, Boston DURAND STEEL LOCKER CO. Enclosed find 50 cents, for which please send me 1506 Ft. Dearborn Bk. Bldg. 906 Vanderbilt Bldg. Chicago

New York


A.M. 6-18



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