Puslapio vaizdai

The western wave was all a flame,
The day was well nigh done!
Almost upon the western wave

Rested the broad bright Sun;
When that strange shape drove suddenly
Betwixt us and the Sun.

And strait the Sun was fleck'd with bars
(Heaven's mother send us grace)
As if thro' a dungeon grate he peer'd
With broad and burning face.

Alas! (thought I, and my heart beat loud) How fast she neres and neres !

Are those her Sails that glance in the Sun Like restless gossameres?


Are those her naked ribs, which fleck'd The sun that did behind thein peer? And are those two all, all the crew,

That woman and her fleshless Pheere?

His bones were black with many a crack,

All black and bare, I ween; Jet-black and bare, save where with rust Of mouldy damps and charnel crust They're patch'd with purple and green.

Her lips are red, her looks are free,
Her locks are yellow as gold:
Her skin is as white as leprosy,
And she is far liker Death than he ;

Her flesh makes the still air cold.

The naked Hulk alongside came

And the Twain were playing dice; "The Game is done! I've won, I've won!"

Quoth she, and whistled thrice.

A gust of wind sterte up behind

And whistled thro' his bones;

Thro' the holes of his eyes and the hole of his mouth Half-whistles and half-groans.

With never a whisper in the Sea

Off darts the Spectre-ship;

While clombe above the Eastern bar
The horned Moon, with one bright Star
Almost atween the tips.

One after one by the horned Moon

(Listen, O Stranger! to me) Each turn'd his face with a ghastly pang And curs'd me with his ee.

Four times fifty living men,

With never a sigh or groan, With heavy thump, a lifeless lump They dropp'd down one by one.

Their fouls did from their bodies fly,-
They fled to bliss or woe;
And every soul it pass'd me by,
Like the whiz of my Cross-bow,


"I fear thee, ancyent Marinere !

"I fear thy skinny hand;

"And thou art long and lank and brown "As is the ribb'd Sea-sand.

"I fear thee and thy glittering eye

"And thy skinny hand so brownFear not, fear not, thou wedding guest! This body dropt not down.

Alone, alone, all all alone

Alone on the wide wide Sea; And Christ would take no pity on My soul in agony.

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