China's Open Door: A Sketch of Chinese Life and History

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Lothrop Publishing Company, 1900 - 318 psl.

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203 psl. - First, will in no way interfere with any treaty port or any vested interest within any so-called sphere of interest or leased territory it may have in China. Second, that the Chinese treaty tariff of the time being shall apply to all merchandise landed or shipped to all such ports as are within said "sphere of interest...
56 psl. - My husband's father was killed here by a tiger, and my husband also ; and now my son has met the same fate.
203 psl. - ... (unless they be free ports), no matter to what nationality it may belong, and that duties so leviable shall be collected by the Chinese Government. Third. That it will levy no higher harbor dues on vessels of another nationality frequenting any port in such "sphere...
202 psl. - Powers within their respective "spheres of interest" in China, and it hopes to retain there an open market for all the world's commerce, remove dangerous sources of international irritation, and thereby hasten united action of the Powers at Peking to promote administrative reforms so greatly needed for strengthening the Imperial Government and maintaining the integrity of China, in which it believes the whole western world is alike concerned. It believes that such a result may be greatly aided and...
59 psl. - No people," says Mr. Meadows, " whether of ancient or modern times, has possessed a sacred literature so completely exempt as the Chinese from licentious descriptions, and from every offensive expression. There is not a single sentence in the whole of the Sacred Books and their annotations that may not be read aloud in any family circle in England. Again, in every other non-Christian country, idolatry has been associated with human sacrifices and with the deification of vice, accompanied by licentious...
203 psl. - That it will levy no higher harbor dues on vessels of another nationality frequenting any port in such "sphere" than shall be levied on vessels of its own nationality, and no higher railroad charges over lines built, controlled, or operated within its ''sphere...
159 psl. - that Congress feel a peculiar satisfaction in the successful issue of this first effort of the citizens of America to establish a direct trade with China, which does so much honor to its undertakers and conductors.
56 psl. - The services of love and reverence to parents when alive, and those of grief and sorrow to them when dead :—these completely discharge the fundamental duty of living men.
24 psl. - There are three things which are unfilial, and to have no posterity is the greatest of them.

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