Proceedings of the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal: Convened at London, Under the Treaty Between the United States of America and Great Britain, Concluded at Washington, January 24, 1903, for the Settlement of Questions ... with Respect to the Boundary Line Between the Territory of Alaska and the British Possessions in North America, 6 tomas

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1904
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18 psl. - North latitude, and between the 131st and 133d degree of West longitude (Meridian of Greenwich), the said line shall ascend to the North along the Channel called Portland Channel, as far as the Point of the Continent where it strikes the 56th degree of North latitude...
481 psl. - That whenever the summit of the mountains which extend in a direction parallel to the coast from the 56th degree of north latitude to the point of intersection of the 141st degree of west longitude shall prove to be at the distance of more than ten marine leagues from the ocean, the limit between the British possessions and the line of coast which is to belong to Russia, as above mentioned...
203 psl. - Island, which point lies in the parallel of 54 degrees 40 minutes north latitude, and between the 131st and 133d degree of west longitude, (meridian of Greenwich,) the said line shall ascend to the north along the channel called Portland Channel, as far as the point of the continent where it strikes the 56th degree of north latitude...
203 psl. - IV. With reference to the line of demarcation laid down in the preceding article, it is understood— "1st. That the island called Prince of Wales Island shall belong wholly to Russia," (now by this cession to the United States).
247 psl. - It is also understood, that, for the space of ten Years from the signature of the present Convention, the Vessels of the Two Powers, or those belonging to Their respective Subjects, shall mutually be at liberty to frequent, without any hindrance whatever, all the inland Seas, the Gulfs, Havens, and Creeks on the Coast mentioned in Article 3, for the purposes of fishing and of trading with the Natives.
18 psl. - ... point the line of demarcation shall follow the summit of the mountains situated parallel to the coast as far as the point of intersection of the 141st. degree of west longitude (of the same meridian) ; and, finally, from the said point of intersection, the said meridian line of the 141st. degree, in its prolongation as far as the Frozen Ocean, shall form the limit between the Russian and British possessions on the continent of America to the north-west.
362 psl. - January 24, 1903, stipulated that when the high contracting parties shall have received the decision of the tribunal upon the questions submitted as provided in the foregoing articles, which decision shall be final and binding upon all parties, they will at once appoint, each on its own behalf, one or more scientific experts, who shall with all convenient speed proceed to lay down the boundary line in conformity with such decision.
389 psl. - Company, and their successors, the sole trade and commerce of all those seas, straits, bays, rivers, lakes, creeks and sounds, in whatsoever latitude they shall be, that lie within the entrance of the straits commonly called Hudson's Straits, together with all the lands and territories upon the countries, coasts, and confines of the seas, bays, lakes, rivers, creeks, and sounds aforesaid...
385 psl. - It remains only, in recapitulation, to remind you of the origin and principles of this whole negotiation. It is not, on our part, essentially a negotiation about limits. It is a demand of the repeal of an offensive and unjustifiable arrogation of exclusive jurisdiction over an ocean of unmeasured extent...
421 psl. - The line of demarcation between the Possessions of the High Contracting Parties, upon the Coast of the Continent, and the Islands of America to the North-West...

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