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HiGravelot in Vot: 8.P.:101.

y.Vander Gucht Scul.

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Dramatis Perfonæ.

CLAUDIUS, King of Denmark.
Fortinbras, Prince of Norway.
Hamlet, Son to the former, and Nephew to the present King,
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain.
Horatio, Friend to Hamlet.
Laertes, Son to Pelonius.

Ofrick, a Fop.
Marcellus, an Officer,

truo Soldiers, Reynoldo, Servant to Polonius. Ghost of Hamlet's Father.



Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, and Mother to Hamlet. Ophelia, Daughter to Polonius, belov'd by Hamlet. Ladies attending on the Queen.

Player's, Grave-makers, Sailors, Messengers, and other


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A А сті. SCENE, a Platform before the Palace.

Enter Bernardo and Francisco, two Centinels.

BERNARDO. **HO's there?

Fran. Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold. W

yourself. 张张张张

Ber. Long live the King!

Fran. Bernardo Ber. He. Fran. You come most carefully upon your hour. Ber. 'Tis now struck twelve; get thee to bed, Francisco.

Fran. For this relief, much thanks: 'tis bitter cold, And I am fick at heart.

Ber. Have you had quiet guard ?
Fran. Not a mouse stirring.


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Ber. Well, good-night. If

you do meet Horatio and Marcellus, The rivals of my watch, bid them make hafte.

Enter Horatio and Marcellus.

Fran. I think, I hear them. Stánd, ho! who is there?
Hor. Friends, to this ground.
Mar. And liege-men to the Dane.
Fran. Give you good-night.
Mar. Oh, farewel, honeft soldier; who hath reliev'd you?
Fran. Bernardo has my place; give you good-night.

(Exit Francisco.
Mar. Holla! Bernardo,
Ber. Say, what, is Horatio there?
Hor. A picce of him.
Ber. Welcome, Ilcratio ; welcome, good Marcellus.
Mar. What, has this thing appeared again to-night?
Ber. I have seen nothing.

Mar. Horatio says, 'tis but our phantasy ;
And will not let belief take hold of him,
Touching this dreaded fight, twice feen of us ;
Therefore I have intreated him along
With us, to watch the minutes of this night;
That if again this apparition come,
He may approve our eyes, and speak to it.

Hor. 'Tush! tush ! 'twill not appear.

Ber. Sit down a while,
And let us once again affail your ears,
That are so fortified against our story,
What we have two nights seen.

Hor. Well, fit we down,
And let us hear Bernardo speak of this.

Ber. Last night of all,
When yon fame star, that's westward from the pole,
Had made his course t'illume that part of heav'n
Where now it burns, Marcellus and myself,
The bell then beating one,
Mar. Peace, break thee off ;


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