Handbooks Prepared Under the Direction of the Historical Section of the Foreign Office: no. 1-[162], 11 tomas,61–66 leidimai

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1920

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13 psl. - The Sublime Porte undertakes to carry out, without further delay, the improvements and reforms demanded by local requirements in the provinces inhabited by the Armenians, and to guarantee their security against the Circassians and Kurds. It will periodically make known the steps taken to this effect to the Powers, who will superintend their application.
53 psl. - In return, His Imperial Majesty the Sultan promises to England to introduce necessary reforms, to be agreed upon later between the two Powers, into the government, and for the protection of the Christian and other subjects of the Porte in these territories...
54 psl. - That if Russia restores to Turkey Kars and the other conquests made by her in Armenia during the last war, the Island of Cyprus will be evacuated by England, and the Convention of the 4th of June, 1878, will be at an end.
55 psl. - Council to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows : 1. From and after the date hereof the said island shall bo annexed to and form part of His Majesty's dominions and the said island is annexed accordingly. 2. Nothing in this order shall affect the validity of any instructions issued by His Majesty under the Royal Sign Manual and Signet to the High Commissioner and...
54 psl. - III. That England will pay to the Porte whatever is the present excess of revenue over expenditure in the island; this excess to be calculated upon and determined by the average of the last five years...
53 psl. - ... introduce necessary reforms, to be agreed upon later between the two Powers, into the Government and for the protection of the Christian and other subjects of the Porte in these territories ; and in order to enable England to make necessary provision for executing her engagement, his Imperial Majesty the Sultan further consents to assign the Island of Cyprus to be occupied and administered by England.
55 psl. - ... law, or proclamation save in so far as any provision of any such Order in Council, law, or proclamation may be repugnant to the provisions of any Act of Parliament which may, by reason of the annexation hereby declared, become extended to Cyprus, or to any order or regulation made under the authority of any such Act, or having in Cyprus the force and effect of any such Act. 3. His Majesty may from time to time revoke, alter, add to or amend this Order.
54 psl. - II. That a Mussulman resident in the Island shall be named by the Board of Pious Foundations in Turkey (Evkraf) to superintend, in conjunction with a Delegate to be appointed by the British Authorities, the administration of the property, funds, and lands belonging to mosques, cemeteries, Mussulman schools, and other religious establishments existing in Cyprus.
53 psl. - Batoum, Ardahan, Kars, or any of them shall be retained by Russia, and if any attempt shall be made at any future time by Russia to take possession of any further territories of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan in Asia, as fixed by the Definitive Treaty of Peace, England engages to join His Imperial Majesty the Sultan in defending them by force of arms.

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