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Enter Cæsar, and Attendants.

Dol. O, sir, you are too sure an augurer; That you did fear, is done.

Brav'st at the last:
She levell'd at our purposes, and, being royal,
Took her own way.-The manner of their deaths?
I do not see them bleed.


Who was last with them?

1 Guard. A simple countryman, that brought
her figs;

This was his basket.

Poison'd then.


1 Guard.

O Cæsar,

This Charmian liv'd but now; she stood, and


I found her trimming up the diadem

On her dead mistress; tremblingly she stood,

And on the sudden dropp'd.

O noble weakness!-
If they had swallow'd poison, 'twould appear
By external swelling: but she looks like sleep,
As she would catch another Antony

In her strong toil of grace.

Here, on her breast,
There is a vent of blood, and something blown:
The like is on her arm.

1 Guard. This is an aspick's trail: and these fig-

Have slime upon them, such as the aspick leaves
Upon the caves of Nile.

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Most probable,

That so she died; for her physician tells me,
She hath pursu'd conclusions infinite
Of easy ways to die.-Take up her bed;
And bear her women from the monument:-
She shall be buried by her Antony:
No grave upon the earth shall clip in it

A pair so famous. High events as these
Strike those that make them: and their story is
No less in pity, than his glory, which

Brought them to be lamented. Our army shall,
In solemn show, attend this funeral;

And then to Rome.-Come, Dolabella, see
High order in this great solemnity.


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Bel. How found you

Stark, as you see:
Thus smiling, as some fly had tickled slumber,
Not as death's dart, being laugh'd at: his right check
Reposing on a cushion.





O'the floor;
His arms thus leagu'd: I thought, he slept.

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