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JANUARY, 1843.

Vol. LIII.


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Great Britain, at the present mo. strike single-handed a blow there, ment, occupies a position of dignity, which shakes a vast and ancient emof grandeur, and of BNSPONSIBILITY, pite to its very foundations, and forces unparalleled in either her own his its hailghty emperor from his throne, tory, or that of any other nation an- to assume the attitude of a suppliant cient or modern. Let him who is for peace, yielding her peremptory inclined to doubt this assertion, of but just demands, even at the cannon's whatever country he may be, and mouth, and actually relinquishing to whether friendly, hostile, or indiffer- her a large portion of his dominions. ent to England, glance for a moment Events, these, so astonishing, that at a map of the world, and having at their true character and consequences length found out our little island, have not yet been calmly considered (which, perhaps, he may consider a and appreciated by either ourselves mere fragment chipped off, as it were, or other nations. Look, again, at from the continent of Europe,) turn recent occurrences in British Indiato our stupendous possessions in the that vast territory which only our east and in the west--in fact, all over prodigious enterprise and skill have the world—and he may be apt to acquired for us, and nothing but prothink of the fond speculative boast of found sagacity can preserve to the the ancient geometrician, “A05 TOV OTW,

British crown

and observe, with και τον κοσμον κινησο, and to para- mixed feelings, two principal matters : phrase and apply it thus" Give the a perilous but temporary error of genius of Great Britain but where she overweening ambition on the part of may place her foot-some mere point Great Britain, yet retrieved with peeping above the waves of the sea- power and dignity; and converted and she shall move the world.” Is into an opportunity of displayingnot this language warranted by recent where, for the interests of Great Bria facts? While our irritable but glo- tain, it was imperiously demanded rious neighbour France-pace tanto her irresistible valour, her moderagentis !--is frittering away her warlike tion, her wisdom; exhibiting, under energies in Algeria, and Russia is circumstances the most adverse posworried by her unsuccessful and un- sible, in its full splendour and majesty, just attempts upon Circassia, behold the force of that opinion by which the glorious monarch of this little alone we can hold India. "Passing island, Queen Victoria, roused by in- swiftly over to the Western Contidignities and injuries offered to her nent, gaze at our vast possessions most distant subjects in the East, there also—in British North America


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