Puslapio vaizdai

the present, faithfully supported by its two wings, the past and the future, his devout respect, his reverence, is due. He offers it willingly and readily; and, this done, takes leave of his Readers, by assuring them - that, if he were not persuaded that the Contents of these Volumes, and the Work to which they are subsidiary, evinced something of the “ Vision and the Faculty divine;" and that, both in words and things, they will operate in their degree, to extend the domain of sensibility for the delight, the honour, and the benefit of human nature, notwithstanding the many happy hours which he has employed in their composition, and the manifold comforts and enjoyments they have procured to him, he would not, if a wish could do it, save them from immediate destruction ; – from becoming at this moment, to the world, as a thing that had never been.


LONDON : Printed by A. & R. Spottiswoode,


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