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First expedition of Cabot.

1497 Second Patent to Cabot

1498 Formal possession taken of Newfoundland by Sir H. Gilbert 1583 Formal possession taken of Virginia

1584 First Charter of Virginia Company

1606 Second

1609 Bermudas settled

1609-1612 Settlement in New England of Mayflower Pilgrims

1620 Grant of Nova Scotia to Sir W. Alexander

1623 Barbados settled

1624-1625 Revocation of Charter of Virginia Company

1624 Charter of Massachusetts Bay Company .

1629 English capture of Quebec

1629 Treaty of St Germain-en-Laye

1632 Grant of Maryland to Lord Baltimore

1632 Committee of Privy Council for administering Colonies .

1634 Parliamentary Commissioners for administering Colonies Navigation Ordinance

1651 Conquest of Jamaica

1655 Navigation Act

1660 Council for Foreign Plantations

1661 Charter to Connecticut

1662 Rhodes Island

1663 Charters of Carolina to Lord Shaftesbury and others 1663 and 1665 Conquest of New Amsterdam (New York)

1664 Treaty of Breda (restoration of Acadia to France)

1667 Charter of Hudson's Bay Company

Abolition of Council for Trade and Plantations
Committee of Privy Council for Trade and Plantations
Charter to Penn of Pennsylvania .

1681 Revocation of Charter of Massachusetts

1683 Conquest of Port Royal by Phipps

1690 New Charter of Massachusetts



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1674 1675



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Board of Trade

1696 Peace of Ryswick (restoration of Acadia)

1697 Conquest of Acadia by Nicholson

1710 Abortive Canada Expedition of Hill

1711 Treaty of Utrecht (Acadia (Nova Scotia) becomes a British Possession)

1713 Foundation of Georgia

1732 Outbreak of War between England and Spain

1739 War of the Austrian Succession

1740 Capture of Louisbourg by New England Colonists

1745 Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle (restoration of Cape Breton to France) 1748 Albany Congress

1754 Disaster at Monongahela River

1755 Fall of Louisbourg . Quebec

1759 Montreal

1760 Treaty of Paris

1763 Stamp Act.

1765 Duties upon Tea, etc.

1767 Appointment of new Secretary of State for American Affairs 1768 American Congress

1774 Quebec Act.

1774 Declaration of Independence

1776 Surrender of Burgoyne

1777 Cornwallis

1781 Battle of the Saints

1782 Abolition of American Secretaryship and of Board of Trade 1782 Treaty of Versailles

1783 Committee of Privy Council for Trade and Plantations

1784 Foundation of New South Wales .

1788 Canada Act.

1791 First Conquest of Cape of Good Hope

1795 Formal junction of War and Colonial Departments

1801 Abolition of Slave Trade

1807 Beginnings of Constitutional Government in Australia 1823 and 1828 Van Diemen's Land separated from New South Wales .

1825 Foundation of Western Australia .

1829 Land Regulations and Appointment of Emigration Commissioners 1831 Emancipation of Slaves

1833 Foundation of South Australia

1836 Exodus of Dutch Farmers.

1836 Land and Emigration Commissioners

1840 Annexation of New Zealand

1840 Canada Reunion Act


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1854 1854 1854

Representative Government instituted and developed in New
South Wales.

1842 and 1850 Victoria separated from New South Wales

1850 Annexation of Natal

18.43 Free Trade .

18:6 Assumption of Orange River Sovereignty

18.48 Repeal of Navigation Acts

1849 Sand River Convention

1852 v New Zealand Constitution Act

1852 Cape Colony Constitution . Abandonment of Orange River Sovereignty New Secretaryship of State for the Colonies Australian Constitution Acts (Responsible Government instituted) 1855 Merchant Shipping Act

1855 Foundation of British Columbia

1858 Queensland separated from New South Wales British North America Act

1867 Cessation of Transportation to Australia

1867 Responsible Government in Cape Colony Annexation of Transvaal Pretoria Convention

1881 London Convention

1884 London Colonial Conference

1887 Charter to Royal Niger Company.

1886 British East Africa Company

1888 British South Africa Company

1899 Grant of Responsible Government to Western Australia

1890 Grant of Responsible Government to Natal

1893 Ottawa Colonial Conference



1872 1877

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