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244, n. ibid.

n. ibid.

Ceremony described, 31. n. ibid.
insincere, 107.

Cæfar, his dislike of Caffius, 95,

and speech, on the fear of
death, 100, n. 1011

Danger described, 4. It's fup-
Child, an alienated one describ- port, 83, and comparifon,
ed, 116, 117, n ibid.

with Cæfar, ros. n. ibid.
A churchman, description of Day-break, a description of:

Clarence's dream in the Tower, Deseit, in a fine woman, 192.

Death, the approach of, 88.
Conduct, when superior to ac-

Degree a description of, 243,
tion, 244.
Conspiracy how dreadful, 97. Delay beautifully described, 194,

n. ibid. Description of, 98.
Conscience, a good one, de. Delights, when not lasting, 209.

fcribed, 40, n. ibid. a guilty Dependants, not to be trusted
one, and it's death-bed hora

too much, 59.
rors, 43, n. ibid. the struggles Desdemona, whence derived, no
of, 85, what it is, 196. 164, her faithfulness, 172.
Confolation, under banistiment,

discover'd in bed alleep, 173

Despair, described, 89
Constancy in love protected, Dialogue, between Maebeth-and

his lady, 142. another 145
Contemplation, a zealous one Diomedes, his manner of walk-
described, 1930

ing, 250,
Content, when perfect, . 163. Diseases, the departure of; 83:
in, ibid.

which incurable, 158
Contention, comparison of 14. Dover-cliff described, 130
Cordelia's speech upon the in- Doubt, a description of, 245

gratitude of her fifters, 132. Dreams, reflections on them,
Countenance, a guilty one, 39.

198 to 201. n. ibid
£ountry, an opprefled one, de- Drums, describ'd, 88
scribed, 153:

Duelling, a description of, 22%
Courage, described, 76. Dying, why preferable to part-
Lourtesans, reflections upon ing, 43

them, 227, to 229, no. ibid.
Courtship, a beautiful one, 202,

10 208,
Courtier, a finical one, descrip-
tion of, 2, 3.

Edgar, his account of his dit
Cowardice described, 177. covery to his father, 133. p.
X Cranmer, archbishop, his pro, 134

phecy, 71, 72 n. ibid. Eleanor, her speech to her hus.
Créffida, description of, 250. n. band doing pennance, 38

XEngland, the people of defcribed,
Grown, reflections upon it, 20, 27. its situation, a description

ne ibid. The transports of, of, 74. when invincible, 91.
46, n, ibid.

pathetically described, 179
Customs, why followed, 591


29, 30

lue, 251.

n. ibid

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English, their gesture of 29, n. Honesty, the dispraise of, 160,

161. n. ibid
Envy, a description of, 41. n. Honour, what, 4. n, ibid. how
ibid, and 101.

preserved, 247, 248. its va-
Kveping, a fine ane, 195
Expedition, what, 194, D. ibid Hope, deceitfulness of, 180. a

description of it, 195

Horror, its outward effects, 628

of unclosing a conspiracy, 80.
Falstaff's catechism, 11. n. ib. Hofpitality, held sacred, n. 138
Father, the paflion of, on the Hypocrisy described, 87

murder of his child, 48, n. ib.
Fleet, setting fail, a description
of, 28

Fortitude, true, what it is, 139
Fortune defcribed, 19. 8. ibid Jealousy described, 166. its tor.
Friend, a forfaken one, 224 tures, 167

Infirmity, its faults pardonable,
Ingratitude, in a child, 119. n.

ibid. of false friends, 222
Glory, described, 37. n. ibid Inhumanity describ'd, 70. n. ib.
Glofter's farewel to the world, Invitation, to love, beautifully
130. n. ibid

described, 235. n. ibid.
Gloucester, duke, bis deformity, Iudean, commented upon, n.175

53. and dissimulation, 54 Yuliet, her invitation to Romeo
Gods, their juftice, 133: n. ib. for his Ray, 212, and solilo-
Gold, reflections upon it, 21. its quy on drinking the potion,

effects 225. n. ibid. and 231
Gouts, what, n. 140.

Justice, lord-chief, his speech to
Greatness, when falling, de- Henry V. 21, 22

scribed, 64. the cares of, 191
Griefs, destroy one another, 16.
n ibid. tokens of grief, 78.

n. ibid. and description of, 79
n. ibid. and 179

Kent, county of deferibed, 44
Kings, their purposes how ex-

ecuted, 80, n. ibid. the misc

ry of, 181,
Hatred, remorseless, 41
Hecto, described in battle, 257

Henry IV. his pathetick speech
to his son, 9, 10

Lady, a compleat one, 77.
V. description of by his young ore, playing and finga-
father, 19. his perfections, ing, 237. 11. 238. upon her
24. n, ibid, his speech before tongue being cut out, 238
the battle of Agincourt, 34 Lear, on the ingratitude of his
VI. his soliloquy, upon

daughters, 123. his distress
his own lenity, 54

in a storm, 124. aud excla.


215, 216

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mations amidst the tempeft, Malcolm's character of himself,
125 to :8. n. ibid descrip- rgi. and discourse with Mac-
tion of, when mad, 129. his
reflections on flatterers, 131. Malicious men described, 70-
n. ibid. his speech to Corde · Man, his tears described, 87. a

lia when taken prisoner. 132 plain, blunt one, 120. a wil.
Liberty, the spirit

of, described, ful one, his injuries the effect


of, r24. reflections upon him
Life, demands of, 12.

and vi- . 128
ciffitudes, 64. its neceflaries, Margaret, queen, her execra-
122. 1. ibid. and 123

tion, and high birth, 188. n.
fections upon it, 158. n. ib. ibid. her exprobation in a
compared, and to what, 159

soliloquy, 195
Lord, of heaven, ever to be re- Marriage described, 37
membered, 38

Melancholy, the parent of er.
Love described, 198. its heralds, ror, irs
. who, 208, in a young foldier Mercy described, 235
241 to 243. n. ibid. fhaken off Messenger of ill news, 15. R.
by him, 248

Lovers, their parting, 42. n. Mob, to what compared, 53

ibid. exclamation of one, 164. XMorning, a description of, 49.
n. ibid. their lightness of foot the dawn of, so. another
and impatience 209. an ex- beautiful description of it,
pecting one described, 245.. 212 to 21 5. n. ibid.
the parting and farewel in a Mother, the fondness of, 78
morning, 249

and ravings, Sri her grief,
Lion, an hungry one, defcri•- and despondency, 82

Mounds explain'd, n. 233
Murder described, 193

Murderer, his looks, 85. and

account of conscience, 191


bed, 47


n. ibid.

Meebetb, his temper, 137. and

irresolution, 138. his soli-
loquy, 139 to 141. n. ibid,
and reflection upon his bloody News-tellers, a description of,
lands, 144. n. ibid. his 85
his guilt and fear, 145. his, Night, in camp, described, 28.
surprise at the fight of the

another description of, 44.
ghost. 147
Macbeth, lady, her soliloquy on

the approach of Duncan, 137
n. ibid. ' another, 142. her
behaviour, with a taper in her Obedience, to princes, lov’d,
hand, '55

Macduff, on the murder of his Offences, miftaken, 121
wife and children, exclama. Omens, on the birth of Richard

Hl. 56, 57
Madness, how occafioned, 88. Othello's motive to marry, and
s. ibid. to go.

relation of his courtship, 360
Mailed explained, n. 39




his first suspicion, 164, 165. Prodigies ridicul'd, 6. n. ibid,
and soliloquy, when work & Prognofticks, of war, 110
up to jealousy, 266. his Prologue, opinion of, 23.
Speech, on receiving his man-

n. ibid.
date to return, 169. and Providence, the justice of, 128
pathetic upbraiding of his
wife, 169. his soliloquy in

the bed-bhamber, 173

confusion, love, and bitter re-
morfe, 174,

last speech, Reflections upon killing a fly,
- 175

239. n. ibid.
Reputation, what, 165. n. ib.

and 166. the praise of, 177

Resentment, when deepest, 39

Respect describ’d, 244
Painting, to what compar'd, Revenge, the representation of

it, 101. D. ibid. and n. 1028
Passion, a rifing one defcribd,

and defcription, 240, 245

Rhymers, ridicul'd, 6. to
Path, 'a verb, explain'd, n. 98

what compar'd, n. 6,7
Patience and forrow described, Richard II, his speech on his
129. n. ibid.

arrival in England, 180, and
Patriotism, what, 92.

entry into London, 183 his
Peace, after a civil war, 92.

soliloquy in prison, 184. 185.

hiß soliloquy on his own de-
Perfection, admits of no addi- formity, 186. his love for
tion, 84

lady Ann, and praise of his
Person, description of a mur- perfon, 1876 his hypocrify,
der'd one, 39.

one in de 189 his character, by his

mother, 195.

his starting

out of his dream, and solilo-
Piercy, lady, her pathetick quy before the battle, 196.
{peech, 5

behaviour after
Piked-man explained, n 73, 74

alarum, 197
Pity, when to be discarded, Richmond, duke of, his prayer,
2 52

Pleafure, of doing good, 221 Ring, in a dark pit, its effects,
description of, 245

and how compar'd, 237
Popularity defcrib’d, 178 Romeo, his courtship with you
Portia's speech to Brutus, 99

liet, 202,

on his banish-
Poft messenger, a description of ment, 210 his description

of, and discourse with, the
Pounce-box describ'd, n. 2 apothecary, 235 his lat
Power, the abuse of, 131. and speech, 219
vanity, 181

Royalty, the miseries of, 31
Preferment, whence got, 160 Rumour describ'd, 13. B. ibi
Pride, its own cure, 247

n, ib:

n. ibid.







Trumpeter, a description of,

S.19, lord, his apology, 43 Trust, in man, the vanity of,
Scarded, explained, n. 9

192. n. ibid.
Scene, a murdering one, 139 Twilight, defcribed, 8, n. ibid.
Scotched, explained, n. 145
Self-intereft, described, 77
Shepherd's life, the blessings of,

50 to 52. n. ibid.
Simile, on ambitious thoughts, Vale, a dark one, described,136

'n. ibid.
Slave, a laborious one, descrip- Victory. a description of, by the
tion of, 32, n. 32, 33

French, 76. and by the En-
Sleep describ'd, 17. n. 17, 18.

glith, 77.
again, 99

Villain, the look and zeal of,
Spirit, a warlike one, 26. n. 86

Unkindness described, 128
Station, a low one, the blesa Vulgar, the fickleness of, de.
fings of, 60. n. ibid.

scribed, 17
Steward, a faithful one, 221
Stories, melancholy, described,

Submission to heaven, our duty,

Waped, explain'd, n. 226
Success, not equal to our hopes, War, the miseries of, 35. n.

Sun, its rising described after a Warrior, a gallant one, 10
dark night, 181

*Warwick, duke of. his dying

speech, 55, 56. n. ibid.

Wife, song of to her husband,

7. n. 7, 8. a good one, the

description of 59
Tears. to what compared, 239 Witches, described, 139. D. ibid
Thoughts. when ineffectual,

their power, 1:1
* 378

x Wolfey's speech to Cromwell, 65
Timon, his execrations, 223,224 x66. n. ibid. the death of,
D. 224

t67. his virtues and vices, 68.
his speech to Alcibiades,

769. n. ibid.

Woman, an ambitious one,
his discourse with Ape.
manthus, 229.

Wrong, and infolence, defesi-
his speech to the thieves

bed, 234
his remark upon his ftco

ward, 233
Titles, 'new ones, 73

York, earl of, death of, '34.
Troilus, his character, and jea-

n. 34, 35
Lousy of the Grecian youths, York, duke of, on the beha-
2:49. and character of them, viour of his fons, 47. in

battle, 49. D. ibido



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