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Deseit, in a fine woman, 192.
Death, the approach of, 88.
Degree a description of, 243,
244, n. ibid.

Delay beautifully described, 194,
n. ibid.

Delights, when not lafting, 209.
Dependants, not to be trusted
too much, 59.
Defdemona, whence derived, n.
164, her faithfulness, 172.
difcover'd in bed asleep, 173
Defpair, described, 87
Dialogue, between Macbeth and
his lady, 142. another 145
Diomedes, his manner of walk-
ing, 250

Difeafes, the departure of, 83.
which incurable, 158
Dover-cliff defcribed, 130
Doubt, a defcription of, 245
Dreams, reflections on them,
198 to 201. n. ibid
Drums, defcrib'd, 88
Duelling, a defcription of, 222
Dying, why preferable to part-
ing, 43

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mations amidst the tempeft,
125 to 18. n. ibid defcrip-
tion of, when mad, 129. his
reflections on flatterers, 131.
n. ibid. his fpeech to Corde -
lia when taken prifoner. 132
Liberty, the spirit of, defcribed,
Life, demands of, 12. and vi- .
ciffitudes, 64. its neceffaries,
122. n. ibid. and 123. re-i
flections upon it, 158. n. ib.
compared, and to what, 159
Lord, of heaven, ever to be re-
membered, 38

Love defcribed, 198. its heralds,
who, 208, in a young foldier
241 to 243. n. ibid. fhaken off
by him, 248

Lovers, their parting, 42. n.
ibid. exclamation of one 164.
n. ibid. their lightness of foot
and impatience 209. an ex-
pecting one defcribed, 245-
the parting and farewel in a
morning, 249

Lion, an hungry one, defcri-
bed, 47


Macbeth, his temper, 137. and
irrefolution, 138. his foli-
loquy. 139 to 141. n. ibid.
and reflection upon his bloody
lands, 144. n. ibid. his
- his guilt and fear, 145. his
furprife at the fight of the
ghoft. 147
Macbeth, lady, her foliloquy on
the approach of Duncan, 137
n. ibid another, 142. her
behaviour, with a taper in her
hand, 155
Macduff, on the murder of his
wife and children, exclama.
tion of, 153
Madnefs, how occafioned, 88.
n. ibid. to 90.
Mailed explained, n. 39.

Malcolm's character of himself,

r51. and difcourfe with Mac-
duff, 152
Malicious men defcribed, 70
Man, his tears defcribed, 87. a
plain, blunt one, 120. a wil-
ful one, his injuries the effect
of, 124. reflections upon him
Margaret, queen, her execra-
tion, and high birth, 188. n,
ibid. her exprobation in a
foliloquy, 195

Marriage defcribed, 37
Melancholy, the parent of er-
ror, 115

Mercy described, 235
Meffenger of ill news, 15. n.


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Reflections upon killing a fly,
239. n. ibid.
Reputation, what, 165. n. ib.
and 166. the praife of, 177
Refentment, when deepest, 39
Respect defcrib'd, 244
Revenge, the representation of
it, Io. n. ibid. and n. 102:
and defcription, 240, 245
Rhymers, ridicul'd, 6.


what compar'd, n. 6,7
Richard II, his fpeech on his
arrival in England, 180, and
entry into London, 183 his
foliloquy in prifon, 184. 185.
his foliloquy on his own de-
formity, 186. his love for
lady Ann, and praise of his
perfon, 187. his hypocrify,
189 his character, by his
mother, 195. his starting
out of his dream, and folilo-
quy before the battle, 196.
his behaviour after an
alarum, 197.

Richmond, duke of, his prayer,

Ring, in a dark pit, its effects,
and how compar'd, 237
Romeo, his courtship with Ju-
liet, 202. on his banish-
ment, 210. his description
of, and difcourfe with, the
apothecary, 215 his faf
fpeech, 219

Royalty, the miferies of, 31
Rumour defcrib'd, 13. n.ibg

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Trumpeter, a description of,

Trust, in man, the vanity of,
192. n. ibid.

Twilight, defcribed, 8. n. ibid.


Vale, a dark one, described,136
n. ibid.
Victory, a defcription of, by the
French, 76. and by the En-
glith, 77

Villain, the look and zeal of,
Unkindness described, 121
Vulgar, the ficklenefs of, de-
scribed, r7


Waped, explain'd, n. 226
War, the miseries of, 35. n.


Warrior, a gallant one, 10
Warwick, duke of, his dying
fpeech, 55, 56. n. ibid.
Wife, fong of to her husband,
7. n. 7, 8. a good one, the
defcription of 59

Witches, defcribed, 139. n. ibid
their power, 1:1
Wolfey's fpeech to Cromwell, 65
66. n. ibid. the death of,
67. his virtues and vices, 68.
69. n. ibid,

an ambitious one,

Wrong, and infolence, defcri-
bed, 234

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