'Heaven-taught Fergusson': Robert Burns's Favourite Scottish Poet : Poems and Essays

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Robert Crawford
Dundurn, 2003 - 239 psl.
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'Heaven-taught Fergusson', wrote Robert Burns in stylish admiration. This tribute was only one of many bonds between Scotland's national poet and the poetic master whom he most loved, but never met.Later Scottish poets have admired Fergusson in similarly strong terms. The ten specially commissioned poems in this book paying tribute (directly or indirectly) to Fergusson continue a tradition of homage while sounding their own contemporary notes. Sometimes gleeful, sometimes solemn, Heaven-taught Fergusson both winks at and scrutinizes a poet who was in several ways strikingly different from Burns. Poets and critics from three continents come together in this volume. In various ways their soundings suggest just what it is about Fergusson that makes him still seem 'heaven-taught'.

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Les Murray Robert Fergusson Night
Douglas Dunn Robert Fergusson
Robert Crawford The Auld Enemy
Kathleen Jamie At Robert Fergussons Grave
John Burnside Four Variants of Caller Water
Edwin Morgan In the Cells
Meg Bateman Do Raibeart Mac Fhearghais
Tracey Herd And the Music Played On
W N Herbert To Robert Fergusson
W N Herbert Fergusson and the Bycultural Canon
Don Paterson Horseman
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Hugh C. Rae was born on November 22, 1935 in Glasgow, Scotland. After graduating from secondary school, he worked as an assistant in the antiquarian department of John Smith's bookshop. His first novel, Skinner, was published in 1963. He wrote several novels using his name including Night Pillow, A Few Small Bones, The Interview, The Shooting Gallery, The Marksman, and Harkfast: The Making of a King. He also wrote as Robert Crawford, R. B. Houston, James Albany, and Stuart Stern. Using the pseudonym Jessica Stirling, he wrote more than 30 historical romances. He wrote the first few novels with Peggie Coghlan. However, when she retired 7 years after the first book was published, he wrote the remainder on his own. The books written under this pseudonym include The Spoiled Earth, The Constant Star, Hearts of Gold, and Whatever Happened to Molly Bloom. He died on September 24, 2014 at the age of 78.

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