Athletes All: Training, Organization, and Play

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C. Scribner's sons, 1919 - 277 psl.
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96 psl. - Basket ball; hand ball. This is a game of ball played by half of the players while mounted on the backs of the other players. It is therefore desirable that the players be paired off so that the two in each pair should be of nearly equal weight and size. The players form a circle in pairs. To do this they line up two abreast, each with his selected partner. This double line then marches in circle, halts, and faces inward. This will form two concentric circles. There should be considerable space between...
54 psl. - Come wealth or want, come good or ill, Let young and old accept their part, And bow before the Awful Will, And bear it with an honest heart, Who misses or who wins the prize. — Go, lose or conquer as you can ; But if you fail, or if you rise, Be each, pray God, a gentleman.
253 psl. - Body erect on the hips, inclined a little forward; shoulders square and falling equally. Arms and hands hanging naturally, backs of the hands outward ; little fingers opposite the seams of the trousers ; elbows near the body. Head erect and square to the front, chin slightly drawn in without constraint, eyes straight to the front.
105 psl. - The bean bag goal throw may be used in badge test as a substitute for basketball goal throwing, two out of six tries for first test and three out of six for second. Bean Bag Target Toss Three concentric circles should be drawn on the ground or floor after the idea of a target. The inner circle should be 2 feet in diameter, the second circle should be 4 feet in diameter and the other circle 6 feet in diameter. Ten feet from the outer rim of the largest circle a straight line should be drawn on the...
266 psl. - At two the arms begin to fall and the body bends forward from the waist, head up and eyes front, until, at four, the body has reached the limit of motion and the arms have passed the sides and have been forced back and (as the trunk assumes a horizontal position) up as far as possible. See figure 18. (Note that in this figure feet are together, which is Incorrect for this exercise.) This Is the wing position. For a third time the leader counts one, two, three, four, as the body Is straightened, reaching...
107 psl. - ... be used). At a given signal he passes the ball backward over his head to the player next behind, who in turn passes it backward as rapidly as possible, and so on until it reaches the last player in the line. He at once runs forward carrying the ball to the front of the line, which moves backward one place to make room for him. He toes the line and passes the ball backward over his head. The play continues until the captain reaches the end of the line and runs forward with the ball to his original...
252 psl. - These exercises are not difficult or exhausting, and do not demand great strength for proper execution, but they are designed, both from a scientific and a practical point of view, to give exactly the right amount of exercise to every muscle of the body. They are intended to promote suppleness and especially to strengthen those muscles which are seldom brought into play in ordinary daily life. A conscientious fifteen minutes a day with the DAILY DOZEN SET-UP will soon do more for a man than any amount...
265 psl. - The left arm should be pointing straight up, with the face still to the left. The right knee must be slightly bent to accomplish this position. See figure 15. At four the position of cross is resumed, and as the leader again counts one, two, three, four, the same movement is repeated, with the left hand touching the ground this time.
264 psl. - ... until at one the face Is to the left, the right arm pointing straight forward (in relation to the feet) and the left arm straight backward. See figure 14. At two the body is bent from the waist so that the right arm goes down and the left up, until, at three, the fingers of the right hand touch the ground midway between the feet The left arm should be pointing straight up, with the face still to the left.
253 psl. - In the following instruction, the preparatory commands are in capitals, thus: ORDER. The commands of execution are in italics, thus: Hands. Explanation of each movement is given in parentheses. GROUP I HANDS: READY: cross.

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