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The substance of the chapters in this book appeared in the columns of the Boston Evening Transcript, in a series of articles called "The Lutanists of Midsummer,” and in the poetry reviews, which I contributed during 1916, to that paper, and are here reprinted by courteous permission.

I desire to acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. Alain LeRoy Locke for many helpful suggestions.

For permission to quote selections, illustrating the critical opinions in this volume, I wish hereby to express my obligation to the following publishers who hold the copyright of the books of poems:

The Macmillan Company: "Go, Spend Your Penny," and "Flesh, I Have Knocked," from "Good Friday and Other Poems," by John Masefield; "The Dark House," "Fragment," selections from "Flammonde," "Ben Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford," "Borkado," and "The Man Against the Sky," from "The Man Against the Sky," by Edwin Arlington Robinson; selections from "The Great Maze," by Hermann Hagedorn; “In the Cage," "For a Dance," and selections from "The Star," from "Songs and Satires," by Edgar Lee Masters; selections from "The Story of Eleusis," by Louis V. Ledoux; "Two Travellers in the Place du Vendôme," "An Aquarium," and selections from "The Hammers,"

from "Men, Women and Ghosts," by Amy Lowell; "Spring in Ireland: 1916," and selections from "Green Branches," by James Stephens; poems number XIV, XXXII, and XLV, from "Fruit Gathering," by Sir Rabindranath Tagore; "Let Down Your Hair," and "The Story," from "The Quest," by John G. Neihardt; and selection from "Earth Tedium," from " Earth Triumphant and Other Tales in Verse," by Conrad Aiken.

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Houghton, Mifflin Company: "The Heritage,' "Harvest Moon, 1914," and "Harvest Moon, 1916," from "Harvest Moon," by Josephine Peabody Marks; "Au Quatrième: Rue des Écoles," "Falling Asleep," and "To a Garden in April," from "Idols," by Walter Conrad Arensberg; "Bain's Cats and Rats," and "Zudora," from "Turns and Movies," by Conrad Aiken; "Sea Gods," from "Sea Garden: Imagist Poems," and "Some Imagist Poets, 1916," by H. D.; " White Symphony," "The Front Door," and "Epilogue," from "Goblins and Pagodas," by John Gould Fletcher; and "The Happiest Heart," from "Poems," by John Vance Cheney.

Henry Holt and Company: "What He Knew of Simple Simon," "Franklin P. Adams," selections from "Vachel Lindsay," from ". and Other Poets," by Louis Untermeyer; "The Listeners," "An Epitaph," from "The Listeners and Other Poems," and "Off the Ground," from "Peacock Pie," by Walter de la Mare.

The Century Company: "The Sin Eater," "The Orient, Half Morocco," selection from

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