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your Names to these Sermons : Both as a Testimony of that particular Respect I owe to you; and to let the World fee, what Perfons they are by whom I have the Happiness to be Countenanced and Encouraged. in my Ministry: Such whose Integrity and Abilities, have rendred them at Once both the Support and Ornament of our Courts of Justice : Whose firmness to the true Interest of our Church and Government, the Worst of Times, have set them above the power of Malice to Calumniate : Who



by fuffering heretofore, rather than they would betray either the Liberties of their Country, or their Own Consciences, have effectually convinced all Impartial men, That as it cannot be Ignorance of our Laws and Constitution, so neither is it Intereft, or any other unworthy Design,, but the clear Evidence of Right, that engages them to that Submiffion they now pay to the Present Government : And who that they may long possess those Places they so worthily fill, and be the Honour of the Bench, as the Reft of the Society are of the Profef


fion is the Hearty Prayer of Him who with all possible Re. {pect will always remain,

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