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snowy sails in a breathless ocean, and the rent asunder, the sun bursts out, the rainbow earth basks in the rich yellow sunlight. In gleams forth like hope in the season of sorthe garden walks there is a profusion of row, the light winds shake down diamonds roses luring the wandering bees and butter from the trees, the birds sing in full chorus, flies to them; and behold that feathered and all is pure and fragrant quiet, bright and spangle, the humming bird, darting like golden beauty. thought from flower to flower, and thrusting Now smiles the glad month of the reaper, its little needle-like bill into the perfumed plenteous August. There is a flashing of goblets, as if to taste every drop of the golden scythes--the lightening of the fields all wine that is hidden within.

around--there is a pleasant, cutting, rustling But the shadows begin to creep out from sound in the meadows as the grass fallsunder the trees, and the long slanting light the maize lifts its tall stalk furnished with tells us that the day is drawing to its close. green bandrols like a lancer's spear, and

The sunsets of this month possess not the hangs out its silken fringes like a dragoon's gorgeousness of those belonging to Autumn. helmet, whilst the blossomed buckwheat

The rich crimson and the lustrous purple makes the air delicious with its odors. are wanting, but instead, they have a pure How gladly the tired harvester, as the first transparent beauty, a fine gold melting up star glitters like a diamond on the forehead into a clear pearly gray, with sometimes the of the west, shoulders his scythe, and hastens young crescent moon stealing forth with a homeward through the glimmering twilight. timid air, like beautiful girlhood just stepping Hark! it is the merry laugh of his little child upon the arena of existence.

who is bounding forth to meet him as a turn July now salutes us. Noon blazes over in the footpath brings him to his home, and the earth ; there is a constant glimmer of instantly that little hand is linked in his, and fierce heat in the atmosphere, dancing over that lisping voice is prattling in his ear, As the fields and tree-tops, the peaked clouds the door swings open, his wife is there to are like piles of brass, and all nature seems greet him with her smile, that immediately as if fainting with lassitude. The aspen transmutes, like a fairy charm, the humble flickers occasionally, and the broad leaf of cottage into the very palace of content. His the maple now and then turns over, but the arm-chair is his throne-love and obedience rest of the woodland seems cut in rock. The are his subjects—he is the monarch of a cattle are standing in the dark cool basins of realm of happiness. the stream lashing off the insects, and the And the harvest moonlight, how beautiflock has sought the highest hills and ledges ful! There walks the superb queen of night panting to catch the air.

in her azure kingdom, whilst her broad silver Suddenly a deep distant growl is heard in mantle flows down to and spreads over the the heavens, and glancing up, you see the earth. Several stars are around her, the

, black point of the thunder-cloud which is pages of her court, one heralding her way coming to claim dominion over the sky. with his sparkling torch, whilst there are two

A few minutes succeed—the lightning others following, doubtless engaged in holdglitters--the growl has become a roar and ing her train. crash-the cloud is overhead-it swallows How she turns into white splendor the the sun—the horizon is obscured, and at last lulled water! How she makes the leaves making the trees writhe and toss, and fall flash out with a pearly brilliance! The most nearly upon their faces, on speeds the mighty common objects are invested with a lovely blast. A few great drops fall as if they garb, and the distant landscape is touched were tears wrung from the affrighted day, with a tender and romantic interest. All then comes a blinding flash and fearful roar, around there breathes a peace—a sweet holy and, like the fall of a torrent, down tumbles peace; the passions are stilled, the heart is the ponderous rain. Now the storm is at its lifted, joy is sobered, sorrow is chastened, height. How the lightning darts and wavers prayer takes possession of the soul, for the and cuts athwart the eye-sight! How the solemn heavens and the brightened earth are thunder bounds with a roar across the sky, full, deeply full of God. like a wild beast let loose from his den ! how The June of mankind is probably the most the blast dashes and drives on! how the rain happy, as undoubtedly it is the most radiant is whirled into a fine mist and smokes along period of life. The faculties, the fresh green

-the Camilla of the tempest-pursued even leaves of the former blossoms, have now beby the furious wind.

come expanded. There are a few bright At last the tumult ceases, the clouds are l flowers of boyhood's feeling yet lingering,

ce the

giving a grace and beauty to the thoughts of | in heaven, in that glorious realm where all the man-beautiful and fragrant as the sum- care and sorrow shall be swept away, and mer blossoms of the whitewood and chestnut, where the weary soul, like the babe upon the whilst all around his path, shedding a glory bosom of its mother, shall repose in full faith over existence, the laurels of distinction show and security upon God. their splendid bloom to his hopes. Love, And now September, the first of the three too, at this season lights her purple torch, parts of that sermon which Nature annually and thus on the altar of his heart is kindled preaches to man, is here. The hazy heat a flame which brightens bis future course has dissolved from the sky which glows in with pure undying lustre.

its witchery of blue—the clouds are soft and As man advances deeper in the pathway silvery, but there is a slight tint of change of being—as the July sun of his life beats over the leaves of the woodlaı d—the first upon him—the fierce heat and burthen of token of Autumn. That practical Pythagorethe day is to be borne, and frequently there an, the boblink, has now departed, to be transcome across him a lassitude and weariness formed to the ortolan of Maryland, and the when his energies would gladly retreat to brown rice-bird of the Carolinas, the wedge of the cool shadowy nooks of life, but the fierce the wild-goose, begins to be seen with its storm of circumstances rises to startle him point directed from the northern lakes tofrom his repose, the lightning and thunder of ward southern skies; the yellow-bird darts adversity gleam and crash around him, the up hill and down through the clear atmosblasts and rains of sorrow dash upon him, phere ; whilst the crow, which always seems and his nature is convulsed to its very centre to hold its congress in Autumn, commences, in struggling against the fury of the tempest. politician that he is, to make the groves echo But again does the sun of joy and prosperity with his wise, solemn, interminable tones, adbeam out,—again glitters the rainbow of glad dressed to the dear people,” his fellow-crows, anticipation, and existence smiles once more with the difficulty, however, against him that around him in its freshened beauty.

they are talking all the while as busily as he In the later period of his manhood, in his is. August prime, the fruits ofwhat he has sown The purple hues of the aster now gleam in his early years begin to ripen. Knowledge in the forest glens--the golden rod curls over

— spreads her stores, sober experience stands its rich plumes of yellow, the crimson apples by his side, calm deep wisdom of men and of the thorn-tree are dropped upon the things sways his actions, his ambition has be- the whortleberry crouches with its blue misty come chastened, hope no longer sheds her fruit in the sterile “ barrens," and the blackdeceitful glow over all things, but in her stead berry, with its glittering cones, like fairy beeis a wise calculation of future chances-dis- hives, clambers along the fences, whilst the appointment does not prostrate his energies, plum and peach glow overhead, the thistle but, on the contrary, there is a cheerful ac- sends its stars to float like winged creatures quiescence to whatever comes to pass, and a upon the breeze, the burr of the chestnut is reasonable expectation that the future may changing to light brown, the braid of the have something more favorable laid up in its mullein shows its flowers, whilst, forerunners mysterious depths for him—that the ever-re- of the October tints, there are spots of crimvolving wheel of fortune, or, rather, the never- son scattered along the edges of the oak, and ceasing round of God's allwise providence, the beech displays, here and there, amidst may vouchsafe to him joy and prosperity on its green, a leaf of brillant gold. the morrow to compensate the sorrow and Thick amongst the shorn grass of the adversity of to-day, if he resigns himself to meadow are stretched from grass-tip to grassthe righteous will of Him who “doeth all tip the white threads of gossamer, until the things well :" in short, it is in the August of whole space is covered with a web upon which life that the man, the true noble man-man the dews of the morning flash, like the as God destined him to be, and whom in hea- pinions of the bee, humming-bird, or hues ven the angels will hail as brother, towers up upon changeable silk, or (what are as spleninto the real elevation of his nature, if he ever did) the fancies of Tennyson's poetry: does attain in this life that exalted summit. The most interesting and beautiful incident

At times, also, amidst the cares, toils, and in natural history, occurring in this month, distractions of existence, there beams around is the labor of the field-spider. Gluing one the wise and virtuous man a pure, sweet end of his slender thread to some shrub, he moonlight of felicity, when bis being seems launches himself forward upon the other, unbut a reflection of that which he shall enjoy til he strikes the opposite twig where he




fastens his little silver railroad to glitter in In the September of life we feel the change the sun; or he detaches it altogether, and, that steals gradually over our habits and taking advantage of some passing breeze, feeling. The first gray shadow of advancing - trusts his brown frame to his delicate para- time creeps upon our path—the excitement chute, and is wafted through the air, like the and consequent reaction of our vigorous Chapel of Loretto to the desired spot, and manhood are past, together it may be with there he “locates” his downy cabin as does the wild gusts of passion and sorrow, and a the American settler far from the place of clearer beauty falls upon our being. Still do his former labors.

our years press on, and we come to the OcOctober succeeds ; and now occurs a gala- tober of our days, when the fruits of our show-the


carnival of the seasons. A early labors are gathered. Perchance then, stern, black frost comes some chilly night, when the energies of our existence are deand the morning sun looks upon a splendid caying, and we are approaching the grave, pageant. The whole forest is in one blaze of the goal of our ambition may be reached ; glory. A thousand rainbows—a thousand suddenly our life may blaze out into the sunsets seem to have melted upon them, until pomp and glory of wealth, fame, or power, the splendid scene appears the very garden but alas ! there is a warning voice even then of Aladdin, where the topaz, the sapphire, for ever whispering in our ear “ beware!" the amethyst, and the ruby vied with each

“ All that's bright must fade !" other in their glittering colors. The maple is in a flush of scarlet, the oak is swathed in The most beautiful portion of a truly good the imperial purple of the Cæsars, the birch man's life however is, when the leaves of his flaunts out with its golden banner, the beech ambition and wordly hopes and aspirations has the orange tint of the sky just over the have fallen, and a calm, mild, peaceful serenspot where the sun sinks, the pine still lifts ity spreads its Indian summer hush over his its changeless plume of green, meet emblem existence. His sun glows with a tempered of fidelity in a faithless world, whilst a multi- radiance-a holy quiet broods around himtude of tints are upon the plants and bushes, the soft light of good deeds sleeps upon his as if the leafy gems on the branches above daily walk-and although the haze of old had flashed their superb hues beneath them. age mingles with his horizon and glimmers on

But now the fierce Autumn wind is let his path, he is cheered with the consciousness loose, and the air is darkened with the flying of integrity and virtue, and he awaits the leaves, whirling here and scattering there, period when his life will glide like a calm until the paths of the forest are covered with river into the ocean of eternity. their sear and withered heaps, and with a There is an interest and charm surrounding leaden eye and tearful cheek, November steals Autumn which no other season possesses. It along as if mourning over this decay of na- is the season of memory—tender, chastened, ture.

softened memory--when the mind is directed But amidst her gloom, like a sweet tone of backward upon the past, and the heart comlove mid the harsh accents of wrath-like munes deeply with itself. Spring, that seaone hope that remains when all others have son of hope, the very reverse of Autumn, fled—or like the fortitude of woman when when Nature awakening from her winter life has been withered into a desert, and the torpor with the song of the blue-bird upon boasted courage of man has departed—the her tongue, and her hand full of breathing beautiful Indian summer glides upon the violets-sweet, joyous Spring has departed.

A purple haze is mingled with the Summer with her roses has given us her brief azure of the sky-purple smoke glimmers presence, and likewise gone in the eternal over the earth—the sun is like the great system of change, “ which is the order of moon in the heavens, and his light falls upon the universe." the earth in red and timid hue. The bark of Winter now “ rules the scene.” But to the squirrel is heard as the ripe nuts of the this cold dreary season there are few phases forest click upon the dead leaves in dropping, -a cold monotony takes possession of Nathe most distant sounds are borne to the ear, ture. Still there are some points of interest and the whole landscape is one soft and lovely which should not pass unnoticed. picture, in which all the rich coloring and The sweet Indian summer may be lingerdeep shadows and bright lights are shaded ing and kissing with its bland breath the and toned down by that matchless artist, Na- forehead of December, when, towards the ture, into a harmony of tempered and sub- close of the shortened day, a leaden bank of dued beauty

clouds rises from the south-west, whilst the




snowbirds are twittering around our dwell- , ous chorus o'er the beaten snow upon the ings, as if forewarning us of a change. shores.

Presently the sullen covering is drawn Then comes February, and with it a mild over the sky like a gray blanket, and a few air and fine rain, that freezes however as it flakes flutter along the harsh cutting air. The falls. As the morning sun rises, a magical flakes soon thicken until they stream down in scene is presented. The leafless trees stretch dense columns upon the earth, which mo- out their branches even to the minutest twigs, mentarily whitens. Then the black night as if they had been carved from silver; the strides over the scene, and the morning dawns hemlock is covered with a rich gleaming with a fierce wind. How the bitter blast glaze, every roof flashes back the sun from rushes from the north-west ! how it howls its polished coat, whilst the wide landscape and shrieks in its fury ! how it whirls up the around is blazing in smooth armor to the snow into clouds, or drives it along like the cloudless but heartless light. All over, too, spray of a tossing ocean ! how the forests are a million of dancing atoms in rainbow groan and rock and sway, as if in agony, and coloring, like the hues that glitter and chase how the summits of the distant hills seem to each other along the threads of the gossareel and stagger as the snow flies over them!

But the tempest wails and sobs itself into And the winter night, how full of quiet repose, and the wild struggling landscape at peace and household content it is! The last is still. The earth is wrapped in its soft wide blaze goes crackling and sparkling up

. mantle of ermine, here ruffled up in great the spacious chimney, casting its red light wreaths, and there streaming out like the upon chairs and tables, soft carpet and drawn surges of some pearly sea. Here are edges curtain, and making fantastic shadows stream brushed to a delicate fineness--here basins and waver upon the walls. In the warmest scooped beautifully out, and there are domes nook of the fireplace sits the venerable grandsmoothly rounded as if by the hand of an sire, the flame bathing his snowy head, and, architect. All is pure, bright, and quiet clustering around him, are vigorous man. beauty.

hood, lovely matronage, smiling youth, and January follows; and a clear cold day innocent childhood. shines

upon the earth. The sky is blue as As our linked round of the seasons is steel, and sparkles with cold, and the dark brought to a close, let us, with reference to

, smooth ice spreads like a polished mirror them, in the language of Thompson, Nature's amidst a landscape of ivory. Then how the secretary, exclaimmerry skater launches away upon

his gleam ing path, the trees appearing to skim past "These as they change, Almighty Father! these him in a contrary direction ! how the pulse

Are but the varied God. The rolling year

Is full of Thee, leaps and the blood glows, and how every sinew is strung to high and vigorous life! whilst the gladdening sleigh-bells ring a joy- Come then, expressive Silence, muse His praise."

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EMIGRATION OF PAUPER CHILDREN.—A immediate steps to forward the emigration of comprehensive scheme for the relief of the orpban girls, inmates of the several workrate-payers, the benefit of the colonies, and houses, and capable of entering service, to the positive good of a large and increasing Australia as apprentices." He stated that class of pauper children, has been propound- "the total number of children in the worked by Mr. W. Miles, who, in his place in the houses in England and Wales was 56,323, House of Commons, has lately' presented and that the number of these capable of enseveral petitions in favor of a plan of emitering into service were—boys, 4,579, and gration which shall be in accordance with girls, 3,698; making a total of boys and the views and wants of all parties. His mo- girls in those workhouses capable of entering tion was in these words : “That it is expedi- service of 8,277. The number of male orent that the government, with the consent phans capable of entering service was 1,578, and assistance of the boards of guardians while the number of female orphans so qualthroughout England and Wales, should take ified was 1,171 ; making a total of 3,740.



In the Netherbow, the street receives a salary of two hundred pounds Scottish mocontraction from the advance of the houses ney, and paying his house-rent for him, at on the north side, thus closing a species of the rate of fifteen marks yearly. In October, parallelogram, of which the Luckenbooths 1561, they ordained the dean of guild, “ with formed the upper extremity—the market- al diligence, to mak ane warm studye of place of our ancient city. The uppermost dailles to the minister, Johnne Knox, within of the prominent houses-having of course his hous, aboue the hall of the same, with two fronts meeting in a right angle, one lyht and wyndokis thereunto, and all uther fronting to the line of street, the other look- necessaris. This study is generally suping up the High Street--is pointed to by posed to have been a very small wooden protradition as the residence or manse of John jection, still seen on the front of the first Knox, during his incumbency as minister of floor. Close to it is a window in the angle Edinburgh, from 1560 till (with few inter- of the building, from which Knox is said by ruptions) his death in 1572. It is a pictur- tradition to have occasionally held forth to esque building, of three above-ground floors, multitudes below. constructed of substantial ashler masonry, The second floor, which is accessible by but on a somewhat small scale, and termina- two narrow spiral stairs, one to the south, ting in curious gables and masses of chim- another to the west, contains a tolerably spaneys. A narrow door, right in the angle, cious room, with a ceiling ornamented by gives access to a small room, which has long stucco mouldings, and a window presented to been occupied as a barber's shop, and which the westward. A partition has at one time is lighted by one long window presented to divided this room from a narrow one towards the westward. This was the hall of the the north, the ceiling of which is composed mansion in former times. Over the window of the beams and Hooring of the attic flat, and door is this legend, in an unusually old all curiously painted with flower-work in an kind of lettering :

ancient taste. Two inferior rooms extend

still farther to the north ward. It is to be LVFE. GOD' ABVFE' AL' AND 'YI'NYCHT BOVR

remarked that the wooden projection already •[As ] YI SELF

spoken of extends up to this floor, so that The word “as” is obliterated. The words there is here likewise a small room in front; are, in modern English, simply the well- it contains a fireplace, and a recess which known Scriptural command,"Love God might have been a cupboard or a library, beabove all, and thy neighbor as thyself." | sides two small windows. That this firePerched upon the corner above the door is a place, this recess, and also the door by which small effigy of the Reformer, preaching in a the wooden chamber is entered from the pulpit, and pointing with his right hand to a decorated room, should all be formed in the sione above his head in that direction, which front wall of the bouse, and with a necessary presents in rude sculpture the sun bursting relation to the wooden projection, strikes one from clouds, with the name of the Deity in- as difficult to reconcile with the idea of that scribed on his disk in three languages- projection being an afterthought; the apΘ ΕΟ Σ

pearances rather indicate the whole having been formed at once, as parts of one design.

The attic floor exhibits strong oaken beams, Dr. M'Crie, in his Life of John Knor, but the flooring is in bad order. states that the Reformer, on commencing In the lower part of the house there is a duty in Edinburg at the conclusion of the small room, said by tradition to have been struggles with the queen-regent, "lodged in used in times of difficulty for the purpose of the house of David Forrest, a burgess of baptising children; there is also a well to Edinburgh, from which he removed to the supply the house with water, besides a selodging wbich had belonged to Durie, abbot cret stair, represented as communicating subof Dunfermline.” The magistrates acted terraneously with a neighboring alley, liberally towards their minister, giving him a

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