Canada and Its Provinces: United Canada

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Adam Shortt, Sir Arthur George Doughty
Brook, 1914
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290 psl. - This paper was found by Lieut. Irving under the cairn supposed to have been built by Sir James Ross in 1831 4 miles to the northward where it had been deposited by the late Commander Gore in June 1847. Sir James Ross's pillar...
96 psl. - Sovereign, owning the same allegiance, and being, for the most part, of the same blood and lineage : if we wish to be able to afford to each other the means of mutual defence and support against aggression and attack — this can only be obtained by a union of some kind between the scattered and weak boundaries...
19 psl. - That in order to preserve, between the different branches of the provincial parliament, that harmony which is essential to the peace, welfare and good government of the province, the Chief Advisers of the Representative of the Sovereign, constituting a Provincial Administration, under him, ought to be men possessed of the confidence of the representatives of the people ; thus affording a guarantee that the...
95 psl. - The Government are prepared to pledge themselves to bring in a measure next session for the purpose of removing existing difficulties by introducing the federal principle into Canada, coupled with such provisions as will permit the Maritime Provinces and the North-West Territory to be incorporated into the same system of government.
158 psl. - The Parliament and Government of Canada shall have all Powers necessary or proper for performing the Obligations of Canada or any Province thereof, as Part of the British Empire, towards Foreign Countries, arising under Treaties between the Empire and such Foreign Countries.
290 psl. - September, 1846. The officers and crews, consisting of 105 souls, under the command of Captain FRM Crozier, landed here in lat. 69° 37' 42
120 psl. - ... to serve but that of the community whose affairs he is appointed to administer — his opinion cannot fail, when all cause for suspicion and jealousy is removed, to have great weight in the Colonial Councils, while he is set at liberty to constitute himself in an especial manner the patron of those larger and higher interests — such interests, for example, as those of education, and of moral and material progress in all its branches — which, unlike the contests of party, unite instead of...
157 psl. - The Parliament of Canada may, notwithstanding anything in this act, from time to time, provide for the constitution, maintenance, and organization of a General Court of Appeal for Canada, and for the establishment of any additional courts for the better administration of the laws of Canada.
290 psl. - June, 1847; and the total loss by deaths in the expedition has been to this date 9 officers and 15 men. (Signed) James Fitzjames, Captain HMS Erebus. (Signed) FRM Crozier, Captain and Senior Officer. and start (on) to-morrow, 26th, for Back's Fish River.
13 psl. - I got them into comparative order and decency by having measures brought forward by the Government, and well and steadily worked through. But when they came to their own affairs, and, above all, to the money matters, there was a scene of confusion and riot of which no one in England can have any idea. Every man proposes a vote for his own job ; and bills are introduced without notice, and carried through all their stages in a quarter of an hour...