Food in China: A Cultural and Historical Inquiry

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CRC-Press, 1991 - 559 psl.
Ancient Sources of Cinnamon Reaching the Mediterranean and Near East -- Turmeric, Saffron, and Zedoary -- Cardamom -- Clove and Nutmeg -- Coriander -- Sweet Basil -- Golden Needles -- Ginseng -- 13 FOUR CHINESE DELICACIES -- Bird's Nest -- Shark's Fin -- Bear's Paw -- Bêche-de-mer -- 14 BEVERAGES, INCLUDING DAIRY PRODUCTS -- Introduction -- Tea -- Its History in China -- Its Use in Traditional Times -- Alcoholic Beverages -- Problems with Terminology -- Alcoholic Beverages in Antiquity -- Grain Wines -- Grape Wine, Mead, Toddy, and Koumiss -- Distilled Liquors -- Alcoholic Beverages in Traditional China -- Principal Kinds -- Use of Alcoholic Beverages -- Milk and Dairy Products -- Origin and Spread of Dairying in the Old World -- Hypotheses Advanced for the Failure of Dairying and Use of Animal Milk to be Accepted Universally -- History of Dairying in China -- Dairying and Dairy Products in Modern China -- Nutritional and Medical Perspectives -- 15 NOTES ON FOOD IN NUTRITION AND HEALTH IN TRADITIONAL CHINA -- Parasitic and Infectious Diseases -- Foods, Nutrient Intake, and Nutritional Deficiency -- Calories: Adequacy and Sources -- Protein and Protein Deficiency -- Vitamin A and Deficiency States -- Thiamine Deficiency and Beriberi -- Riboflavin Intake and Deficiency -- Niacin Deficiency and Pellagra -- Vitamin C Deficiency and Scurvy -- Calcium, Vitamin D, Rickets, and Osteomalacia -- Iron and Iron Deficiency -- Iodine Deficiency and Goiter -- Selenium Deficiency in Keshan Disease -- Food, Nutrition, and Care of Those at Greatest Risk: Mothers and Children -- Pregnancy and Abortion -- Birth and Birth Weights -- Disposal of Unwanted Infants -- Confinement and the Feeding of Infants and Nursing Mothers -- Weaning -- Mortality among Infants and Mothers -- Growth Rates of Chinese Infants and Children -- Birth Rates, Death Rates, and Population Increase

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