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Page A Man perishing in the Snow, with Reflections on the Miseries of human Life

182 The Subject of Paradise Loft-Invocation of the

Muse-Man's Disobedience-Lofs of Paradise

Satan driven out of Heaven Satan lying on the burning Lake

186 Description of Satan's Shield and Spear

187 Satan's Pre-eminence above the other fallen Angels 188 Pandemonium

ibid An Address to Light

189 Satan's Speech to the Sun

190 Satan's Approach to Paradise-That Place described 192 Satan's first sight of Adam and Eve

193 Eve gives an Account of what first befel her after her Creation

194 A Description of Night

195 Eve describes her Happiness in Adam's Company ibid. Rencounter between Gabriel and Satan in Paradise 196 The Morning Hymn of Adam and Eve

197 Raphael's Descent from Heaven to Paradise

198 Encounter between Abdiel and Satan : Beginning of the first Battle of the Angels

199 Encounter between Michael and Satan

200 Address to the Muse Urania

201 The Creation of the World described

202 The first Appearance of the Sun and Moon

204 The Creation of Birds described

ibid The Deity resolves to create Man

205 Adam gives an Account of his Condition and Sentiments immediately after his Creation

ibid Adam's Description of Eve

207 Eve parts with Adam-The Serpent finds her; and is

so strongly affected with her Beauty and Innocence, that he almost lays aside his hellish Defign

ibid Adam's Lamentation over Eve, upon her eating the

forbidden Fruit; and his Resolution to share the fame Fate with her

209 Eve's Lamentation upon her being doomed to quit

A Hymn to Contentment

ibid A Night-Piece on Death Health; an Eclogue

314 A Contemplation on Night



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Page The Miseries of War

268 A good Conscience

269 Advice

ibid Honour due to personal Merit, not to Birth

ibid Against Delay

270 A fine Description of a sleeping Man, about to be destroyed by a Snake and a Lioness

ibid Description of a beggarly Conjurer or a Fortune teller ibid Mercy in Governors commended

ibid Precepts against Ill-fortune

271 England invincible, if unanimous

ibid Ceremony insincere

ibid Hounds and Hunting

ibid Popular Ingratitude and Curiosity

272 The Life of an African

ibid Cato's Address to the Senate

273 Description of a Hurricane

ibid Cato's Advice to his Friends

ibid Cato's Advice to his Son

274 Action opposed to Contemplation

ibid Ambition inseparable from great Minds

ibid 'The Unsteadiness of an arbitrary Government, and the Misery of a despotic Prince

275 The Happiness of a free Government

ibid The Killing of a Boar

276 The same

ibid Description of a populous City

ibid Rural Courtship

277 Description of a Person left on a desart Mand ibid The first Feats of a young Eagle

278 The true End of Education

ibid Filial Piety

ibid The fame

279 Bad Fortune more easily borne than good

ibid Despair never to be indulged

ibid A Friend to Freedom can never be a Traitor

280 Description of a Hag

ibid Happiness the inseparable Companion of Virtu e ibid Honour fuperior to Justice

ibid In what Manner Princes oughtbe taughť True End of Royalty

ibid The real Duty of a King,

282 Character of a good King.

281 283

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