Dramatis Personae: The Rise of Medieval and Renaissance Theatre

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Peter Owen, 2006 - 931 psl.
Touching on "Passion Plays" and "Mysteries and Moralities," this exploration also examines the folk farces that flourished during the Middle Ages. Discussing developments during the Renaissance in Italy such as the commedia dell'arte as well as exalted musical innovations culminating in operas and ballets, the book also discusses the drama of Europe--including Spain, France, Germany, Holland, and Great Britain--where theater reached an extraordinary climax in the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods in the work of Shakespeare and others. Providing a summary of Shakespeare's plays and how they have been interpreted through the centuries, this account also examines in detail his contemporaries--Marlowe, Kyd, Ford, Beaumont, Fletcher, and others-- before considering the work of Jonson and Webster, two great dramatists who outlived the Bard.

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Medieval Farces
The Feast of Asses and the Feast of Fools
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Philip Freund is a novelist, poet, documentary film writer, and playwright as well as essayist, literary critic, and anthropologist. He is a professor emeritus at Fordham University, New York, and he has taught and lectured on drama and related subjects at other universities.

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