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Imitated from one of Akenside's Blank-verse Inscriptions.

NEAR the lone pile with ivy overspread,

Fast by the rivulet's sleep-persuading sound, Where “ sleeps the moonlight” on yon verdant bed

O humbly press that consecrated ground!

For there does Edmund rest, the learned swain !

And there his spirit most delights to rove : Young Edmund ! fam'd for each harmonious strain,

And the sore wounds of ill-requited love.

Like some tall tree that spreads its branches wide,

And loads the west-wind with its soft perfume, His manhood blossom’d; till the faithless pride

Of fair Matilda sank him to the tomb.

But soon did righteous Heaven her guilt pursue !

Wheree'er with wildered steps she wandered pale, Still Edmund's image rose to blast her view,

Still Edmund's voice accused her in each gale.

With keen regret, and conscious guilt's alarms,

Amid the pomp of affluence she pined ;
Nor all that lured her faith from Edmund's arms

Could lull the wakeful horror of her mind.

Go, Traveller ! tell the tale with sorrow fraught :

Some tearful maid perchance, or blooming youth, May hold it in remembrance; and be taught

That Riches cannot pay for Love or Truth.



AUSPICIOUS REVERENCE! Hush all meaner song,
Ere we the deep preluding strain have poured
Beneath whose shadowy banners, wide unfurl'd,
Justice leads forth her Tyrant-quelling Hosts.

Such symphony requires best instrument. Seize, then, my soul ! from Freedom's trophied dome The Harp which hangeth high between the Shields Of Brutus and Leonidas! With that Strong music, that soliciting spell, force back Earth's free and stirring spirit that lies entranced.

For what is Freedom, but the unfetter'd use Of all the powers which God for use had given ? But chiefly this, him First, him Last to view

Through meaner powers and secondary things
Effulgent, as through clouds that veil his blaze.
For all that meets the bodily sense I deem
Symbolical, one mighty alphabet
For infant minds; and we in this low world
Placed with our backs to bright Reality,
That we may learn with young unwounded ken
The substance from its shadow-Earth's broad shade
Revealing by Eclipse the Eternal Sun!

But some there are who deem themselves most free When they within this gross and visible sphere Chain down the winged thought, scoffing ascent Proud in their meanness : and themselves they cheat With noisy emptiness of learned phrase, Their subtle fluids, impacts, essences, Self-working tools, uncaused effects, and all Those blind Omniscients, those Almighty Slaves, Untenanting creation of its God.

But properties are God : the naked mass
(If mass there be, fantastic Guess or Ghost)
Acts only by its inactivity.
Here we pause humbly. Others boldlier think
That as one body seems the aggregate

Of Atoms numberless, each organized ;
So by a strange and dim similitude
Infinite myriads of self-conscious minds
Are one all-conscious Spirit, which informs
With absolute ubiquity of thought
(His one eternal self-affirming Act!)
All his involved Monads, that yet seem
With various province and apt agency
Each to pursue its own self-centering end.
Some nurse the infant diamond in the mine;
Some.roll the genial juices through the oak;
Some drive the mutinous clouds to clash in air,
And rushing on the storm with whirlwind speed,
Yoke the red lightning to their vollying car.
Thus these pursue their never-varying course,
No eddy in their stream. Others, more wild,
With complex interests weaving human fates,
Duteous or proud, alike obedient all,
Evolve the process of eternal good.

And what if some rebellions, o'er dark realms
Arrogate power? yet these train up to God,
And on the rude eye, unconfirmed for day,
Flash meteor-lights better than total gloom.
As ere from Lieule-Oaive's vapoury head
The Laplander beholds the far-off Sun

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