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4 Now He lives, He lives for ever;
And for His dear children pleads :
One with Him, there's nought can sever
Those for whom He intercedes :
He redeemed me,
And to glory safely leads.

5 Bright the prospect of that glory,
Seen by faith at God's right hand;
There we shall recount the story,
In that happy, happy land:

He redeemed me;

Wondrous all His love had planned.

Mrs. Duke.

TUNE-Songs of Love and Mercy, No. 36.


OW in a song of grateful praise,
To my dear Lord my voice I'll raise
With all His saints I'll join to tell,
My Jesus hath done all things well.

2 And since my soul has known His love,
What mercies has He made me prove!
Mercies which do all praise excel :
My Jesus hath done all things well.

3 Soon shall I pass this vale of death,
And in His arms shall lose my breath;
Yet then my happy soul shall tell,
My Jesus hath done all things well.

4 And when to that bright world I rise,
And join the anthems of the skies,
Above the rest this note shall swell-
My Jesus hath done all things well.

[blocks in formation]

S. Medley.





2 Nearer, ever nearer,

Christ, we draw to Thee;
Deep in adoration,

Bending low the knee:
Thou, for our redemption,
Cam'st on earth to die;
Thou, that we might follow,
Hast gone up on high.

3 Onward, ever onward,
Journeying o'er the road
Worn by saints before us,
Journeying on to God;
Leaving all behind us,
May we hasten on,
Backward never looking,
Till the prize is won.

4 Jesus, Lord, and Master,
At Thy sacred feet,
Here with hearts rejoicing,
See Thy children meet:
Often have we left Thee,
Often gone astray;
Keep us, mighty Saviour,
In the narrow way.

Rev. G. Thring.

TUNE-Songs of Love and Mercy, No. 38.

Y Saviour dear, my Saviour dear,

I love to, think of Thee;

Fain would I sound through all earth's bound
Thy matchless love to me.

Thy life and death, while I have breath,

My constant theme shall be ;

And all my ways, throughout my days,
Shall speak Thy love to me.

2 My Saviour dear, my Saviour dear,
I long, I faint to see

Thy lovely face, in yon blest place
Thou hast prepared for me.

There, clothed in light, with angels bright,

I'll worship and adore;

And love and praise, through endless days,

A trophy of Thy power.

Rev. C. H. Bateman.


[blocks in formation]

TUNE-Songs of Love and Mercy, No. 39.

WILL sing for Jesus!

With His blood He bought me,
And all along my pilgrim way
His loving hand hath brought me.
Oh, help me sing for Jesus,
Help me tell the Story
Of Him who did redeem us,
The Lord of life and glory.

2 Can there overtake me
Any dark disaster,
While I sing for Jesus,
My blessed, blessèd Master?

3 I will sing for Jesus!

His name alone prevailing
Shall be my sweetest music,
When heart and flesh are failing.

4 Still I'll sing for Jesus!

Oh, how I will adore Him,

Among the cloud of witnesses

Who cast their crowns before Him!


Mrs. Ellen H. Gates.

TUNE-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 49.


HE great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus;

He speaks the drooping heart to cheer:
Oh, hear the voice of Jesus.

Sweetest note in seraph song,
Sweetest nam on mortal tongue,
Sweetest carol ever sung,

Jesus, blessed Jesus.

2 Your many sins are all forgiven;
Oh, hear the voice of Jesus:

Go on your way in peace to heaven,
And wear a crown with Jesus.

3 All glory to the dying Lamb!
I now believe in Jesus;

I love the blessed Saviour's name,
I love the name of Jesus.

4 His name dispels my guilt and fear,
No other name but Jesus;

Oh, how my soul delights to hear
The precious name of Jesus.




5 Come, brethren, help me sing His praise,
Oh, praise the name of Jesus;
Come, sisters all, your voices raise,
Oh, bless the name of Jesus.

6 The children too, both great and small,
Who love the name of Jesus,
May now accept the gracious call
To work and live for Jesus.

7 And when to the bright world above
We rise to see our Jesus,

We'll sing around the throne of love
His name, the name of Jesus.

W. Hunter.

TUNE-Songs of Love and Mercy, No. 41.
our joyful song to-day,

BJesus! Only Jesus!

He who takes our sins away,
Jesus! only Jesus!

Name with every blessing rife,
Be our joy and hope through life,
Be our strength in every strife,
Jesus! only Jesus!

2 Once we wandered far from God,
Knowing not of Jesus;
Treading still the downward road,
Leading far from Jesus;

Till the Spirit taught us how
'Neath the Saviour's yoke to bow,
And we fain would follow now,

Jesus! only Jesus!

3 Be our trust through years to come,
Jesus! only Jesus!

Password to our heavenly home,

Jesus! only Jesus!

When from sin and sorrow free,
On through all eternity

This our theme and song shall be,
Jesus! only Jesus!

TUNE-Songs of Love and Mercy, No. 42.

HOSANNA! be the children's song,

To Christ, the children's King;

His praise, to whom our souls belong,
Let all the children sing.



Hosanna, then, our song shall be, Hosanna to our King;
This is the children's jubilee, Let all the children sing.



2 Hosanna! here in joyful bands,
Maidens and youths proclaim;

And hail with voices, hearts, and hands,
The Son of David's name.

3 Hosanna! sound from hill to hill,
And spread from plain to plain;
While, louder, sweeter, clearer still,
Woods echo to the strain.

4 Hosanna! on the wings of light
O'er earth and ocean fly;

Till morn to eve, and noon to night,
And heaven to earth reply.

TUNE-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 38.

(OD loved the world of sinners lost

G and ruined by the fall;

Salvation full, at highest cost,

He offers free to all.

Oh, 'twas love, 'twas wondrous love!
The love of God to me;

It brought my Saviour from above,
To die on Calvary.

2 Even now by faith I claim Him mine,
The risen Son of God;
Redemption by His death I find,
And cleansing through the blood.

3 Believing ones, rejoicing go;
There shall to you be given

A glorious foretaste, here below,
Of endless life in heaven.

4 Of victory now o'er Satan's power
Let all the ransomed sing,

And triumph in the dying hour,
Through Christ the Lord, our King.

Mrs. Stockton.

TUNE-Songs of Love and Mercy, No. 44.


HAT a strange and wondrous story
From the Book of God is read,

How the Lord of life and glory
Had not where to lay His head:

How He left His throne in heaven,
Here to suffer, bleed, and die,
That my soul might be forgiven,
And ascend to God on high.



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