A Gazetteer of the World: AA-Brazey

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A. Fullarton, 1856
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228 psl. - ... degree of west longitude shall prove to be at the distance of more than ten marine leagues from the ocean, the limit between the British possessions and the line of coast which is to belong to Russia as above mentioned...
228 psl. - ... north latitude, and between the 131st and 133d degree of west longitude (meridian of Greenwich), the said line shall ascend to the north along the channel called Portland Channel, as far as the point of the continent where it strikes the 56th degree of north latitude; from this last-mentioned point, the line of demarcation shall follow the summit of the mountains situated parallel to the coast, as far as the point of intersection of the 141st degree of west longitude (of the same meridian) ;...
228 psl. - North latitude, and between the 131st and the 133d degree of West longitude (Meridian of Greenwich), the said line shall ascend to the North along the Channel called Portland Channel, as far as the Point of the Continent where it strikes the 56th degree of North latitude...
58 psl. - The scene still en larges, and the horizon seems to widen and expand itself on all sides; till the sun, like the great Creator, appears in the east, and with his plastic ray completes the mighty scene. All appears enchantment; and it is with difficulty we can believe we are still on earth. The senses, unaccustomed to the sublimity of such a scene, are bewildered and confounded ; and it is...
58 psl. - The whole atmosphere by degrees kindled up, and showed dimly and faintly the boundless prospect around. Both sea and land looked dark and confused, as if only emerging from their original chaos ; and light and darkness seemed still undivided, till the morning by degrees advancing completed the separation.
58 psl. - But here description must ever fall short; for no imagination has dared to form an idea of so glorious and so magnificent a scene.
214 psl. - ... 27th November, Thursday. — Arose hungry, dry, and extremely sore, from the inequality of the rocks, on which we had lain all night, but were amply compensated for toil by the sublimity of the prospects below. The unbounded prairie was overhung with clouds, which appeared like the ocean in a storm ; wave piled on wave and foaming, whilst the sky was perfectly clear where we were.
78 psl. - It is impossible to imagine desolation more complete ; we could see neither sun, earth, nor sky : the plain at ten paces distance was absolutely imperceptible : our beasts, as well as ourselves, were so covered as to render breathing difficult ; they hid their faces in the ground, and we could only uncover our own for a moment, to behold this chaos of mid-day darkness, and wait impatiently for its abatement. Alexander's journey to the temple of Jupiter Ammon, and the destruction of the Persian armies...
228 psl. - IV. With reference to the line of demarcation laid down in the preceding article, it is understood— "1st. That the island called Prince of Wales Island shall belong wholly to Russia," (now by this cession to the United States).
278 psl. - ... expedition, yet it restored to England the honour of the discovery of the southernmost known land which had been nobly won, and for more than twenty years possessed, by Russia. Continuing our course towards this land for many hours, we seemed scarcely to approach it. It rose in lofty...

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