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strapped across with pipings of pink satin. Short puffed sleeves. Flowers on the bosom and sleeves.

Fig. 4.-Evening dress of wbite tarletane, with two skirts ornamented with puffs -decorated, at intervals, with large pearl buttons. Low Grecian corsage.

Fig. 5.--Little girl's costume White ruffled skirt. Dress of white mobair figured

Fig. 1.-Dress of white muslin, the skirt having near the bottom three rows of narrow white flounces, each headed by a blue silk cord. The body is pointed in front, and has at the back a very large basque, divided in three parts, and edged all round with narrow white ruffles, headed by the blue cord, which forms trefoils at the top of each of the openings in the basque. Bertha formed of two rows of white lace, with the blue silk cord heading.

Fig. 2.-Dress of organdy muslin, trimmed with a deep flounce, scalloped at top and bottom. The upper skirt is trimmed around the bottom and up each breadth with a double fluted flounce, and is looped up the sides with a wide ribbon. Low corsage forming a square basque behind, trimmed with ruches.

Fig. 3.—Dress of pink and white striped grenadine. It is open all the way up the front, over a petticoat of puffed tulle,

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113 The Confession 93 THE FAMILY SECRET. Two Engravings

118 Education 95 Lora's Conquest; or a Summer at Saratoga

120 Presence of Mind 95 MOUNT ETNA. Engraving

122 THE FRINGED TREE GECKO. Engraving 96 Left Well off.

126 Falling Eyesight 96 My Friend Jennie

129 A Little Lesson 96 ELLIE GRAY'S EASTER HOLIDAYS. Engraving

139 97 THE FOREST GLEANER. Engraving THE GLASS SNAKE. Engraving

139 ARMADALE-continued. By Wilkie Collins 97 | Everard St. John's Sin


Household Receipts Engraviog 105 | A String of Beads

142 Josephine Arleigh's Lover

109 POETRY-Factory Song, 105 ; The Oriel Window, 122 ; Parted, 129 The Double-Bedded Room-A Tragedy

111 | Miscellaneous.

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ENORAVINGS. The Fringed Tree Gecko

96 Mount Etna . The Glass Snake

97 · Have pity upon me." “ Hugh managed to come upon us unawares."

105 The Forest Gleaner The snow had fallen steadily, and lay nearly two feet deep." 113 Three Comic Illustrations Hands like claws, and bloodless as the face


121 129 136 144


87 88

GA ZETTE OF FASHION. Drees of Organdy Muslin

81 | Lace Jacket, Low Corsage White Moslin Jacket, Muslin Waist, Muslin Corsage, White Head-dresses-Barker Waist and Sleeves, Corslet with Jockey

83 | White Muslin Corsage, French Muslin Corsage, Maria Clotilde Front and back of Colas Jacket

84 Corsage Riding Costume

85 Little Girl's Blouse, Dressing Jacket Nine Children's Dresses

86 Six Bonnets and Hats


91 92

Terms for Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine, $3 50 per year.


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with pink; scalloped around the bottom, and ornamented with Fig. 13.-High dress, of a light striped organdy muslin with leaves of pink silk. Low, square corsage, without sleeves. Havana spots ; at the bottom of skirt a band of Havana silk, Plaited chemisette, with close sleeves. Sash, fastened behiud, the edges scalloped and finished by a small cording of cherry of pink silk. Knots of pink ribbon on the shoulders. Straw silk; over the plain, high body is worn another, à la suisse, of hat, trimmed with pink velvet.

Havanna silk edged with cherry ; it is fastened in front by two Fig. 6.—Dregs of spotted foulard. The bottom of the skirt is buttons ; epaulets of black lace. The sleeves are small and are ornamented with a series of shells made of violet silk, above finished by a narrow band of silk to correspond with the other which is a ruche of the same put on in waves. Russian jacket, trimming. Cap of black lace with bows of cherry ribbon. trimmed with ruches, and an underwaist of white muslin without Fig. 14.-Dress and paletot of sea-green mohair; the skirt sleeves.

trimmed at a little distance from the bottom, by a bias band of Fig. 7.-Muslin dresss, ornamented with butterflies. Up each black silk, forming square dents, the top points cut in a trefoil breadth is a band of silk. Muslin waist, trimmed with guipure form, the edges finished by a silk braid, color ponceau. The inserting. Long Sleeves. Wide belt.

short paletot slightly defines the waist at the back ; it is trimFig. 8.-Underskirt of blue silk with a flounce at the bottom. med to correspond with the bottom of skirt; at the sides, openTwo skirts above, of white embroidered muslin, looped up with ings are imitated by the trimming; at the back the seam is blue ribbon. The ribbons wbich loop up the second white skirt really left open to the waist, and has precisely the same appear are headed with tufts of blue feathers and pearls.

ance as the front; the bias piece which finishes the neck, has Fig 9.-Crape dress. Low corsage, with a bertha strapped the same form both back and front; pockets in the front are across with cherry velvet and edged with feathers.

indicated by the trimming. The sleeves are of a medium width Fig. 10.-Underskirt of white silk, with three rows of pink at the wrist, have four buttons at the outer seam, and are trim. ribbon around the bottom of the skirt. The second skirt is of med to correspond with bottom of paletot; epaulet of the same pink silk, and is looped up à la Camargo by wide velvet bands trimming. Helmet hat of Italian straw, with ponceau velvet passed through a ring of mother-of-pearls, ornamented with and feather, and aigrette or tuft. flowers. Low corsage, with bows on the shoulders and breast. Fig. 15.—Dress of Havana foulard." The skirt has, on each A black velvet ribbon around the throat, with ends at the back, side, three chicorée ruches of the same, with the width increastrailing almost to the bottom of the skirt.

ing towards the bottom. Vest of blue silk, with small skirt Fig. 11.- Dress of violet grenadine barege, made in the Gabri-forming two points in front, trimmed with a narrow ruche. elle style. The trimming consists of two rows of white guipure Señorita jacket of the same silk as the skirt, trimmed with or blonde lace, separated by velvet ribbon. Three'rows of this chicorée ruche ; the bottom of sleeve and epaulette to corornament the bottom of the skirt, two put on plain and the respond. third pointing. The same trimming ornaments waist and Fig. 16.-High dress of pearl grey grenadine; at a little dissleeves. Bonnet of straw colored crape, trimmed with Parma tance from the bottom is a fulling of cherry silk waved or violets.

undulating--each edge finished by a quilling of black silk. The Fig. 12.Little girl's costume. Striped skirt. Pardessus of plain high body is closed with cerise buttons ; and the sleeves maize-colored piqué of Louis XV. shape ; it is turned back with are composed of three puffs of cherry silk, the top and bottom white and is trimmed with steel buttons. New style of round of sleeve trimmed to correspond; broad cherry belt with narhat, ornamented with a feather. High maize-colored boots. row black stripes at the edge ; large gold or silver buckle.

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Fig. 17.-The bopnet is made of white crape, quilted with large colored beads, and edged with blonde ; a rosette of ribbon, from which issue the strings and two flowing ends, is placed bebind, and fastened with a mother-of-peal buckle; the inside of the bonnet is trimmed with a row of ribbon loops. Double Dress.-The under-dress is made of striped silk, and is simply trimmed with a parrow plaiting at the cuff of the sleeve. The upper-dress is made of plain blue silk, with low bodice and short sleeves, and trimmed with a narrow plaiting at the cuff of the sleeve. The upper-dress is made of plain blue silk, with low bodice and short sleeves, and trimmed with a narrow plaiting of the same material; round waist, with sash, fastened by a bow with four ends, two of which are short, and appear to support the skirt from the top of the point; the other ends are long and flowing. The upper-skirt is cut very short in front, and descending to a point on each side about twenty-one inches in length; the back is very long,

and rounded at the bottom, forming a train bebind. The whole is trimmed round with a graduated plaiting, à la vieille, to match the bodice.

Fig. 18.-Dress of cuir-colored mozambiqne, trimmed around the bottom of the skirt with a beavy crimson cable. High, round corsage, ornamented with crimson buttons. Coat sleeves trimmed with beavy crimson cord. Crimson belt, fastened at the side.

Fig. 19.-Dress of French muslin, printed à disposition, that is to say, printed to imitate the trimmings. The ground color is white, covered with small grey sprays, and the trimmings are bright green, relieved by a very narrow black stripe. Round the waist is worn a sash of the same material, fastening in front by a bow, and a steel or pearl buckle. Hat of Leghorn straw, trimmed with feathers, black lace and rose-buds.

Fig. 20.-Suit for out-door wear, consisting of au under-skirt, a tunic skirt, a waistcoat, and a casaque or tight-fitting paletot. The first

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skirt is of mauve silk, with a narrow, darker stripe on it, and having a broad band of mauve silk a little distance frora the bottom. The second skirt is a light buff or Havana color, and is open in front à la tunique : it is trimmed en mousquetaire by small tabs of mauve silk, placed in threes, and each having at the end a small steel ornament. The waistcoat, which really forms the vody of the dress, is of mauve silk, fastening with small steel buttons. The paletot is trimmed mousquetaire down the fronts, to match the second skirt; the cuffs and top of shoulders being also trimmed to correspovd. Bonnet of Leghorn straw, with soft corners of white 'tulle and blondetrimmed with peacocks feathers.

Fig. 21.- Dress with two skirts ; the first or underskirt of cherry silk, having at the bottom a broad band of black silk, cut in pointed tabs at the top, and edged with narrow black lace. The second skirt is of grenadine, covered with narrow black stripes, and having at intervals broader stripes of cherry. Near the bottom is a plain broad band of black silk, edged on both sides by varrow black lace. There is no body to the dress, but in its place a chemisette of white muslin is worn : it has a Swiss girdle, and a bertha with bretelles of black silk, both edged with narrow black lace, and pointed cuffs of black silk, edged with white lace. Cherry bows on the shoulders, and a necktie of cherry ribbon.

Fig. 22.-Dress of organdy muslin, the ground color French white, covered by small purple spots. Tight-fitting pelisse of black silk : the skirt is plaited in at the waist, and has, in the front corners, large ornaments of rich passementerie. The body is cut like that of a dress, but larger in every part; it fasteps by buttons and loops of passementerie. Broad waistbelt of black silk, edged all round with passementerie, and fastening in front with a silver buckle. The sleeves are tight-fitting, and have

ointed cuffs edged with passemeterie, large epaulets of passementerie or gimp, and on the left shoulder only, aiguillettes of silk cord, with steel orgaments at the ends. White straw bonnet, with soft crown of white tulle ; it is trimmed with pink ribbon and rosebuds.

Fig. 23. - Tight-fitting paletot of fine plaid ; the color light drab. It is made up at the back, with plaits like those of a gentleman's coat, having a square mother-of-pearl button at the head of each plait. The fronts close to the neck with similar buttons. Straw bonnet, trimmed with lilac flowers and riblion, and having, at the back, a large bow and ends of white lace.

Fig. 24.-Suit of a very novel style ; it is of fawncolored lenoz or silk. Underneath is worn a petticoat skirt of mohair, edged at the bottom by a broad band of scarlet silk, cut in squares at the top : between each square is a tab of black velvet, attached to the skirt by two buttons and a buckle, all of steel. The skirt is looped up all round, by broad bands of silk like the dress. These bands are each of them fastened to the dress by two steel buttons, and at the sides of the lower button, are two short straps edged with black velvet, and fastened by a small sreel buckle. The short paletot has large square pocket flaps in the front skirts, edged round with black lace, and trimmed by three straps and buckles like those on the skirt, and the cuffs and epaulets are trimmed to correspond. Straw bonnet, trimmed with white ribbon, roses, and ivy leaves.

Fig. 25.--Clotilde bonnet of crap-, trimmed with pearls and embroidered tulle. Foulard dress, trimmed with black velvet and narrow guipure lace. The basque is of the same material as the dress, and is tight-fittiog. It is open in front and slit up at the sides to the waist; the opening at the back does not extend so high. Coat sleeves with loops of cord on the shoulders. The dress buttons down the front, waist and skirt, to

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having pearl but

of each -3 close to nilar batnet, trimwers and mg, at the Fand ends

of a very

s of fawnsilk. Unna pettiair, edged op a broad siik, cut top: bere is a tab

attached two butEle, all of

is looper by broad the dress.

each of the dress tons, and Ehe lower ort straps

velvet, a small he short e square Che front and with

trimmed 1 buckle:

the knees, and below that, is trimmed with velvet, which also dress in the princess style), trimmed with insertions of white encircles the skirt, surmounted by a row of narrow gimp. lace and trellises of silk with moss fringe. The body is high,

Fig. 26.--Alexandrine hat of straw. Dress and paletot of the sleeves elbowed and plain. A lace insertion begins at the wbite alpaca or muslin. The paletot slightly defines the figure, neck and descends on the skirt to about two-thirds of its length. and is trimmed with a gauffered flounce and black velvet coat From each side, at the shoulder seam, proceeds an insertion sleeves, similarly ornamented with knots of velvet on the shoul. which runs down the body and on the skirt, just in the same ders. The dress has also a founce around the bottom and a manner before and behind. These insertions are narrowed at paff up the front, on each side of which are rosettes with ends. the waist. There are also others on each width of the skirt,

Fig. 27.-- Figured dress. Pardessus of black silk, trimmed which begin only at the waist, and all are terminated by a with guipure gimp and steel. This garment is ornamented trellis and moss fridge. An insertion ornaments the side of the with bretelles, which unite with a waistband with basques and sleeve and terminates at the wristband in a trellis and moss long square ends. Coat sleeves, trimmed around the wrist. fringe ; a Jace frill at the wristband. At the bottom of the Bonnet of black tulle, ornamented with steel and roses. skirt, in the intervais between these ornaments, is a lace

Fig. 28. —Watering place costume. Dress of white muslin. cockade, gathered in the middle by a torsade and a tassel placed Louis XV. coat of crimson silk, trimmed with strips of black at the top of an insertion terminated like those above. Lace silk, edged with lace. High hat of English straw, trimmed with ruche rouod the neck. crirason velvet and feathers.

Fig. 3.-DRESS OF GAZE-DE-80IE, trimmed around the bottom Fig. 29.-Dress of light grey foulard, trimmed with bands of and up the front en tablier with lace forming revers over the purple silk, put on in half-circles. Double skirt looped up with shoulders. Tight sleeves, with flowing over-sleeves open from bands and rings of purple bands and rings of purple silk. Short, the armhole. Rows of pearls around the neck. Tulle vcil and tight-fitting basque of the same material as the dress,trimined orange blossoms ornament the head. to correspond. Empire bon

Fig. 4.-DRESS OF WHITE net of white tulle, with roses

CRAPE, over a silk slip. The and streamers at the back.

corsage is high and pointed Fig. 30.--Poc padour mus

in front, with three basques lin, green and white, with a

at the back, ornamented by flounce at the bottom of the

pearl gimp. Pearl buttons. skirt, headed by a narrow

Epaulets composed of chegreen silk ruche. High cor

nille and pearls. The skirt sage, with pointed basques

is edged with a cable cord of at the sides. Empire bon

chenille. Tulle veil and net of drawn crape ; tulle

orange-blossoms. scarf and leaves ornament

Fig. 5. - A BRIDESMAID's the back.

Dress. The under-skirt is

of white tulle. The puffs DESCRIPTION OF THE

are separated by bands of COLORED PLATE.

satin, embroidered with wbite bugles. Tunic of

satin, crossed over one side, Fig. 1. - COIFFURE. The

and edged with chenille parting is made behind the

fringe, with a heading of ear; the hair in front forms

white bugles. Tulle scarf, a tuft of little curls; the

fastened behind, the ends temples are fully exposed,

terminating with a bugle tasand the hair is combed up in

sel. Head-dress composed of such a manner as to conceal

cactus, with a centre of buthe sides of the curls, and

gles, and white satin ribbon. the cords of an orange-blos

Fig. 6. DRESS OF WHITE som diadem ; it is plaited

FBENCH Muslin, trimmed behind, and forms a large

with ruches of embroidery round, the middle of which

extending, at intervals, oneis filled with a tuft of curls.

third uithe skirt. Low The veil, placed à la Madone,

w.ist, trimmed with the is ample, and descends to u

White chip hat, great length. Double dress.

AGE 87.

trin ned with velvet and The under-dress, made of

white silk, is gored at every width, and very long behind ; it Fig. 7.-DRESS OF WHITE PINEAPPLE, made in the Gabrielle
is trimmed at the bottom with a plaited flounce, fastened by a style, and ornamented up each breadth with a plaiting of
row of large white beade. The upper-skirt is shorter, and chenille sprinkled with pearls. Wide silk belt, embroidereủ
made of white crape cut in large scallops. It is terminated with pearls. The sleeves are trimmed, top and bottom, with
by a crape plaiting, which descends to the flounce of the silk ornaments of chenille and pearls. Aumonière at the side, com-
skirt. This plaiting is also ornamented with a row of smaller posed of white silk, trimmed with pearls. Veil of tulle,
beads. The silk bodice, covered with crape, is nearly high be- arranged with orange-blossoms.
hind, and cut square in front, and edued with lace. Chemisette Fig. 8.-Dress OF SILK, trimmed around the bottom with
of tulle and lace. The sleeve is the plain coat shape, trimmed rows of wbite cord, and between which are ornaments of pearl.
on the shoulder with a row of beads and lace, and at the bot. The coat sleeves have epaulets, composed of the same. Large
tom with two rows of beads and a narrower lace ; round waist ; pearl buttons the whole way down the front. White sash,
silk waistband, fastened by a buckle composed of beads. fastened behind. Tulle veil. These costumes, it is needless to

Fig. 2.- THE WHOLE OF THE Hair is undulated and frisé à add, without the veils and made up in colors, may be worn as
l'eau. The part in front is raised and turned back on itself to I evening or dinner dresses, and consequently do not belong
form an interrupted bandeau ; the hair of the small bandeau is bri ies alone.
similarly arranged. The sides are terminated by small loops.
The back bair is arranged in large waved loops; the coronet of
flowers is placed as a diadem forming a tuft in front, and a light

wreath at the sides. The veil is tulle, and put on à la juive, Page 81, No. 1.-Dress of white organdy muslin, puffed,
that is to say, all the plaits proceed from the top. White silk I with a gold-color gimp ornament and tassels at each side of the


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skirt, and

aulets are rrespond

trimmerl on, roses,

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