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Stitch in Time, A.

" She started to her feet at the sight of
two strange faces."

· 185
Slidging Letter-bags across a Nullah 353
Scene on the Beach, A
Scene in a Picture Gallery

• 384

me 24

• 360


G ALAMEDA de los Descalzos, Lima, Pe u · 40 Glass Snake, The

97 Anciant Stone Coffin 269 Girl and Butterfly ·

· 193 “ A carriage and pair of hores s'ood

Gavial or Gangetic Crocodile, The

• 208 impatiently pawing the snow." 385 A Lady's Dinner-Party in Siam



“ Ilugi managed to come upon us unBARBARA discovers her. Husbar, and



"Hands like claws, and bloodless as Lorette in the Arbor

- 313 Blind Girl's Stratagem, The

the face."

• 345
“Have pity upon me."

“He unsheathed a buge clasp knife a3

. 201

he epoke." CICELY follows her Husband

Bamble Fare

• 280 Cat's Portrait, The

· 176
House of General Charles Lee

324 Carl, what was it you promised to tell

Hand of Birber-Surgeon

405 • 273 Castle Thunder, Richmond, Va. - 320

I Campbells are Coping, The

• 328 Catamaran Postman, The


“I EXACT but one condition, Harry." • 237 Comic Illustrations, 72, 144, 216, 298, 427, 428

“I paused to look over the low wall of a

Protestant burying-grond · - 393

“I was standing at one of the windows DESERTED Wife and Daughter, The 33 to let the wind cool my feverish Darkeymaria

. 72

417 Deer in Central Park

. 169

" KNUCKLE Down."

• 337
EGYPTIAN Crocodile, The ·
- 209 King Penguin, The

425 Eagle Ray, The

· 241 Emma, Queen Dowager of II awaii - 249

L Edgen'e, Empress of the French 416 Lost Found, The

248 Eddystone Lighthouse 417 Little Kitten, The

321 F

M Fatal interview, The 33 MOUNT Etna

· 121 Frilied Lizard, The • 56 "Married in six months !"

177 Fringed Tree Gecko, Pae 96 Mam Garlock going to the Lamp room

185 Forest Gleaner, The

- 136 | Maggie Lynn Flogging.horse, The

· 316. Mauch Chutk and the Lehigh Gap, from Fatal Treasure, The

Moint Pisga's

• 401



“THE grow had fallen steadily, and lay
nearly two feet deep."

- 113
The Maiden

. 275 The Minuet de la Cour

- 381 The Cave at Central Park, New York • 400


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• 341


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WHIPPING Stocks, in Goldsboro, N.C. · 256
Whipping Post and Stool -


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is trimmed with a wide and narrow band of silk. The waist1

band is of mohair, trimmed with silk. The coat sleeves are composed of silk, trimmed with two bands of mohair. Outside pockets. Large steel buttons up the front.

No. 6.-Bonpet of puffed tulle, bound and trimmed with green silk and white lace. Gabrielle dress of grenadine; the front breadth is without trimming. The sides and back breadths are ornamented with a deep flounce, put on in points and headed with a band and cross pieces of silk which ornament the sides, waist, and sleeves. Broad silk belt and steel buckle.

Fig. 7.- A mauve foulard dress ; the bodice and sleeves are both plain. The out-door covering is a casaque without sleeves ; it is made of black taffetas, and trimmed with black guipure, beaded with either steel or jet. The lace is headed with gimp, which is likewise worked with beads. The epaulettes corres

pond with the rest of the casaque. The bonnet is made of crêpe PAGE 11.

of the same color as the dress; the crêpe is drawn, and the lace is headed with either jet or steel, according as the casaque is

ornamented. Small ringlets are worn all over the cushi of DESCRIPTION OF FOUR-PAGE ENGRAVING. hair at the back. The flower inside the cap is a pale yellow

rose dusted over with hoar-frost. FG. L-Dress of figured grenadine, scalloped around the Fig. 8.—A brown dress ; the bodice is made with three Bottom and bound with violet silk. The front breadth bas basques at the back, which basques are trimmed with cut steel three bands of violet silk above the scallops and has revers of buttons. The broad belt is likewise covered with similar butviolet silk turned back and also scalloped. Bertha of violet tons. A blue drawn crêpe bonnet, with a bow and ends of black silk, pointed back and front and edged with pearl fringe. Girdle of violet sälk, with a bow without ends in front, and two pointed Bantaes at the back edged with pearl fringe.

Fig. 2.-A Pompadour silk dress, with a flounce round the skirt; the flounoe is headed with a small ruche. A high bodice with pointed basques at each side of the front. An Empire bonnet made of plain crêpe; a tulle scarf at the back; a spray of simosa at the top of the bonnet.

Fig. 8.--Dregs of Organdy muslin, with a fluted flounce at the bottom of the skirt, headed by three rows of pink ribbon. Double skirt, looped up at each side with bands of ribbon, with olzaments of white organdy muslin lined and bound with pink and confined with a button. Bertha, trimmed with lace and ribbon.

Fig. 4.-White pineapple dress; high corsage with a low liniog. Close sleeves. Ceinture of white lace over blue silk. This ceinture forms a kind of low waist, with three jockeys at the back; bretelles over the shoulders and short sleeves. Grecian coiffure.

Fig. 5.—Dress of mohair, trimmed with a wide and a narrow band of silk edged with steel gimp. The higb, round corsage


PAGE 11.

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· 21 The Ragpicker's Cat

THE RED FIRE-FISH. Engraving ·

. 56 Too Late

28 FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Engraving - 57 Mrs. Gambey's Reply 30 The Postman's Knock; or, Granny's Valentine

61 THE SECRET CRIME. Two Engravings 33 Adventure in the Brazils

64 Nellie 39 A Note that Never was Sent

67 ALAMEDA DE LOS DESCALZO3, LIMA, PERU. Engraving · 39 Household Receipts BLIND BARBARA. Eograving 41 A String of Beads

• 70 ARMADALE-Continued By Wilkie Collins

43 POETRY—“Gone,” 28; Our Idol, 41; The Private Barying-place 54 A STITCH IN TIME. Eagraving •

54 Miscellaneous.

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• 69

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GAZETTE OF FASHION. Colored Fashion Plate.

Striped Skirt, White Alpace Skirt Four-page Engraving of the Latest Fashions.

Twelve Collars and Sleeves Paper Pattern for Circassian Basqae.

Violetta Pardes us Président Pardessos White Tolle Bertha, White Tulle Fichu

9 Nine Children's I'r sses Square Pelerine, Rossian Jacket, Maslin Waist

. 11 White Tulle Fichu, Clotilde Bertha Tulle Ficha, Spotted Lace Ficha, Pique Waist

12 Tbree Bathing Costumes Breakfast Cap, Talle Cap, Catalonian H-ad-dress, Evening Headdress, Two Breakfast Cape



. 17
· 18
- 20

ribbon at the back, and a white rose, glistening with dew-drops, | mauve silk buttons. The over-dress is not so long as the silk near the ear. Blue and black strings.

slip, a id the trimming extends up one side of the skirt and Fig. 9.-Dress of fawn-colored silk, trimmed around the bot- waist. tom of the skirt with llama fringe, headed by a border of the No. 14.-Striped summer silk-pink and white. The bottom "eyes” of peacocks' plumes. Pointel corsage, cut square of the skirt is ornamented with a narrow flunce, put on in around the neck and trimmed to match the skist. Short puffed clusters of three plaits ; between these clusters is a tab of pink sleeves.

silk trimmed around with white yak lace. Wide pink silk belt Fig. 10.--White silk or organdy muslin slip, edged with pink with our ends behind, trimmed with yak lace. Low corsage chenille cord. Second skirt of pink and white organdy, also and short sleeves. Square pelerine and sleeves of tulle, trimedged with pink chenille cord. The upper skirt is long behind, mid with lace and ribbun. Catalan coiffure of tulle, rritomed and shortens gradually toward the front. It is cut in deep with velvet, and with a poignard over the front of the beari, waves, at the top of which are bows of pink ribbon. The cor- Fig. 15.-Dress of doited foulard. The lower part of the sage of white organdy is full at the top, and is trimmed with skirt is trimmed with puffs of wbite musiin, barred in diamond pink silk. The short ruffled sleeves are ornamented with loops shape with mauve ribbon. Low corsage and coat sleeves. of pink ribbon.

Fichu of muslin, trimmed to match the bottom of the skirt. Fig. 11.--Swies muslin dress, trimmed with puffs Little Fig. 16.-Slip of green silk with a ruche of organdy muslin Algerian mantle, with a hood of scarlet cashmert embroidered around the bottom of the skirt. Over-dress of white organdy with gold.

muslin, looped up at each breadth with green riobons and bows. Fig. 12. -Evening toilette for a watering place. The hair is Puffed printed bertha of muslin, the puffs separated by parros turned back from the forehead and temples, and the ends are purple ribbon. The bertha is edged with a ruche. Short arranged in tiny frizzed curls. The hair bebind is formed into sletves with a bow on the shoulders. two bows, encircled by a massive plait, the ends of which ter- Fig. 17.-Dress of blue silk, trimmed with puffs of crape and minate in frizzed curls. Small enamel leaves are placed here lace. Pointe i corsage also ornamented with puts. Tapic of and there amongst the front hair, and an enamel jewel comb satin, with revers of white lace. The skirt of the tunic is ordacompletes the coiffure bebini Dress of pink silk, covered with mented with the same, headed by a delicate garlaad. a skirt of pink double tulle, caught up round the bottom at Fig. 18.-Robe of mauve foulard, trimined throughout with regular distacces with green jeweled pendants. The bodice is graduating strips of black velvet dotted with steel beads. A trimmed with tulle draperies, tulle sleeves and enamel buckle white guipure is placed round the bottom of the basquine, as and ornaments. A broad band of velvet is worn round the well as on the edge of the sleeres. White crape fanchon bonnet waist, from which riepends an open-work tunic of velvet. This with frosted flowers an. mauve velvet bow, is the tour-de-téte. tunic is composed of lengths of shaped velvet, short in front, F. 19.--Psttein dress of organdy mislin, with a double and long beh nd, the spaces between being filled up with cruise skirt; both shiits a e ornamentul with a stamped order. Low bars of velvet, avi the tulle skirt underneath having a pufferi Cursige and slė Vts winamented with rufils, with a border. apr parance so necessary to incening dress.

Bird belt and as of silk, the ends fastened behind. Fig. 13.-Slip au plain low cousage of mauve siik; attie Fig. 20. - Ligut green grenndine harege rube, uimm d round bitiom if the skirt is a wide ruch. Ov. T-ables of white silk the boitom "f the skirt with three row, of darker green telve gauzu or organdy musin, with long sleeves and ligh neck, piged with narro : bloide. T.: Oinarents on the skirt, as The whisi jo break with a ruile, he prits are confined dry well as those on the corsage, are also of xreen velvet, sivilarly

VOL. XVI., 10.

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edged. The head-dress is composed

bertha, with a fall of black, above of plaits and curls, and is decorated


one of white lace. Bow in front by a small bouquet placed just above

and on tbe shoulders. the chignon.

Page 11, No. 1.--Square pelerine, Fig. 21.-Dress of black and white

composed of inserting and puffs, striped mohair. A ruche of tbe

and lined with ribbon, and bordered same, bound with orange silk, or

with a band of velvet which heads naments the bottom of the skirt,

a fall of lace. Sleeves made with and is surmounted by arcbes of the

alternate puffs and rows of in Round corsage and coat

serting. A parrow pnffing lined sleeves, all trimmed with ruches.

with ribbon and trimmed with small Black Neapolitan bonnet, trimmed

bows, ornaments the ontside of the with orange colored ribbon and

This pelerine and sleeves are flowers.

to be worn over a low silk corsage . Fig. 22.-Dress of blue and wbite

with a wide belt. glacé silk. The bottom of the

No. 2.- Russian jacket of dotted skirt has & Darrow fluted ruffie.

muslin lined with pink silk. It Above this is a couble row of blonde

is trimmed with lace, headed by lace, separated by a quilling of blue

piok ribbon.

The armboles are silk. The lace is dotted over with

trimmed with a fall of lace, surpearl beads. Low corsage, with


mounted by pink ribbon. seven long basques, edged with

chemisette and sleeves, of plain white lace, and united by means of pearl beads. Bertha com

Swiss muslin. posed of a quilting of blue silk, blond lace, and pearl beuds. No. 3.-Muslin waist, trimmed with worked inserting as breGrecian bead-dress composed of white and gold bandelettes. telles, and down the front. Two short bands of inserting edged Fig. 23.– Dress of chalis

, with points all round the waist with narrow fluted lace, are placed on each side of the bretelles. Coat sleeves trimmed with puffs of the same.

Coatsleeves trimmed to match. Fig. 24.- Dress of striped mozambique, Pompeian pardessus Page 12, No. 1.--Fichu of full tulle or organdy muslin, crossed of black silk, trimmed with lace

above a pointed girdle. It is bor. and steel gimp. The lace is put

dered with lace, and ornamented on spirally at each side of the back,


on the sboulders with locps of riband forms a tunic at the sides.

bon having flowing ends, which There is no trimming in front.

fall over the sbort puffed sleeves. Jockeys of lace and fringe, sur

No. 2.-Fichut of wbite spotted mounted by bows, take the place

lace or musliy. It is trimmed top of sleeves. Bonnet of tulle, trim

and bottom with lace. Bretelles med with lace and flowers.

of maize-colored ribbon croes at Fig. 25.-Muslin dress, with a

the waist, where they widen and double skirt, looped up with rib

fall in long ends over the skirt. bons, starting from the waist.

No. 3. -- Waist of piqué, made Bertha, composed of folds, edged

double-breasted and scalloped. The with lace.

scallops are worked around with Fig. 26.-Dress of green grend

red, and crimson buttons ordadine, with a gauffered flounce at

ment the front and sleeves. the bottom of the skrt, partially

Page 13, No. 1.–Breakfast cap covered by a ball, chenille fringe,

of spotted tulle with a bag crown, and headed by a trimming com

trimmed with three pattes of black posed of squares of chenille and

velvet cut in diamonds, on a founfringe of the same, with balls at

dation of lace. The front is comthe end. Two bands of green satin surmount this trimming, posed of lace slightly full, and is ornamented with flowers. High, round corsage. Wide waistband of satin, with long Floating strings, composed of black velvet and lace. ends, trimmed with chenille fringe. Coat sleeves and epau- No. 2.-Tulle cap, with a falling crown dotted over with jet. lettes. Guipure hood thrown over the head.

A row of black lace extends down the centre. Bow of black rib. Fig. 27.-Dress of silver grey mohair or alpaca, looped up and bon on the top. Inserting, edged with lace slightly fulled, bound with bands of black velvet, edged with lace. A petti- ornaments the front and forms the strings. Each sile is ordecoat of the same, trimmed with

mented with purple flowers. wide and narrow velvet and crim.

No. 3.--Breakfast cap of tulle son buttons. A “grandfather's"

illusion with a falling crown, trimwaistcoat, barred with black velvet and ornamented with crimson

med with pink ribbon and jet orna

ments. Round fanchon, with lace buttons, is worn beneath an open paletot, trimmed to match the

inserting and a fall of blonde. On skirt.

the top of the head is a bow of Coat sleeves. Straw bai,

pink ribbon. Blonde strings, with trimmed with crimson velvet and

velvet run through the centre. a black aigrette.

No. 4. - Evening head-drers of

wbite lace. A torsade of green yelDESCRIPTION OF FASHIONS.

vet encircles the front. A wido)

green velvet ribbon, edged with PAGE 9, No. 1.--Bertha of white

late, forms a Marie Stuart point in tulle, with a full of la: e. It is

front, and the en 's float upon t'a ornamented with ruches of blue rit.

shoulders. The back of the hea,?bon, and a bow with long ends.

di sis of the Catonian style, No. 2.--Fichu of white tulle,

ind is fasteneilly hair-pins. Two strapped across with mauve riveon

TOSCs urrament the side in front. ed, ed with lace. Euds crossed i:

No. 5.- Breakfast cap of silk front aid trimmed, eg is the whole

tulle pottel with bla. Synare

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satin, and have ends cut in castellated points, and finished off with tassels. The bottom of the basque is also bound with satin. The skirt of the dress is ornamented at each breadth with bands of the same description, which extend to within six or eight inches of the bottom of the skirt. Leg of wutton sleeves, trimmed at the top with bands of silk, similar to those on the basque.

Page 18, No. 1.-Fichu of white tulle covered with black, with black lace inserting trimmed with blonde. Around the throat and down the frort is a frill of black and white lace, separated by narrow black velvet.

No. 2.-Clotilde bertha, composed of white tulle, and trimmed with wide and narrow white lace. Pink ribbons cross over the tulle, forming squares. Bows on the shoulders and at the waist.

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fanchon, edged with lace and velvet. Violet velvet bow in front. Cap crown strings composed of lace and velvet.

No. 6.- Catalonian head-dress of tulle, edged with blonde, and trimmed with pink velvet.

Page 14, No. 1. — Striped skirt, trimmed with two bands of wide velvet and one narrow, put on in Greek pattern, and all ornamented with jet or steel pendant buttons.

No. 2. - Skirt of white alpaca, trimmed with three rows of narrow velvet, all put on in festoons, and the centre one in a zigzag pattern. Below these is a row of chenille gimp with pendants.

Page 15, Nos. 1 and 2.-- Collar and sleeves of puffed net, separated by bands of green velvet, and trimmed with narrow Valenciennes. Loops of green velvet ornament collar and sleeves.

Nos. 3 and 4.-Collar und sleeves composed of inserting and lace, and trimmed with blue ribbon and pearl buttons.

Nos. 5 and 6.-Linen collar and sleeves, with embroidery around the scalloped edges, and butterflies worked in all the corners.

Nos. 7 and 8.-Collar and sleeves composed of puffings of washing illusion, inserting and lace, and trimmed with bows of ribbon.

Nos. 9 and 10.- Collar and sleeves of finest linen. Trimmed with inserting and lace of Valenciennes, the former strapped across with bands of Swiss inserting.

Nos. 11 and 12.--Standing collar and sleeves of linen, edged with narrow lace. They are also trimmed with Valenciennes inserting, through the centre of which narrow black velvet is passed.

Page 16, No. 1. Violetta pardessus. Tight-fitting, and made of black, silk. It is trimmed with bands of silk (patles) pointed at the ends, edged with lace and strapped

ross with gimp. The bands ornament the back and front of the waist, from which point they widen and fall upon the skirt. Coatsleeves, trimmed with lace and velvet. Wide belt and buckle.

No. 2.--President pardessus, of mobair or alpaca, to be worn with a skirt of the same. It fits closely to the figure, and is trimmed with bands of silk of a contrasting color to the dress, which form bretelles, cross at the waist, and fall in long ends over the skirt. The bands of silk are bound with


[blocks in formation]

Fig. 1.-EVENING DRESS FOR A WATERING-PLACE, of pink tarletane, trimmed around the bottom and up the front, with raches of blonde crossing each other and ornamented with strings of pearls. A double skirt of tarletane is looped up at intervals, with bunches of white feathers with flowers in the centre. Round corsage, with a wide belt and mother. of-pearl buckle. A ruche of blonde, ornamented with pearls, simulates a Spanish jacket. Sleeves of puffed tulle.

Fig. 2 -- DRESS OF WHITE PINEAPPLE, trimmed with a deep puff of the same at the bottom of the skirt; this puff is strapped across at intervals with bands of cherry velvet fastened with mother-of-pearl buckles. Round corsage, with wide belt and buckle. The upper part is puffed, and is separated from the lower by a band of cherry velvet, edged with a narrow ruffle, which forms a square waist. Puffed cap, strapped with bands of cherry velvet.

Full sleeve, close at the wrist.

Fig. 3. — UNDER-DRESS MAUVE SILK, trimmed at the bottom with a flounce of white silk gauze or organdy muslin ; the flounce has a deep hem. Breadths of white silk gauze, or organdy muslin, are hemmed around and edged with black guipure, and are tacked down over the mauve silk, Low corsage of mauve silk,




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