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lilac, and fastened in front by a gold
or steel buckle.

Fig. 2.-Dress and paletot of al-
paca, trimmed with three rows of
narrow velvet ribbon, put on hori-
zontally and vertically. Belgian
straw bat, trimmed with velvet and

Fig. 3.-Toilet for a little girl. Dress of light mauve silk; square bodice, trimmed with a band of black velvet covered with fine lace. Plaited muslin chemisette ; short puffed sleeves. The skirt is plain in front, and ornamented at tbe back with a large bow, from which issue




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two long points, falling down over the
skirt, and trimmed with velvet and lace
like the bodice.

Fig. 4.-Morning toilet. This elegant
toilet, of fawn rep, is composed of a little
pelerine, edged with a ruche of blue satin
ribbon. Toe sleeve is quite plain, very
small at the wrist, and terminated with a
ruche at the bottom. The ample skirt is
open in front, and trimmed with a wide
rache of blue satin ribbon, which is carried
round the bottom and up the front on each
side. Two wide bows of ribbon are placed
on each sila of the skirt. The waistband
is deep, with two ends hanging down in
front. A lace cap. with two long blue TUE EUREKA MUFF.

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PAGE FLEEING FROM FATE. By Lizzie Campbell. Engraving 237 | The Old Lady of the Old School

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G 4 2 6 T T & OF FASHION. Lady Grant Hat, Infant's Hat, Lady Derby's Riding Hat, French Grecian Head-dress, Two Ear-rings

233 Turban, Eureka Muff

225 Back and Front of Alpaca Corsage, Walking Costume, Front Back and Front nf Carline Circular, Boy's Cloak

• 227
and Back of Black Silk Corsage

234 Ten Illastrations of Cloaks, Paletots and Bonnets

228 Breakfast Cap, Head-dress, Sleeves ari Collars, Promenade Six Illustrations of Hats from Miller and Grant's


- 235 Gray Silk Dress, Alpaca Dress, Green Silk Dress, Back and Dresses, Hats, etc., Six Illustrations

236 Front of Riding Habit

230 Colored Fashion Plate. Child's Alpaca Dress and Paletot, Muslin Waist

231 | Four-page Engraving of the Latest Fashiong. Children's Dresses, Ten Illastrations

232 | Pattern Sheet of Cloaks.
Terms for Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine, $3 50 per year.

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high, and is made with a round waiet. The sleeves are nearly , The bertha, under-skirt and sash of the darker hue. The points tightly-fitting, and have epaulets trimmed with hanging gimp are edged with gimp, and those of the bertha are ornamented tags and cord. The same trimming is put on the lower part with tassels. Coat sleeves. of the sleeve, and gimp tags are also attached to the bodice Fig 11.-Bonnet of drawn silk, trimmed with roses and tulle. of the dress in front, where it fasteus. Lace collar and un-silk dress, trimmed with green velvet, silk cord and tassels. dersleeves. More simple and less costly materials than moire Small basques all around the waist. Wide belt of silk, trimantique could be made up in the same style as this with very med with velvet. good effect.

Fig. 12. --Dress of cuir-colored silk, trimmed with bands of Fig. 6.— Dress of gray silk (or for evening wear any light- brown silk edged with gold cord-three ,ows around the skirt colored material), trimmed with straps of groseille velvet. and one up each seam. The bands are fastened down at each arranged to imitate vandykes. Tbe velvet is edged with lace breadth by gold buttons. The sleeves and high round waist or blonde. Over this skirt are worn a plaited muslin chemi- are similarly ornamented. Empire bonnet of fancy straw, sette and a Watteau bodice with basques. This bodice is made trimmed with brown velvet and tea-roses. in groseille velvet, trimmed with blonde or lace, and cords and

Fig. 13.-Dress of Havana-colored foulard silk ; the skirt has gimp rosettes with pendants. In small evening parties, when at the bottom a broad band of silk of a darker shade, cut in a low dress is not required, this toilet will be found particularly vandykes at the top, and edged by a narrow parti-colored ribsuitable. The Watteau bodice would also look pretty made in bon, which forms a kind of Greek border at the top of the van. silk, and would be more economical than velvet, of which our dykes. The body is plain and high, with a round waist and model was composed.

waist belt of the darker silk, ecged by the narrow colored rib: Fig. 7.-Dress of wine-colored silk, made in the Gabrielle bon ; it is trimmed å bretelles by the same ribbon, which forms style, trimmed with a cable of silk and steel. The cord forms square epaulets on the shoulders, and the sleeves are trimmed a V on the shoulder. Coat sleeves. Silk and steel buttons up to correspond. the whole front of the dress.

Fig. 14.-Dress of purple silk; the skirt without trimming. Fig. 8.-Dress of striped poplin, with a wide flounce at the Tight-fitting pelisse of black silk, the skirt rather long, and bottom of the skirt extending around the back and sides, and formed at the back into plaits like those of a coat, which are headed by a silk ruche. The same trimming, put on in spiral edged with large steel beads. The body is ornamented by a form, runs up the front of the dress. Pardessus of the same band of lilac silk, edged with very narrow black lace. It material as the dress, rounded in front and encircled with a starts from the neck, forming a point at the back, it is carried ruche. Chip bonnet, trimmed with ribbons and flowers.

down the front, passes under the arms, and at the back forms a Fig. 9. -Pompadour silk dress. Black silk jacket, with large bow with long floating ends. Leghorn hat, trimmed with plaits in the basque at the back, covered by a small upper black velvet, Black lace, and branches of ivy leaves with basque. Jockeys and cuffs embroidered with steel and trimmed berries. with narrow fringe. Same trimming on the basque.

Fig. 15. — Tallien coiffure, adorned with gold bandelets. Fig. 10.--Bonnet of straw, trimmed with gold cord and Double dress. The under-dress is made of plain green silk, and tassels, a scarf of tulle and roses. Silk dress of two shades of trimmed with darker silk strips on the high part of the bodice purple silk. The corsage and tunic are of the lighter shade. I and the bottom of the skirt, where it is not covered by the

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upper-dress. The latter, light green silk, is cut in scallops in, black silk or velvet cut straight in front, without sleeves, and front and behind, and edged with bands of dark green silk, ornamented all round with steel balls. under which the light green is arranged to make the skirt very Fig. 18.- Dinner toilet. Crimson satin dress, with a plain puffing. Waistband, with buckle and two long ends only in skirt and low square bodice, the front of which is ornamenteu front. Long sleeve, with a plaited ruche at the top. A scarf with rows of jet trimming sewn on closely together, and croseof tulle, edged with silk to correspond, completes this pretty ing each other diagonally. Chemisette of black tulle, embroi. and elegant toilet.

dered with jet trimming similar to that used on the bodice, and Fig. 16.–Felt hat, with rounded brim, and edged with a the top and bottom of the sleeves. The waistband, which has narrow braid of black silk,

two long ends very wide at The crown is trimmed round

the bottom, is richly embroidwith a band of blue silk, put

ered. Coiffure of black lace on plain at the bottom and

azaleas. slightly plaited at the top. It

Fig. 19.-Hat of white felt, is covered with a gold cord,

trimmed with two mauve feaand forms a bow in front, from

thers, and ribbon of the game which issues a long white fed

color, falling behind in two ther. The gold cord hangs

long ends. Dress and paletot behind with two tassels. Veil

of manve poplin. The paletot of lace. The dress is made of

is slightly fitticg at the back, gray silk or alpaca, without

and loose in front. It is edged bodice, and is fastened by a

round with a thick black cord. silk waistband, with a cord of

The front is trimmed to the silk and steel, terminated by

waist with. equal lengths of two long tassels. Casaque of

cord fastened with a steel but. the same material, cut straight

ton. The sleeve is cut with a with points in front, and

seam at the elbow, ornamented slightly fitting behind. It is

at the bottom to correspond edged all round with a cord of

with the front. The same cord steel and silk, and a row of

is placed round the arm-hole, steel gimp. A cord, fastening

and fastened on the sleeve with it round the neck, falls on the

three loops. Pockets to match. bodice. Sleeve to correspond.

The skirt is very long, and Fig. 17.-Costume for a little

gored at every width, each girl. Straw hat in the French

seam being trimmed to corresstyle, ornamented with, nar.

pond with the paletot, A row strips of cerise ) velvet.

thick cord is placed round the The brim is raised up, t and

bottom. beaded with a cord made of

Fig. 20. -Bonnet of coarse silk and steel. Dress of blue

straw, edged round with small alpaca, trimmed at the bottom

balls of straw. On the midwith steel stars, surmounted

dle of the crown is placed & by a row of steel put on in

Tose surrounded with lace and scallops. , Russian paletot in


fastened with a poinard. White


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ribbon strings. The casaque made of black silk or velvet, has a | are laid over all; those in the centre of the front part of the scarf crossing at the waist, and fastened with four buckles skirt serving to secure the ends of the flounces, which are not placed on the shoulder, and on the back, and front of the waist ; carried entirely round the skirt. High body, with waistband it is bordered with guipure-a trimming composed of guipure fastened with a large buckle Sleeves trimmed at the top and and jet ornaments, the bottom of the sleeves and the fronts of bottom, with the black lace used to form the Etruscan ornathe casaque. Plain dress of white and green silk.

ments on the skirt. Black lace coiffure. Collar and underFig. 21.-French gray silk dress, tricamed with three narrow sleeves of guipure. founces. The top of each flounce is bordered with narrow pas- Fig. 22.-Bonnet of white puffed silk, bordered with light sementerie or gimp, and large Etruscan ornaments of black lace blonde. A brilliant steel star is placed on the centre of the

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skirt, but narrower ; it is left open at the back as far as the waist, and the edges of the opening are trimmed by the white guipure, which is continued on each side for about nine inches along the bottom, and is then carried upwards so as to imitate a postillion skirt; these guipures are carried over the


put on tbe plaits behind ; the narrow sleeve is trimmed at the top with loops mide of thick cord, and edged, 1 ke the paleto-, with the same cord. The dress is made of green silk without any trimming, but edged with a thick cord of the same color.

Fig. 23.--Dress of white silk with a narrow mauve stripe on it. The skirt is trimmed at the bottom by a broad band of mauve silk, cut into pointed tabs at the upper edge, which is trimmed by a ruching of the same silk ; in the centre of each tab is a rosette of llack passementerie, with steel pendants. The top of the body and the sleeves, are of the striped silk, and the lower part is of mauve silk, cut like a low dress body and trimmed with the mauve ruching. On the chest a rosette

of paesementerie with steel ornament:. THE BRIGHTON, FROM MILLER AND GRANT, Waist-belt of mauve silk, with steel 497 BROADWAY.

buckle. The cuffs are edged with

mauve ruching. A shawl of fine black the crown, which is edged with a pink lace completes this elegant toilet. ribbon ornamented with three smaller stars. The curtain is composed of two laine, spotted with cerise. The skirt is

Fig. 24 -Child's dress of gray deloops of pink ribbon, from which de-. trimmed by narrow, slanting, Auted

bands of the same material, edged with 2

fine cerise braid. Chemisette of white muslin, ind pointed ceinture and bretelles to match the skirt.

Fig. 25.—Dress of rich figured silk, blue on a French white ground. Pale. tot of black silk of the most novel style; it is cut to define the figure at the waist. The front edges and pockets are edged by a narrow guipure lace, and 'the fronts fasten by buttons and loops. The trimmings are very elegant, and cousist of trefoils of rich passementerie or silk cord, edged with

guipure lace, and having in the centre THE CARLOTTA, FROM MILLER AND GRANT, 497 BROADWAY.

a steel bead, from which falls a fringe

or rows of pendants of bright steel. pend two very long ends ; strings of One of these trefoils is placed on each pink ribbon. Pardeesus of black silk, bide; two at the back, one on each nearly tight fitting and cut straight in shoulder and one on each cuff front. A row of four round buttons is

Fig. 26.-Dress of green silk, edged with green cord. Paletot or black silk,

having all the edges, the cuffs, the 3

revers, and the pockets trimmed by a rich green silk cord. The revers apu the pockets are of green silk, oru.mented by an arabesque worked in steel beads. Hat of white straw, trimmed with black velvet and damask roses, and having in front a white tuft fastened with a rich steel ornament.

Fig. 27.-Suit or dress and casaque of a new shade of blue silk, called the bleu Imperatrice, trimmed with broad bands of rich guipure lace. At the bottom of the skirt is a flounce of the same silk laid in hollow plaits, and edged top and bottom by a narrow band of white. The back of skirt is partly covered by two large square pieces, which start from the waist and are continued to the bottom of skirt ; they are edged all round by the white guipure lace, and are joined together at the upper part by a large pointed tab of blue silk covered by the white gui.

pure. The casaque or short tight-fitting THE EUGENIE, PRON MILLER AND GRANT paletot, has the bottom edge trimmed 497 BROADWAY.

with a flounce to match that on the




shoulder à bretelles, and are continued down the fronts in the same style as at back. The cuffs are edged by the white guipure lace. Bonnet of white straw, trimmed with white ribbon and convolvulus flowers. Parasol of white silk, bordered with peacock's feathers.

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