Puslapio vaizdai

Than in your mynde inwardly despyse
The bryttle worlde, so full of doublenes,
With the vyle flesshe, and ryght sone aryse
Out of your slepe of mortall hevynes;
Subdue the devill with grace and mekenes,
That after your lyfe frayle and transitory,
You may than live in joye perdurably.



AND as Remembraunce myne epytaphy set
Over my grave, in came dame Fame,
With brennyng tongues, without any let,
Sayeng that she would spreade about my name
To live in honoure without any shame:
Though that deade were my erthly body,
Yet my renowne shoulde raigne eternally.

The power, estate, and royall dignitie
Of dame Fame in every region
Is for to spreade by hye aucthoritie
The noble dedes of many a champion,
As they are worthy in mine opinion;
For thoughe his body be dead and mortall,
His fame shall endure and be memoriall.

Did not Graunde Amoure with his royall dedes
Winne La Bell Pucell the most fayre lady?
And of hye honour attayned the medes,
In the demeanyng him so worthely,
Sleyng the great terrible giauntes ugly,
And also the fyry monster vyolent,

Of the seven metalles made by enchauntment.

About the worlde in every nacion,
That evermore he shall abyde alyve,
Of his great actes to make relacion,
In bokes many I shall of him contrive,
From one to other I shall his name so drive,
That evermore, without extinguyshment,
In burnyng tongues he shall be permanent.

Hector of Troy.

Unto this day reygneth the hye renowne
Of the worthy Hector, prynce victorious:
About is spredde in every region and towne
His noble actes and courage chyvalrous,
In full many bokes ryght delicious,

Unto the reders howe lyst to geve audience,
To here reporte of his great excellence.


And in lyke wyse duke Josue the gente,

Whiche was ryght strong and fyerce in battayle,
Whose noble feates hyghe and excellent
I have caused, wyth diligente travayle,
To abyde in bokes without ony fayle:
Who lyst his story for to se or here,
In the Byble it doth right well appere.


Judas Machabeus.

Also the noble and hardy feates of warre
Of Judas Machabeus I about have cast,
In every nacion for to reygne aferre;
Thoughe that his life out of this worlde be past,
His fame shal prospere and shall never wast;
Thus, wyth my power, of every worthy
I spred his dedes in tonges of memory.


Dyd not kyng Davyd a lyons jawe tere
In his tendre youth, he so hardy was?
The lyons cruelte myght nothinge him fere;
And after that he slewe great Golyas.
All in his time he dyd in honoure pas,
And I, dame Fame, wythout any doute,

Have spredde his name in all the worlde aboute.


Also kinge Alexander, the noble conquerour,
Whose great power in all the worlde was knowen,
Of me, dame Fame, he wanne the honoure,
As I my trompe after his death have blowen;
Whose sounde aloude can not be overthrowen.
Thus in flamynge tonges all aboute I flye
Through the worlde wyth my winges swyftly.

Julius Sezar.

And of the worthy Sezar Julyus,

All about wyth golden beames bryght,
His name shall dure and be full gloryous;

In all the worlde wyth ardaunt tongues lyght
His fame shall reigne, he hath it wonne by ryght,
For to abyde and ever to augment
Wythouten lette or yet ympediment.


Also yet Arthur, the good kinge of Brittayne,
Wyth all his knightes of the rounde table,
I nowe, dame Fame, shall make to remayne
Their worthy actes highe and honourable,
Perpetually for to be commendable;

In ryall bokes and jestes hystoryall,

Theyr fame is knowen right hyghe tryumphall.


And than Charles the great kynge of Fraunce,
Wyth all his noble douseperes also,

As Rowland, and Olyver, of hys alyaunce,
With all the resydue and many other mo,
Theyr fame encreaseth rennyng to and fro;
The hardy dedes did them magnyfy,
Unto me, Fame, their names to notyfy.

Godfrey of Boleyn.

And Godfrey of Boleine, of hardy courage,
That of the paynyms wanne the vyctory,
His worthy actes did their strength aswage,
Whose fame renowmed is ful openly
About the worlde reygnynge so ryally,
In flamynge tongues to be intellygyble,
His most hie actes so moche invyncible.

And in like wise without abatement,
I shall cause for to be memoriall
The famus actes so hyghe benevolent
Of Graunde Amoure, my knight in speciall;
His name shall dure and be eternall;
For though his body be wrapt in claye,
Yet his good fame shall remayne alway.

And ryght anone she called Remembraunce,
Commaundyng her ryght truely for to wryte
Both of myne actes and my governaunce,
Which than ryght sone began to endite
Of my feates of armes in a short respite,
Whose goodly stories in tongues severall
About were sent for to be perpetuall.

And thus I, Fame, am ever magnified
When earth in earth hath tane his estate;
Thus after death I am all glorified.
What is he nowe that can my power abate?
Infinite I am, nothing can me mate;
The spryng of honour and of famous clarkes,
My selfe I am to renowne their workes.



AND as dame Fame was in laudation,
Into the temple with marveilous lykenes
Sodainly came Time in breviacion,
Whose similitude I shall anone expresse;
Aged he was, with a bearde doubtles,
Of swalowes feaders his wynges were long,
His body federed; he was hye and strong.

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