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English Dramatists, the old, analytical Es.
says on, 409.

Errors, Military, of the Duke of Welling-
ton, on the, 291.
Erskine, Lord, Timothy Tickler's remarks
on the dinner given to, 615.
Essays on the Lake School of Poetry, No
III. 3 Political, entitled the Warder,
208, 323, 448, 704-On the Old English
Dramatists, No VIII. 409.

Ettrick Shepherd, the, Letters from, 390,
630.-Sonnet by, 464.
European National Tribunal, a, 45.
Expedition to the Arctic Regions, Letter
from an Officer in the, 305.
Extracts from the "Prato Fiorito," on the
Vice of Dancing, 43-From the "His-
toria Major" of Matthew Paris, 84, 273
-From a volume of Poems by John
Wilson, 432-From the papers of the St
Priest family of Languedoc, 633-From
Mr Wastle's Diary, No I. 688.
Fairy Land, a Lay of, 432.
Fancy, Sketches of Pugilism, by one of the,
66, 279, 610.

Fatal Ring, the, an Indian Dramatic Poem,
review of, 417.

February, the Twenty-ninth of, a tragic
sketch, review of, 398.

Flight from Granada, a Moorish ballad, 491.
Food, review of Accum on the Adultera
tions of, 543.

France, eurious extracts from the corres
pondence of its Ambassadors at the Otto-
man Porte, from 1547 to 1778, 633.
French Royalists and Louis XVIII. 42.
Gall and Spurzheim on the Imitative Prin-
ciple, and other Faculties, remarks ou,

Genius, Individual and National, on the
analogy between the growth of, 375—On
the Diversity of, 674 Examples of from
living authors, 677.



Geography, proposed new system of, 341.
Geological Society in Cornwall, notice of the,


George III. the late, retrospect of the pub-
lic character of, 575.

Germany, review of Travels in, 536.
Glen-avon, a day in, 58.

Gordon, the late Dr, letter relative to, 307.
Greece, a Sonnet, 524.
Grillparzer, review of his Tragedy of the
Ancestress, 247.

Guilt, or the Anniversary, a Tragedy, by
Müllner, review of, 121.
Heathfield, Richard, on his plan for the li-
quidation of the National Debt, 441-Is
but a sort of Half-measure, 447-And is
neither Practicable nor Safe, 448.
Hebrew Language, on Professor Leslie's
knowledge of the, 501.

Historia Major, of Mathew Paris, extracts
from, 84, 273.

Hodgskin's Travels in Germany, review of,

Hora Cantabrigiensis, No IV. 47.
Hora Germanicæ, No I. 121-No II. 247
-No III. 397-No IV. 525.
Hora Hispanica, No I. 481.
Hora Scoticæ, No I. 568.
Imagination, works of, on public lectures

on, 162.

Imitative Principle, and some other facul-
ties, pointed out by Gall and Spurzheim,
remarks on the, 309.

Indian Dramatic Poetry immemorially an-
cient, 417.

Individual and National Genius, on the

analogy between the growth of, 375.
Irving, Washington, and Charles Brockden
Brown, on the writings of, 554.
Ivanhoe, a Romance, review of, 262.
Jewell, the, on Sir Thomas Urquhart's work
so called, 655.

Juan, Don, unread, 194.

Kean, Mr, on his acting of Coriolanus, 624.
King George III. Reflections on the Cha-
racter of, 574.
Krisuvik, in Iceland, Lines on the Church
of, 435.
Laidlaw, James, letter of, from America,

Lake School of Poetry, Essays on the, No
III. Coleridge, 3.

Lamentation of Granada, a Moorish ballad,

Language, on the impossibility of a stand-
ard of, in metaphysics, 39.
Language, Hebrew, Leslie, versus the, 501.
Letter from the Arctic Expedition, 305.
Leslie, versus Hebrew, 501.

relative to the late Dr Gordon, 307.
from an elderly gentlewoman, to Mr
Letters from the Ettrick Shepherd, 390,
Christopher North, 620.

from a liberal Whig, 288, 492.
of Timothy Tickler, Esq. to emi-
Literary Institutions, on public lecʼures at,
nent literary characters, No VI. 615.


[blocks in formation]

Millar, the late Professor, on Wit and Hu-
mour, 638.

Missionary, the, a poem, review of, 13.
Monastery, the, a novel, review of, 692.
Monument for Lord Melville, remarks on

National Monument, on the proposal to
take the Parthenon as the model of, 137.
—and Individual Genius, analogy
between the growth of, 375.

- Debt, remarks on Heathfield's
plan for the reduction of the, 441.
Naval Promotions and Appointments, 116,

the, 562-Answer to the remarks, by one
of the Committee, 690.
Moon, Hymn to the, 681.
Moorish Ballads, 481-Don Raymond of
Butrago, 484-The Death of Queen
Blanche, 485-Andalla's Bridal, 487-
Zara's Ear-rings, ib-The Bullfight of
Ganzul, 488-The Lamentation of Gra-
nada for the death of Celin, 490-The
Flight from Granada, 491.
Morris, Peter, his remarks on the theory of

Gall and Spurzheim, 309.
Mülner, Adolphus, review of his Tragedy
of Guilt, 121-Of his Twenty-Ninth of
February, 398.

Music, on the relation of, to the Drama,

Musical Queries, 69.

the, 183.
Musings, 525.

National Tribunal, a European, 45.

[blocks in formation]


Paris, Mathew, extracts from the Historia
Major of, 84-His reflections on the
Norman Conquest, ib.-Return of one
from the Grave, 85-Character and
Death of Walter, Bishop of Durham, 85
-Death of William the Conqueror, 87


-A German Count devoured by Mice,
88-Death and Character of La Frane,
Archbishop of Canterbury, ib.-Anec-
dotes of Malcolm, King of Scotland,
273-Foundation of the Monastery of
St Oswin, ib.-Vision of the Monks at
Fulda, 274-Death of William Rufus,

Park, Mungo, the Negro's Lament for,


Parthenon, on the proposed restoration of
the, in the Scottish National Monument,


Pedes Scansorii of Birds, notices regarding
the, 580.

Peterhead, review of Buchan's annals of,

Petrified City, notice of one in Africa, 709.
Phenomena of living toads found in

stones, 437-Are productions of the for-
mer world, 439.
Phillips, Mr, and Miss Tree, on their sing-
ing, 53.

Physical Science, effects of an excessive ap-

plication to the study of, considered, 35.
Physiognomy, on the science of, 650.
Planetary System, new theory of the mo-
tions of the, 583.

Pocket-book, literary, review of the, 135.

Festival of, Edinburgh, remarks Poetical Style, on the progressive change of,

Poetry, review of Coleridge's, 3-review of
the Missionary, 13-On the Cockney

School of, No VI. 70-Stanzas compos-
ed in Sherewood Plantation, 136-Olden
Time, ib.-Review of Alastor, and other
poems, 148-Of Nuga Canoræ, 154-
Don Juan unread, and Yarrow unvisited,
195 Fancy in Nubibus, 196-The Ne-
gro's Lament for Mungo Park, ib.-The
Rector, 197-Chevy Chace-Idem La-
tine Redditum, 199-Extracts from the
Literary Pocket Book, 239-Review of
Cotton's voyage to Ireland, 284-Review
of Cromek's remains of Nithsdale and
Galloway song, 314-The Clydesdale
Yeoman's return, 321-Emma, a tale,
382-The Vision, 384-Reflections on
a Brumal Scene, ib.-Fragment of the
Mad Banker of Amsterdam, 391-A
Lay of Fairy-Land, 432-On the Church
of Krisuvik, in Iceland, 435-Sonnet,
by the Ettrick Shepherd, 464-Moorish
ballads, 481-A Recollection, 504-
Epistle to Thomas Campbell, ib.-Mu-
sings, 524-Sabbath Noon, 523-Aurora
Borealis, 524-Greece, a sonnet, ib.-
Ode to Mrs Flanagan, by an Irish gen-
tleman, 628-Review of Cornwall's
poems, 643-A church-yard scene, 679

Sailor's song, 680-Elysium, a sonnet,
ib.-Hymn to the Moon, 681-Autumn,
a sonnet, ib.

Political Essays, entitled the Warder, No
I. 208-No II. 323-No III. 331-No
IV. 448, No V. 704.

Prato Fiorito, extracts from, 43.
Predictions, by C. C. 33.

Profanity of Dancing, 43.
Promotions, Appointments, &c. 115, 229,
355, 478, 605, 722.

Public Buildings of Edinburgh, 370.
Publications, monthly list of new ones,
104, 219, 346, 468, 586, 714.
Pugilism, Sketches of, No IV. 66—No V.
279-No VI. 610.

Queries, Musical, 69.
Radical's Saturday Night, the, 257.
Recollection, a, 504.

Recollections, No I. 169-No. II.-The
Cameronians Mark Macrabin, the Cam-
eronian, 513.-No III. Macrabin's ac-
count of the Buchanites, 663.
Reflections on a Brumal Scene, 384.
Remains of King Robert Bruce, on the
discovery of, 297.

Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway song,
review of, 314.

Remarks on the Cockney School of Poetry,
No VI. 70-On the decorations of Edin-
burgh, 76-On Emigration to the Cape
of Good Hope, 78-On the Cameronians,
169-On Dr Chalmers's new work, 177
-On the Edinburgh Musical Festival,
183-On De Foe on Apparitions, 201-
On some of our late numbers, by a liberal
whig, 288-492-On the military errors
of the Duke of Wellington, 291-On
the discovery of the remains of Robert
Bruce, 297-By Peter Morris, on the
theory of Gall and Spurzheim, 309-On

the progressive change of Poetical Style,
363-On the public buildings of Edin-
burgh, 370-On the analogy between
the growth of individual and national
genius, 375-On the relation of Music
to the Drama, 430-On the character of
Sir Thomas Brown, 435-On the pheno-
mena of living toads found in stones, 437
-On Heathfield's plan for the reduction
of the national debt, 441-On Barlow on
magnetic attractions, 507-On the writ-
ings of Charles Brockden Brown and
Washington Irving, 554-On the pro-
posed Monument for Lord Melville,
562-On the science of Physiognomy,
650-On Sir Thomas Urquhart's Jewell,
655-On the progress of Architecture in
England, 660 On the Diversity of Ge-
nius, 674.

Review of Coleridge's poetry, 3-Of the
Missionary, a poem, 13-Of Chalmers's
Christian and Civic Economy of large
Towns, No I. 18-Of Guilt, or the Anni-
versary, a tragedy, by Müllner, 121-
Of Alastor, and other poems, 148-Of
the Literary Pocket-book, 235—Of the
Ancestress, a tragedy, by Grillparzer,
247-Of Ivanhoe, a romance, by the
author of Waverley, 262-Of Cotton's
voyage to Ireland, 284-Of Cromek's
remains of Nithsdale and Galloway song,
314-Of Buchan's annals of Peterhead,
393-Of the 29th of February, a tragic
sketch, by Müllner, 398-Of Sacontala,
an Indian Drama, 417-Of the Cyprus
Crown, a tale, 525-Of Hodgskin's tra-
vels in Germany, 536-Of Accum on
the adulterations of food, 542—Of Corn-
wall's poems, 643-Of the Monastery, a
novel, by the author of Waverley, 692.
Rocks, notice on the volcanic theory of,


Reprints of curious old books, notices of,

Sabbath Noon, 523.
Sacontala, an Indian Drama, review of,

Salt Mines of Meurthe, notices concerning
the, 579.

Saturday night, the radical's, 257.
Scientific and literary intelligence, 98, 213,
341, 465, 579, 709.

Scotchman, the, in London, No I. 64.
Scotland, national monument for, on the
proposed restoration of the Parthenon in
the, 137.

Shelley, Percy Bysshe, review of his poems,


Sicilian Story, with other poems, by Barry
Cornwall, review of, 643.
Sound, curious fact concerning the convey-
ance of, 465.

Steward, the, on the comedy of, 52.
Submarine volcano near Shetland, notice
of, 100.
Subterraneous sounds in granite rocks, no.
tice of, 99.
Sugar, conversion of wood, &c. into, 710.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Brewster, 607

Briggs, 725
Brisbane, 359
Brown, 606

Bruce, 231
Burns, 358
Burnside, 358
Burnet, 119

Caldwell, 725
Cameron, 725
Campbell, 480, 606,

725, ib.

Caulfield, 230
Cave, 231

Christie, 607

Clarke, 480
Cleghorn, 480
Clerk, 118

Colleton, 606

Coventry, 231

Craig, 119, 606, 725
Crawford, 725
Crichton, 119
Cruickshanks, 358
Cullen, 725
Cumming, 231

Dallaway, 119

Dickie, 359
Drummond, 231
Dun, 119
Epinasse, 358
Farquharson, 480

Filder, 231
Fitz-Clarence, 358
Forman, 231

Fraser, 725

Gardner, 358

Geddes, 119

Germains, St 118
Gilchrist, 480
Gilmour, 358

Gordon, 480
Grant, 358
Gregson, 725
Grieve, 119
Gubbins, 231
Hamilton, 231, 725
Hart, 359
Hartley, 231
Harvey, 725
Hay, 231, 358, ib.
Hawtayne, 725
Hill, 231

Hunter, 359, 606
Ingleby, 119
Irving, 231
Jackson, 607

Johnstone, 231, 359
Kay, 231
Kingsland, 607
Kinross, 119

Lewis, 231
Liddell, 607
Liddle, 359

Limond, 606
Liston, 358
Livingstone, 359
M'Allan, 231

M'Farlan, 359
M⭑Kinlay, 480
M'Kay, 358

M'Lagan, 118
M'Lennan, 725

McGregor, 480
M'Roberts, 358
Macdonald, 359,725
Macfie, 119
Macleod, 606
Macmillan, 119

Maitland, 606

Manners, 231

Manning, 725

Marshall, 358, 606
Matheson, 725
Meek, 231

Milne, 119, 725
Moncrieff, 606
Murdoch, 358
Muter, 606

Nairne, 725
Nasmyth, 358
Newlands, 359
Nicolson, 119

Nuttall, 725
Oliver, 606
Paterson, 119, 606
Paul, 606
Payne, 119
Phillips, 359
Pillans, 358
Plomer, 230

Plunkett, 358
Pollock, 119

Radcliffe, 358
Ramsay, 480
Renny, 118
Rial, 480
Ronald, 358

[blocks in formation]
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