Plundering and Blundering: A Political Retrospect, 1874-1879

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W. Ridgway, 1879 - 64 psl.

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18 psl. - That an humble address be presented to her Majesty, praying that she will be graciously pleased to...
26 psl. - ... march of the Turkish capital. His Majesty pledged his sacred word of honour in the most earnest and solemn manner that he had no intention of acquiring Constantinople, and that if necessity should oblige him to occupy a portion of Bulgaria, it would only be provisionally, and until peace and the safety of the Christian population were secured.
8 psl. - Now, there has elapsed a period of forty, or more exactly a period of forty-three, years since the Liberal party acquired the main direction of public affairs. This followed another period of about forty years, beginning with the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, during which there had been an almost unbroken rule of their opponents, who claimed, and were reputed to be the great preservers of the institutions of the country.
38 psl. - Greek population and upon the balance of maritime power which have been already pointed out, is to depress, almost to the point of entire subjection, the political independence of the Government of Constantinople. The formal jurisdiction of that Government extends over geographical positions which must, under all circumstances, be of the deepest interest to Great Britain. It is in the power of the Ottoman Government to close or to open the Straits which form the natural highway of nations between...
37 psl. - Empire are a matter of common interest. The general effect of this portion of the Treaty will be to increase the power of the Russian Empire in the countries and on the shores where a Greek population predominates, not only to the prejudice of that nation, but also of every country having interests in the East of the Mediterranean Sea.
37 psl. - ... allegiance. The provisions by which this new State is to be subjected to a ruler whom Russia will practically choose, its Administration framed by a Russian Commissary, and the first working of its institutions commenced under the control of a Russian army, sufficiently indicate the political system of which in future it is to form a part.
58 psl. - When I remember the number and nature of the army which Cetewayo had at his command when this demand was suddenly sprung upon him, I confess myself astonished at the composure with which it is made. To make the case our own, it is as if the Emperor of Germany in concluding with us a treaty of commerce, suddenly annexed a notice that he would make war on us in six weeks unless before the expiration of that time we burnt our navy.
32 psl. - January 23, 1878, 7 PM, to Admiral Hornby, Vourla. — Most Secret. Sail at once for the Dardanelles, and proceed with the Fleet now with you to Constantinople. Abstain from taking any part in the contest between Russia and Turkey, but the waterway of the Straits is to be kept open, and in the event of tumult at Constantinople you are to protect life and property of British subjects.
42 psl. - Mediterranean ; that for that purpose it was necessary to seize and occupy the island of Cyprus, together with a point upon the Syrian coast. That was to be done by means of a Syrian expedition, sent out from India, with or without the consent of the Sultan...
19 psl. - Generally speaking, I should say of the Administration of the last five years that it would have been better for us all if there had been a little more energy in our foreign policy and a little less in our domestic legislation.

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