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forms here employed, fcarcely deferve notice; but it may afford fome fatisfaction to the fincerely pious and unprejudiced Worshipper to obferve, that while an attention to the UNDERSTANDING, in fing ing, "has fought out not only acceptable words but words of truth,"-diftinguishing plain Chriftianity from inventions and refinements antient or modern and while an carneft defire of engaging the HEART has led to as frequent a use of the Verfions beft fuited to enkindle, and to express its devotional, affections; care is taken throughout to avoid thofe Peculiarities which diftinguifir any Secta

By introducing different metres of the fame Pfalm, confiderable fcope is afforded, not only to the mufical Compofer, but to that variety of illuftration by which many of thefe Divine Songs are exhibited in their more comprehenfive and exalted fenfe. Writers who have fuccefsfully imitated the fublimity and beauty of the POET, may occafionally unite with others, who fhewing us a yet more excellent way by the light and authority of the New Teftament) have unveiled the PROPHET, difplayed his evange lical Views, entered into his Spirit and Experience, and adapted both to the fervice of the Chriftian Church.

Should this Attempt prove, in the Divine Hand, a humble mean of affifting the Private Meditations of thofe for whofe ufe it was more immediately intended, or of improving that nobleft part of their Public Worship, PRAISE, its defign will be fully accomplished.





PSALM I. Metre i.

"HAPPY the Man, whofe cautious Feet

Shun the broad Way that Sinners go;

Who hates the Place where Atheists meet,
And fears to talk as Scoffers do.

2 He loves t' employ his Morning-Light
Among the Statutes of the LORD;
And fpends the wakeful Hours of Night
With Pleasure pond'ring o'er his Word.

3 He, like a Plant by gentle Streams,
Shall flourish in immortal Green :
And Heav'n will fhine with kindeft Beams
On ev'ry Work his Hands begin.


But Sinners find their Counfels croft;
As Chaff before the Tempest flies,
So fhall their Hopes be blown and loft,
When the last Trumpet fhakes the Skies.

5 In vain the Rebel feeks to ftand

In Judgment with the pious Race;
The dreadful JUDGE with ftern Command
Divides him 'to a diff'rent Place.

6"Strait is the Way my Saints have trod,
"I bleft the Path, and drew it plain;
"But you would choose the crooked Road;
"And down it leads to endless Pain."


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PSALM I. Metre ii.

How bleft the Man, whofe Ear
Impious Counsel fhuns to hear;
Who nor loves, nor treads the Way,
Where the Sons of Folly ftray:

2 But poffefs'd with facred Awe,
Meditates, great GOD, thy Law;
This by Day his fix'd Employ,
This by Night his conftant Joy.


Like the Tree that, taught to grow
Where the Streams refreshing flow,
He his fruitful Branch fhall fpread,
Profp'rous, he no Leaf fhall fhed.

4 See, ah! fee a diff'rent Fate
GOD's obdurate Foes await;
See them, to his Wrath confign'd,
Fly like Chaff before the Wind.

5 When thy JUDGE, O Earth, fhall come,
And to each affign his Doom;
Say, fhall then the impious Band
With the Juft assembled ftand?

6 Thefe th' ALMIGHTY, these alone,
Objects of his Love fhall own;
While his Vengeance who defy
Whelm'd in endlefs Ruin lie.




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HY did the Gentiles rage, And Jews with one Accord Bend all their Counfels, to destroy Th' Anointed of the LORD?

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Rulers and Kings agree

To form a vain Design;

Against the LORD their Pow'rs unite,
Againft his CHRIST they join.

The LORD derides their Rage,

And will fupport his Throne;

He that hath rais'd Him from the Dead,
Hath own'd Him for his SON.

4 Now He's afcended high,


And afks to rule the Earth;
The Merit of his Blood He pleads,
And pleads his heav'nly Birth.

He afks, and GOD beftows
A large Inheritance;

Far as the World's remotest Ends
His Kingdom fhall advance.

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Muft feel his Iron Rod;

He'll vindicate thofe Honours well

Which He receiv'd from GOD.


Be wife, ye Rulers, now,

And worship at his Throne;

With trembling Joy, ye People, bow

To God's exalted Son.

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Ye perifh on the Place;

Then bleffed is the Soul that flies

For Refuge to his Grace.


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PSALM II. Metre ii.

WHY did the Nations join to slay

The LORD's Anointed

Why did they caft his Laws away,

And tread his Gospel down?

2 The LORD that fits above the Skies, Derides their Rage below,


He speaks with Vengeance in his Eyes,
And ftrikes their Spirits through.

"I call Him my Eternal SON,

"And raise Him from the Dead;
"I make my holy Hill his Throne,
"And wide his Kingdom spread.

4 "Afk me, my SON, and then enjoy
"The utmoft Heathen Lands:
"Thy Rod of Iron fhall destroy
"The Rebel that withstands."

5 Pe wife, ye Rulers of the Earth,
Obey th' Anointed LORD,

Adore the King of heav'nly Birth,
And tremble at his Word.

6 With humble Love addrefs his Throne:
For if He frown, ye die :
Thofe are fecure, and thofe alone
Who on his Grace rely.



Metre i.


Y GOD, how many are my Fears!
How faft my Foes increase !

Confpiring my eternal Death
They break my prefent Peace.

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