The Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany, 70 tomas

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Archibald Constable and Company, 1808
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201 psl. - Of witches' spells, of warriors' arms ; Of patriot battles, won of old By Wallace wight and Bruce the bold ; Of later fields of feud and fight, When, pouring from their Highland height, The Scottish clans, in, headlong sway, Had swept the scarlet ranks away. While...
128 psl. - The wandering eye could o'er it go, And mark the distant city glow With gloomy splendour red; For on the smoke-wreaths, huge and slow, That round her sable turrets flow, The morning beams were shed, And tinged them with a lustre proud, Like that which streaks a thunder-cloud. Such dusky grandeur clothed...
201 psl. - Though scarce a puny streamlet's speed Claimed homage from a shepherd's reed; Yet was poetic impulse given, By the green hill and clear blue heaven. It was a barren scene, and wild, Where naked cliffs were rudely piled; But ever and anon between Lay velvet tufts of loveliest green; And well the lonely infant knew Recesses where the wall-flower grew, And honey-suckle loved to crawl Up the low crag and ruined wall.
505 psl. - IN scenes like these, which, daring to depart From sober truth, are still to nature true, And call forth fresh delight to fancy's view, Th...
305 psl. - Most Gracious Sovereign, WE, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the...
122 psl. - ... whom every thing exists ; and particularly, to obviate difficulties regarding the wisdom and goodness of the Deity ; and this, in the first place, from considerations independent of written revelation, and, in the second place, from the Revelation of the Lord Jesus ; and from the whole, to point out the inferences most necessary for and useful to mankind.
104 psl. - The nooses of the ropes are then opened, leaving his hind legs at freedom, and himself entirely disengaged from the snare. The two tame elephants press close on each side of him, and proceed, in pompous procession, to the garden of stalls, where they deliver up their charge, to experience another species of hardships.
107 psl. - ... and so it ever will. But, on the other hand, the nobles have been essential parties in the preservation of liberty, whenever and wherever it has existed. In Europe, they alone have preserved it against kings and people, wherever it has been preserved; or, at least, with very little assistance from the people. One hideous despotism, as horrid as that of Turkey, would have been the lot of even- nation of Europe, if the nobles had not made stands.
432 psl. - What a satisfactory spectacle to a philosophical mind, to see the oppressor, in the zenith of his power, envying his victim! What an acknowledgment of the superiority of virtue! What an affecting and forcible testimony to the value of that peace of mind, which innocence alone can confer!
496 psl. - I little imagined, when I took my last leave of the walks of public life, that any event could bring me again on a public theatre. But the unjust conduct of France towards these United States has been and continues to be such, that it must be opposed by a firm and manly resistance, or we shall not only hazard the subjugation of our government, but the independence of our nation also ; both being evidently struck at by a lawless, domineering power...

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