British Farmer's Magazine, 20 leidimas

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James Ridgway, 1851
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201 psl. - For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant.
218 psl. - Mr. Bruce states J, that in the last operation for colouring the green teas, " a mixture of sulphate of lime and indigo, very finely pulverized and sifted through fine muslin, in the proportion of three of the former to one of the latter...
230 psl. - This at once supplied the vicar with what appeared to be a motive for ' foul play ' on the part of the woman. He accordingly obtained permission to have the body of her brother exhumed ; doses of arsenic were detected, and the woman was arrested. With the evidence given upon the trial, the reader is, no doubt, perfectly conversant, and it will be unnecessary for me to detail it. She was convicted. Previously to her execution, she refused to make any confession, but said, ' If I were to tell all I...
147 psl. - ... in diameter), that it may not become of different shades, by the unequal action of the sun, which is often the case, through inattention to this point. Turn it when there is a prospect of rain, that the Flax may be beaten down a little, and thus prevented from being blown away. Lifting.
145 psl. - In buying seed, select it plump, shining, and heavy, and of the best brands, from a respectable merchant. Sift it clear of all the seeds of weeds, which will save a great deal of after trouble, when the crop is growing. This may be done by fanners, and through a wire sieve, twelve hars to the inch.
183 psl. - Another clergyman stated to me, that he never recollected an instance of his having married a woman, who was not either pregnant at the time of her marriage, or had had one or more children before her marriage. Again, a third clergyman told me, that he went to baptize the illegitimate child of one woman, who was thirty-five years of age, and it was absolutely impossible for him to convince her that what she had done was wrong. ' There appears,' said he, ' to be among the lower orders a perfect deadness...
147 psl. - ... adhering to it, it is ready to take out. Make this trial every six hours after fermentation subsides, for sometimes the change is rapid. Never lift the Flax roughly from the pool, with forks or grapes, but have it carefully handed out on the bank, by men standing in the water. It is advantageous to let the Flax drain twelve to twenty-four hours, after being taken from the pool, by placing the bundles on their root ends, close together, or on the flat, with the slope ; but the heaps should not...
147 psl. - Spreading. — Select, when possible, clean, short, thick pasture ground for this operation ; and mow down and remove any weeds that rise above the surface of the sward. Lay the flax evenly on the, grass, and spread thin and very equally. If t!-ie directions under the head of rippling have been attended to, the handfuls will come readily asunder, without entaUgling.
86 psl. - The evident influence of gypsum upon the growth of grasses, — the striking fertility and luxuriance of a meadow upon which it is strewed, — depends only upon its fixing in the soil the ammonia of the atmosphere, which would otherwise be volatilized, with the water which evaporates.

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