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At Montreal, Lower Canada, Wm. Suter, Esq. to Eliza, eldest daughter of Captain William M'Culloch.

16. At Brechin, Alexander Black, Esq. bookseller, to Helen, third daughter of Mr Robert Duncan, merchant there.

17. At the Doune of Rothiemurchus, Gervaise Pennington, Esq. Colonel in the service of the Honourable East-India Company, commanding the brigade of horse artillery in Bengal, to Jane, second daughter of John Peter Grant, of Rothie murchus, Esq. M.P.

-At Mary-la-bonne Church, London, William Knight Dehany, Esq. Solicitor to the Excise in Scotland, to Elizabeth Favell, second daughter of Vice-Admiral Scott.

18. In St Paul's Church, Boston, United States, Mr Samuel Richardson of that city, to Miss Caroline Schetky, daughter of the late Mr G. J. C. Schetky, Edinburgh.

20. At Edinburgh, the Rev. George Lawson, Kilmarnock, to Miss Agnes Paterson, youngest daughter of the late Bailie Thomas Paterson, Galashiels.

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JANUARY. At Tritchinopoly, Captain Henry Fullarton, of the Madras en gineers.

1. At Spanish Town, Jamaica, Brevet Major William Stuart, of the 91st regi


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6. At his Lordship's Episcopal residence, Glasnevin, Ireland, Dr Lindsay, Bishop of Kildare, brother of the Earl of Balcarras, and brother-in-law to the Earl of Hardwicke. He was Dean of Christ's Church, and was translated from the See of Killaloe, to which he had been elevated in 1803.

At Portsoy, Lieutenant James Wood, R. N. aged 76.

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At Kilmarnock, Mrs Elizabeth Gregory, relict of William Gregory, Esq.

7. At Fisherrow, Mrs Hester Marshment, wife of Mr James Forsyth, of his Majesty's Customs, there.

8. At Glasgow, James Murray, Esq. late of Jedburgh, aged 86.

9. At Sea, on board H. M. S. Diamond, in the fifteenth year of his age, Gilbert, youngest son of Wm. Elliot Lockhart, Esq. of Cleghorn, M.P.

At Barholm House, Ann, second daughter of John M'Culloch, Esq. of Barholm.

At Keir, Mr John Kyle, gardener to James Stirling, Esq. of Keir. As an experienced gardener, Mr Kyle was surpassed by few, if any, in his profession; and he, perhaps, during his life, received more medals and prizes for superior excellence, from the Horticultural Society of Edinburgh and others, than any other individual in the same line.

10. At Falkland, Michael Lundin, Esq. of Drums.

11. At her house, North Nelson-Street, Edinburgh, at the advanced age of 84, Mrs Isobel Edmondstoune, relict of Mr William Aytoun, W.S.

At Inchnouch, Mr John Steel, of Inchnouch, aged 73.

At Rangoon, in consequence of wounds received in action with the Burmese, Ensign James Mill Geddes, of the 47th regiment of foot, youngest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel William Geddes, of the 83d regiment.

12. At sea, on board the Carn Brea Castle, Lieut.-Colonel Commandant James Gardner, 31st regiment of Bengal native infantry.

13. At Spanish Town, Jamaica, David Macvicar, Esq. one of the Masters in Chancery there, son of the late Neil Mac

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At No. 11, Walker Street, Edinburgh, Jean Lockhart Bertram, daughter of the late W. Bertram, Esq. of Nisbet. George Dance, Esq. R.A. and F.A.S. In Upper Gower Street, London,

At Cummertrees village, Betty Shearer, at the advanced age of 99, having thus entered her hundredth year; indeed people in the neighbourhood to have been she was supposed by many of the old upwards of 100, but she had no document that could record the period of her birth. At all merry-meetings Betty was a person of great importance, and nothing drew forth her sarcastic humour more forcibly than when she saw the farmers' wives or their daughters dressed finer than what she considered became their station. Betty was a keen Jacobite, and she often recounted with much enthusias tic delight having seen the unfortunate Prince Charles, as he passed Cummertrees, when on his march from Dumfries to England.

16. At St Toolies estate, Jamaica, in his 19th year, William Bryce Glas, sixth son of the late John Glas, Esq. Stirling. At Walton Manse, the Rev. P. Mollison.


Robinson, Esq. late Provost of Banff, aged
At Banff, Bathia, the wife of George


Turpie, merchant.
At Glasgow, aged 69, Mr John

17. Aged 71, John Heron, Esq. of Ingleston.

denly took a fatal turn, at the British After a lingering illness, which sudHotel, Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Anne

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At Musselburgh, Mrs Ann Watson, relict of Mr Andrew Hunter, merchant there.

19. At his son's house, in Edinburgh, John Leven, Esq. sen. late of Burntisland, in the 76th year of his age.

At Pentonville, near London, Alex. Tilloch, Esq. long the proprietor and conductor of the Star London evening paper. Mr Tilloch found leisure for philosophical pursuits, and published many useful works.

20. At North Leith, Mrs Jean Macartney, spouse of Mr Alexander Ross, master of the Grammar School there.

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At Linlithgow, in the 94th year of his age, Mr William Wilson, senior, shoemaker there. There were several occurrences in the life of this worthy old man deserving of record. He witnessed the battle of Prestonpans, and saw the fall of the brave and virtuous Colonel Gardner. He was on the plains of Abram with the immortal Wolfe, and bore a part of the arduous duties of the ever-memorable day when that lamented hero fell. He was also at the sieges of Havannah and Louisburg. He used to remark that he lived in "three" Kings' reigns -saw "three" commanding officers fall-was a member of "three" mason lodges, and had "three" descendants in the direct line, all William Wilsons. He was highly respected in all the societies to which he belonged; and one of them (the Hopetoun Lodge of Bathgate) cheerfully pays this tribute to his memory.

At Kirkaldy, Mr James Edington senior, of East Wemyss.

25. At Glasgow, aged 23, Margaret, daughter of John Buchanan of Ardoch, Esq. M. P.

At Caen, Major-General Lord Muskerry, after a few days' illness.

At Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Thomasina Gulland, relict of John Grieve, Esq. civil engineer.

At the Briery Yards, at the venerable age of 94, Thomas Turnbull, Esq. of Fenwick.

At his house in York Street, Glasgow, John Wallace, Esq. formerly of Paisley.

At Edinburgh, James Campbell, Esq., sometime Captain in the Edinburgh regiment of militia.

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Mrs M. Gray Russell, 10, South Hanover Street, Edinburgh.

26. At Edinburgh, Mr John L. Virtue, merchant.

At Melrose, Mr Charles Erskine, writer.

At his house, 5, Filrig Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Reoch, wife of Mr

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At Scremerston, Mrs Elizabeth Hogarth, wife of Robert Hogarth, Esq. Scremerston.

- At Aberdeen, Mrs Ann Allan, relict of the deceased George Robertson, merchant in Aberdeen, aged 74.

8. At Exeter, aged 62, Eliza Helen, widow of James Lauder, Esq. of Whiteslade, and daughter of the late John Turner, Esq. of Turnerhall.

-At Fraserburgh, Mr George Lind, Postmaster, in the 88th year of his age. At Kirkaldy, Mr John Malcolm, ship-owner, aged 80.

Mrs Jean Morrison, spouse to Dr Robert Hamilton, Professor of Mathematics in Marischal College, Aberdeen.

9. At Turriff, Miss Helen Paton, eldest daughter of the late George Paton, Esq. of Grandhome.

At House of Hill, near Edinburgh, Mr Archibald Wilson, farmer there.

10. At Caen, in France, in the 10th year of his age, George Alexander, eldest son of Major-General Halket.

At Stirling, Mr Thomas Paterson, merchant, aged 79, and sixteen hours previous, Agnes Miller, his spouse, aged 77, two of the oldest inhabitants of that town.

At Kenziels, near Annan, Captain

George Irvine, aged 76; upwards of 50 years a respectable ship-owner and master mariner.

At 65, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Margaret Lawrie, wife of Mr Alexander Henderson, goldsmith.

-At Springbank, near Stirling, Miss Margaret Mackillop, eldest daughter of the late John Mackillop, Esq.

11. At Edinburgh, Archibald M'Dougall, Esq. of Dildawn.

His Highness Frederick IV. Duke of Gotha.

Mrs Parker, wife of Charles Parker, Esq. of Park Nook, Cumberland. Mrs Parker was the youngest daughter of Robert Allan, Esq. banker of Edinburgh.

At Antigua, William M'Dougall, Esq. late of the island of Tobago, young est son of the late Rev. Dr M'Dougall, minister of Makerstoun.

12. At Edinburgh, in the 10th year of his age, William, only son of Sir Alex. Keith, of Dunnottar.

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At Lochee, after a short illness, Mr James Carse, in the 84th year of his age. He was by profession an itinerant preacher, a profession which he had followed for about sixty years, and until within two years of his death.

At Horebury workhouse, Yorkshire, aged 70, Hannah Metcalee, who, owing to a disappointment in love, took her bed 45 years ago, and never rose from it till the day of her death. It is calculated that this pauper cost the parish £500.

13. At Arbroath, aged 34 years, Isabel Goodall, wife of Mr Patrick Wilson, bookseller.

-At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes Simpson, relict of James Megget, merchant there.

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At Perth, Miss Margaret Macduff, Atholl Street. She was born on the 28th June 1745.

At Bombay, Lieutenant Archibald David Græme, 3d native cavalry, aged 22, youngest son of the late John Græme, Esq. of Eskbank.

20. At 17, Castle Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Rosina Home, relict of Mr Thomas Laing, and eldest daughter of the deceased Hon. George Home.

At No. 30, Frederick Street, Edinburgh, George Kennedy, Esq. writer.

At Stirling, Mr James Hamilton, of Boddingsgill, merchant, Biggar. 21. At 4, Clerk Street, Edinburgh, Lieutenant John Grant.


At Broach, Bombay, Lieutenant James Hay, of the 10th regiment of native infantry.

22. At Bexhill, Sussex, Agnes, daughter of the late Archibald Gilchrist, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh, and wife of Henry Riddell, Esq. W.S.

Mrs Nancy Gibson, wife of Mr G B. Brown, brewer, North Back of Canongate, Edinburgh.

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