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DELECTUS SENTENTIARUM GRÆCARUM ad USUM TIRONUM ACCOMMODATUS; cum Notulis et Lexico, on the Plan of Dr. Valpy's Latin Delectus. Second Edition. In 12mo. Price, 4s. Bouiid.

GREEK EXERCISES, in Syntax, Ellipses, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrases, (after the Manner of Clarke's and Man's Introduction to the making of Latin,") adapted to the Grammars of Eton, Wettenhall, Moore, Bell, and Holmes. To which is prefixed, a concise but comprehensive Syntax. By the Rev. WILLIAM NEILSON, D.D. Minister of Dundalk, Ireland. The Third Edit. In I vol. 8vo. Price 58. in Boards, and with the Key, Price 88.

“ This work strictly falfils the professions of the title-page." GREEK IDIOMS, exhibited in select Passages from the best Authors, with English Notes and a parsing Index. To which are added,

Observations on some Idioms of the Greek Language. By the Rev. W. NEILSON, D.D. M. R. I. A. in 8vo. Price 58. bound.

A KEY to the GREEK EXERCISES. By the Rev. WILLIAM NEILSON, D.D. M.R. I. A. In 8vo. Price 38. in Boards.

A GREEK GRAMMAR, and Greek and English Scripture Lexicon, containing all the Words which occur in the Septuagint and Apocrypha, as well as in the New Testament. By GREVILLE EWING, Minister of the Gospel, Glasgow. The Second Edition, greatly enlarged, royal Octavo. Price 158. Boards.

HOMER, 12mo. Price 68. bound.
GREEK TESTAMENT, 12mo. Pricc 48. bound.

Geography. It is the least praise of the two after-mentioned Elementary Works of Geography to say, that they

are better adapted than any other, as a means of teaching that useful science, ihe fact being, that they form the only effective System that ever was contrived, by which persons of all ages may sreedily and ceriainly attain a clear and accurate knowledge of Geography, while at the same time Wiey claim a recisive pre-emigence, as the only practical course by which Geography can be successfully and easily taught in large seminaries.

An EASY GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, being an Introduction and Companion to the larger Work of the same Anthor, published under the Title of “ Geography on a popular Plan," and esteemed the most practical Work of this Kind extant. By the Rev. J.GOLDSMITH, The Forty-fifth Edition. Illustrated with a variety of Maps, &c. Price 38. 6d. bound in red.

GEOGRAPHY on a POPULAR PLAN, for the Use of SCHOOLS anů YOUNG PERSONS, containing all the interesting and amusing Features of Geographical Knowledge, and calculated to convey Instruction by Means of the striking and pleasing Associations produced by the peculiar Manners, Customs, and Characters of all Nations and Countries. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. A new Edition, considerably enlarged and iinproved, illustrated with upwards of Sixty beautiful Engravings, representing the Dresses, Customs, and Habitations of all Nations, with numerous Maps, &c. Price 148. bound and lettered.

An INTRODUCTION to Mr. PINKERTON'S ABRIDGMENT of his MODERN GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools, accompanied with 'Twenty outline Maps, adapted to this Introduction, and suited to other Geographical Works, forming a complete Juvenile Atlas. By JOHN WILLIAMS. În i vol. 12mo. Price 48. bound, and with the Atlas, consisting of Twenty Maps, 88. 6d. 'The Atlas separate, 48. 6d.

" Mr. Williams has executed his undertaking with great judzment and ability; and we cordially recommend his work as one of the best adapted to its object of any that have come under our in spection. The outline map, designed to accoinpany this introduction, will be found of great service."


2 Selection of the most useful Maps, accurately copied from those in

all which were drawn under the Direction and with the latest

PINKERTON'S SCHOOL ATLAS, containing 21 Maps neatly

coloured. Price 12s, half-bound.

A New TREATISE on the USE of the GLOBES ; or, a Philosophical View of the Earth and Heavens; comprehending an Account of the Figure, Magnitude, and Motion of the Earth ; with the natural Changes of its Surface, caused by Floods, Earthquakes, &c. designed for the Instruction of Youth. By THOMAS KEITH. In I vol. 12mo. with Plates. Third Edition. Price 68. Boards. “This volume comprehends a great quantity of valuable matter in a small compass, and we think it cannot fail to answer the purposes for which it is designed.” Brit. Crit. “ This work is ably executed." Gen. Rev.

THE WORLD in MINIATURE; for the Use of Students in Geography, History, and the French Language, By NICHOLAS HAMEL. Third Edition. Price 4s. 6d. bound.

A SKETCH of MODERN and ANTIENT GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools. By SAMUEL BUTLER, D. D. Head Master of the Royal Free Grammar School of Shrewsbury. Second Edition. In 8vo. Price 98.. Boards,

An INTRODUCTION to the GEOGRAPHY of the NEW TESTAMENT; comprising a Summary Chronological and Geographical View of the Events recorded respecting the Ministry of our Saviour: with Questions for Examination, and an accented Index; principally designed for the Use of Young Persons, and for the Sunday Employment of Schools. By LANT CARPENTER, LL. D. In 1 vol. 12mo. with Maps. Third Edition. Price 4s. boards.

“ We recommend this book to all such as are anxious to obtain accuracy and precision in their geographical and chronological knowledge, as far as relates to the history of the events recorded in the writings of the New Testament." Lit, Jour.

A SYSTEM of GEOGRAPHY and HISTORY; or, a complete Delineation of the natural and artificial Features of each Country; and a succinct Narrative of the Origin of the different Nations, their Political Revolutions, and Progress in Arts, Sciences, Literature, Commerce, &c. The Whole comprising all that is important in the Geography of the Globe and the History of Mankind. By JOHN BIĞLAND, Author of " Letters on Ancient and Modern History," " Essays on various Subjects,” &c. &c. In Five Volumes, 8vo. Price 31. 138. 6d. Boards.

“ In these volumes Mr. Bigland exhibits a very pleasing picture of the past and the present state of mankind, of their progress in civilization and arts, with portions of their topographical, their civil and military history, so judiciously combined, as to constitute a very edifying and amusing work. It may be perused with great advantage by juvenile students, who wish for a general view of the present and the past

state of man in all parts of the world, before they entered on the detailed investigation of particular portions of the globe: nor will it be unacceptable to those who are more advanced in life, and who, wish to renew their former recollections, and to retrace the historical path which they have before trod." Crit. Rev.

A GAZETTEER of the BRITISH ISLANDS; or, a TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of the UNITED KINGDOM, containing full modern Descriptions from the best Authorities, of every County, City, Borough, Town, Village, Parish, Township, Hamlet. Castle, and Nobleman's Seat, in Great Britain and Ireland. By BENJAMIN PITTS CAPPER, Esq. of the Secretary of State's Office; Editor of the Imperial Calendar, of the population Returns, &c. &c.

Illustrated with Forty-six New County Maps. Price 1l. 6s. bound and lettered, or ll. 118. 6d. elegantly bound, and the Maps coloured.

This volume forms a library of itself, or part of the library of every Englishman; and deserves, by its great interest and indispensable utility, to be found in every house in the Empire. It is not an ephemeral production, but a work of vast labour, research and expence, and a standing authority on all the points of which it treats,

MODERN GEOGRAPHY. A Description of the Empires, Kingdoins, States, and Colonies; with the Oceans, Seas, and Isles, in all Parts of the World; including the most recent Discoveries and political Alterations. Digested on a new Plan. By JOHN PINKERTON. The Astronomical Introduction by the Rev. S. Vince, A. M. F.R.S. and Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy, in the University of Cambridge. With numerous Maps, drawn under the Direction, and with the latest Improvements of Arrowsinith, and eugraved by Lowry. To the Whole are added, a Catalogue of the best Maps and Books of Travels and Voyages, in all Languages; and an ample Index. Apie Edition. In 2 vols. 4to. Price 5l. 58, in Boards.

“ Mr. P. has presented us with a production, which we need not be ashamed to own growth, which is not a mere bookseller's job, but is the fruit of the persevering study of a i and has been conducted on the principles and for the advancement of science,” M. Rev.

INSTRUCTIVE RAMBLES through London and its By Mrs. HELME. The Sixth Edition, complete in one vol, Price 4s.

History. HISTORICAL and MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS for the Use of Young People; with a Selection of British and General Biography, &c. By RICHMAL MANGNALL. The Tenth Edition, in 12mo. Price 58. bound.

An ABRIDGMENT of UNIVERSAL HISTORY. Adapted to the Use of Families and Schools, with appropriate Questions at the End of each Section. By the Rev. H. I. KNAPP, A.M. In 1 vol. 12mo. Second Edit. Price 48. 6d. bound.

"This bridgment is executed with much judgment, knowledge, and propriety ;-a due sense of proportion is observed; the details expand as the events become important, and a morality religiously tole. rant and politically passive pervades the reflections." M. Rev. Nov. 1810.

LETTERS on the STUDY and USE of ANCIENT and MODERN HISTORY: containing Observations and Reflections on the Causes and Consequences of those Events which have produced any conspicuous Change in the Aspect of the World, and the general State of Human Affairs. By JOHN BIGLAND. The Third Edition. In I vol. demy Svo. embellished with an elegantly engraved Head of the Author. Price 108. 60. or 1 vol. 12mo. Price 68. in Boards.

“Mr. Bigland displays in this volume a well cultivated and comprehensive mind. His style is generally correct; bis information is extensive; and the many pertinent remarks and inferences with which he has enriched this summary of general history, meet our cordial approbation.” M. Rev.

THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, related in Familiar Conversations, by a Father to his Children. Interspersed with Moral and instructive Re. marks and Observations on the most leading and interesting Subjects. Designed for the Perusal of Youth. By ELIZABETH HELME. Third Edition. In 2 vols. 12mo. Price 9s. bound, with Frontispieces.

“ The present performance seems exceedingly well adapted to the proposed purpose, and it is worthy of a respectable place in the Juvenile Library." Brit. Crit.

THE HISTORY of SPAIN, from the earliest Period to the Close of the Year 1809. By JOHN BIGLAND. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price Il. 48. in Boards.

The author has produced a pleasing and useful work. It will be received as a welcome present, by snch of our readers as may be desirous of taking a glance at the scenes formerly acted upon the theatre of that eventful drama, which at present so strongly Axes the attention of the civilized world." Eclec. Rev.

THE HISTORY of EUROPE, from the Peace of 1783 to the present Time: exhibiting a View of the Commotions in Holland and Brabant, the Wars between Russia, Austria, the Ottoman Porte, and Sweden, the Annihilation of the Kingdom of Poland, the Revolution of France, and the Wars which have proa ceeded from that extraordinary Event, with the recent Revolutions in Spain, Portu. gal, and Sweden. By JOHN BIGLAND. In 2 vols, 8vo. Price 1l. 48. in Boards.

THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the earliest Period to the Close of the Year 1812. By J. BIGLAND, In 3 thick vols. Svo. Price Il. 16s. in Bds.

A CONCISE VIEW of the CONSTITUTION of ENGLAND. By GEORGE CUSTANCE. Third Edition, improved and enlarged. 8vo. Price 108. 6d. Boards; and in 12mo. Price is. Boards.

“We most sincerely congratulate the Public on the appearance of a work, which we can safely recommend as well fitted to supply a chasm in our system of public instruction. Of the merits of the work, the Public may form some judgment, when we inform them that it contains whatever is most interesting to the general reader in Blackstone, together with much useful information derived froin Professor Christian, De Loime, and various other eminent authors," Eclectic Rev.

A METRICAL HISTORY of ENGLAND; or, RECOLLECTIONS in RHYME, of the most prominent Features in our National Chronology, from the Landing of Julius Cæsar to the Coinmencement of the Regency in 1812.

By THOMAS DIBDIN. In 2 vols. Svo. Price 188. in Boards. A CONCISE HISTORY of the JEWS, from the Time of their Re-establishment, by Ezra and Nehemialı, after the Babylonish Captivity to the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans; forining a Connection between the His. tory of the Old and New Testaments. By the Rev. JOHN HEWLETT, B.D. In 12ino. Price 68, in Boards, with a Map of Palestine.


VEW PANTHEON; or, an Introduction to the Mythology of
uts, in Question and Answer. Compiled principally for the Use of Females.
LLARD HORT. The Third Edition. With Plates. Price 58. Boards.


· Biography. THE UNIVERSAL, BIOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, and CHRONOLOGICAL DICTIONARY, including Tuirteen Thousand Lives of eminent Persons of all ages and Nations, the Succession of Sovereign Princes, and above Twenty-five Thousand Dates, revised, enlarged, and brought down to the present Time. By JOHN WATKINS, LL. D. Price 198. bound and lettered, or il. elegantly bound.

THE BRITISH NEPOS, consisting of Select Lives of the illustrious Britons who have been the most distinguished for their Virtues, Talents, or remarkable Advancement in Life, interspersed with practical Reflections; written purposely for the Use of young persons, on the obvious and important Principlethat example is more powerful and more seductive than precept. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. The Tenth Edition, Price 58. bound; containing Accounts of the undermentioned distinguished Personages:

Alfred -- Bacon-Wickliff Chaucer--Wolsey — Moore-Essex-Latimer-Cahot-Jewell-- GreshamWalsingham-richton --Drake --Burleigh--Shakspeare --Raleigh-Bacon-Andrews---Coke-StratfordHampden-Harvey-Blake-Clarendon ---- Milton Marvel - Svdney-Tillotson-Locke --llolt--BurnetPenn-Addison-Marlborough-Newton-Walpole-Stair --Sloane_Wolfe--Anson-Barnard--LyttletollChatham---Garrick-took--Blackstone-Johnson-Lowth--Howard-Mansfield --Reynolds.

A SELECTION of the LIVES of PLUTARCH, abridged for the Use of Schools. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. &c. Price 5s. bound, and containing Accounts of the undermentioned Personages, the most illustrious and estimable Characters of Antiquity :

Romulus --Lycurgus--Solon - Numa-Themistocles - Camillus-Pericles--Alcibiades—Timoleon–Aristides--Cato the Censur-Pyrrhus--Eumenes-Pompey---Alexander-Julius Cæsar-Demosthenes---Cicero, &c. &c.

LIVES OF ANCIENT PHILOSOPHERS, translated from the French of FENELON, with Notes, and a Life of the Author. By the Rev. J. CORMACK, M. A. In 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. The Second Edition, printed by Ballantyne. Price 12s. Boards.

Religion, and morals. TRUE STORIES; or, Interesting Anecdotes of Children, designed, through the medium of Example, to inculcate Principles of Virtue and Piety. Second Edition. Price 28. 6d. in Boards, embellished with an emblematical Frontispiece.

TRUE STORIES; or, Interesting Anecdotes of Young Persons, designed through the medium of Example, to inculcate Principles of Virtue and Piety. By the Author of “Lessons for young Persons in humble Life,” &c. In 12mo. Price 48. 6d. Boards.

LESSONS for YOUNG PERSONS in HUMBLE LIFE, calculated to promote their Improvement in the Art of Reading, in Virtue and Piety, and particularly in the Knowledge of the Duties peculiar to their Stations. The Third Edition. Price 38. 6d. Boards.

". Very neatly printed, and well selected, containing a great store of instruction in a small compass." Brit. Cril." In appearance, cheapness, and moral tendency, this compilation resembles those of the excellent Lindley Nurray. It inculcates the most useful sentiments in a very suitable form, and welt deserves patronage." Eclectic Rev.

A FRIENDLY GIFT for SERVANTS and APPRENTICES; containing the Character of a good and faithful Servant, Advice to Servants of every Denomination; Letter from an Uncle to his Nephew, on taking him Apprentice; and Aneedotes of good and faithful Servants. By the Author of " Lessons for young Persons in humble Life."--Price 9d.

ROSE and EMILY; or, Sketches of Youth. By Mrs. ROBERTS, Author of Mental Telescope. 12mo. Price 58. 6d. Boards.

« The general style of this work is easy and unaffected; the characters are well discriminated, and contrasted; the History of a Faded Beauty' is impressive; and the whole publication is moral and attractive." Mon. Rev.

The PANORAMA of YOUTH. 2d Edit. In 2 vols. Price 9s. Bus. “ The Tales themselves are written with ability, and their design is meritorious. They conclude with a well-executed allegory entitled the Voyage of Life ;' and the whole production is calculated to stimulate the feelings on the side of virtue.”

Monthly Review, Oct. 1808. MORAL TALES for YOUNG PEOPLE.

By Mrs. IVES HURRY. In 12ino. Price 48. Boards.

« Agreeably to the intention of the author, these Tales are calculated for the use of juvenils The different effects which follow either a judicious and praise-worthy, or an improper and duct in young persons are forcibly pourtrayed; and thus are many good lessons for a pro pleasingly taught.” Mon, Rev.

PITY'S GIFT; a Collection of interesting Tales from the

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amhallobodith wodonto Third Edit.


MATERNAL INSTRUCTION; or, Family Conversations on moral and interesting Subjects, interspersed with History, Biography, and original Stories. Designed for the Perusal of Youth. By ELIZABETH HELME. Third Edit. In 12mo. Price 48. 6d. in Boards.

“ There is something in the plan of the present little work particularly pleasing. It is with great pleasure that we recommend a work, the design of which is so sensible, and the execution so satisfactory." Brit. Crit.

THE PATERNAL PRESENT; being a SEQUEL to Pity's Gift; chiefly selected from the Writings of Mr. Pratt. Second Edition, with 11 Wood. cuts, Price 38. bound.

ADVICE to YOUNG LADIES on the IMPROVEMENT of the MIND, and the CONDUCT of LIFE. By THOMAS BROADHURST, The Second Edition, greatly improved. Price 58. Boards.

LETTERS from Mrs. PALMERSTONE to her Daughter, inculcaiing Morality by entertaining Narratives. By Mrs. HUNTER, of Norwich. The Second Edition, in 8 vols. 12mo. Price 158. in Boards.

“ These Letters justly claim a distinguished rank among the literary productions of the present day, for young persons of the female sex, in genteel life." Guard. of Educ.

LETTERS addressed to a YOUNG LADY, wherein the Duties and Characters of Women are considered chiefly with a Reference to prevailing Opinions. By Mrs. WEST. Fourth Edition. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price il. 19. Boards.

* We do not venture without mature deliberation to assert, that not merely as critics, but as parents, husbands, and brothers, we can recommend to the ladies of Britain, 'The letters of Mrs. West'.” Cr. Rev.

LETTERS addressed to a YOUNG MAN, on his first Entrance into Life; and adapted to the peculiar Circumstances of the present Times. By Mrs. WEST. The Fifth Edition. In 3 vols. 1&mo, Price 11. 18. Boards.

“This work appears to us highly valuable. The doctrines which it teaches are orthodox, temperate, uniform, and liberal; and the manners which it recommends are what every judicious parent would wish his son to adopt." Brit. Crit.

SERMONS for SCHOOLS, containing one for every Sunday in the Year; and also for Christmas-Day, Good-Friday, Easter-Sunday, and Fast-Days; of lengths and on Subjects adapted to Young Persons of either Sex: selected and abridged from Horne, Blair, Gisborne, Zollikofer, Paley, Porteus, Jortin, Enfield, Horsley, Seed, &c. &c. By the Rev. S. BARROW, 68. 6d. bound and lettered.

THE POWER of RELIGION on the MIND, in Retirement, AMiction, and at the Approach of Death; exemplified in the Testimonies and Experience of Persons distinguished by their Greatness, Learning, or Virtue. By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of English Grammar, &c. The Sixteenth Edition. In one Volume 12mo. Price 58. bound; or in 8vo. Price 128. Boards.

The Octavo Edition of this work is print with a fine Pica Letter, on superfine Paper, and in an open and attractive form. The proprietors flatter themselves, that this neat and elegant edition of the work will be acceptable to many readers, and be found well adapted to public, as well as to private libraries.

The examples which Mr. Murray has here selected, and the judicious reflections which accompany them, are such as can scarcely fail to make the best impressions, and to produce the best effects, on all who read them with attention." Anti-Jac. Rev.

"Mr. Murray has furnished an interesting collection of testimonies; and we wonder not, that a work so instructive

and amusing, as well as impressive, should have been generally patronized. It is a book which may be read with profit, by persons all situations," Month. Rev.

A SELECTION from BISHOP HORNE'S COMMENTARY on the PSALMS. By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of an English Gramınar, &c. In I vol. 12mo. Price 5s. boards.

“We have no hesitation ire saying that those young persons of either sex who will attentively perase these selections, will not fail to have some good thoughts impressed upon their minds, and some good desires excited in their hearts." Crit. Rev.

THE HISTORY OF ALL RELIGIONS, with Explanations of the Doctrines and Order of Worship, as held and practised by all the Denominations of professing Christians ; comprehending a Series of Researches explanatory in die OPINIONS, CUSTOMS, AND REPRESENTATIVE WORSHIP IN THE CHURCHES which bave

ahlished from the beginning of Time to the Commencement of the Christian con: containing much Information on Biblical Literature, at this Day

3y JOHN BELLAMY, Author of the Ophion, and Biblical Criticisms in Journal. With considerable Alterations and Additions, in 12mo. Price fine Paper and Hotpressed. Price Ios. fid Boards the Secondition

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