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Arithmetic, Wook-keeping, Trade, and Commerce.

THE ARITHMETICIAN'S GUIDE; or, a Complete Exercise Book, for the Use of public Schools and private Teachers. By WILLIAM TAYLOR, Teacher of the Mathematics, &c. The Sixth Edition, 12mo. Price 38. bound.

An INTRODUCTION to PRACTICAL ARITHMETIC, in Two Parts, with various Notes and occasional Directions for the Use of Learners. By THOMAS MOLINEUX, many years Teacher of Accounts, Short-hand, and the Mathematics, at the Free Grammar School in Macclesfield. The Eighth Edition, in 12mo. Part I. Price 2s.6d. bound.- Part II. Third Edit. 2s. bound.

THE ARITHMETIC of REAL LIFE and BUSINESS, adapted to the practical Use of Schools, including a complete Reformation of all the Tables of Weights and Measures; the Calculation of Annuities, Leases, Estates, Lives, Stocks, Exchanges, &c.; and more numerous Examples under every Rule, than are to be found in any other Book of this Kind. By the Rev. J. JOYCE. Closely printed. Price 38.6d, bound.

Every man of business' must recollect how much he had to unlearn in the practice of Arithmetic, when
having left school be first entered into the commerce of life, and also how little he had learnt which
was strictly applicable to real transactions. The present System of Arithmetic, disregarding the fetters
of its predecessors, has consulted alone the actual and prevailing occasions for the exercise of this
useful art. Every branch of trade and manufacture has been sedulously consulted in the new exem-
plification of the various Weights and Measures; every thing, obsolete or useless in other books of
Arithmetic has been expunged; and every thing has been introduced that is essentially necessary.

The following are the peculiar and superior features of this Arithmetic.
'1. The Tables of Weights and Measures, corrected throughout, and adapted to modern usage.

2. Obsolete and seless Rules expunged, and a much larger portion applied to Stucks, Esiates, Anbuities, Discounts, Reversions, Tontines, Banking, Insurancies, Krokerage, Chances, Exchanges, &c. &c. as practised by the Brokers and Commercial Companies of the City of London.

3. More Examples under each Rule than are to be found in any other work.
4. Logarithins applied to calculations of Annuities, Compound Interest, &c.

A KEY to DITTO, for the Use of Teachers ; to which is subjoined, a System of Mental Arithmetic. Price 38. 6d.

In the KEY to JOYCE'S ARITHMETIC, is given a new and very useful discovery by means of which, all Sums in the First Rules of Arithmetic, simple or compound, may be examined at a glance of the eye.

THE ELEMENTS of BOOK-KEEPING by SINGLE and DOUBLE ENTRY; comprising several Sets of Books, arranged

according to present Practice, and designed for the Use of Schools. To which is annexed, an Introduction on Merchants Accounts, with engraved Specimens. By JAMES MORRISON, Accountant; Master of the Mercantile Academy at Glasgow. In 8vo. price 78. half bound.

The above Work divests the art of Book-keeping of its pedantry and usual intricacý: it conimences with a set of Books, in the simplest form, which are adapted to initiate beginners to a Retail Trade, highly useful to a numerous class of Students who have been perplexed by the complicated Systems of some Authors. Other Sets of Books follow, which are adapted to the most extensive Wholesale Concerns. The whole are illustrated by Questions for Exercise and by engraved Forms of the various Documents used in Business.

THE YOUTH'S GUIDE to BUSINESS; containing an easy and familiar Introduction to Book-keeping by Single Entry, Bills of Parcels, &c. Tables of Money, Weights and Measures, methodized and arranged on an improved Plan; and a variety of Arithmetical Questions for occasional Exercise and Improvement. Designed for the Use of Schools. By THOMAS CARPENTER. Price 28. 6d. bound.

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General Science. A FAMILIAR INTRODUCTION to the ARTS and SCIENCES, for the Use of Schools and Young Persons; containing a General Explication of the Fundamental Principles and Facts of the Sciences; divided into Lessons, with Questions subjoined to each, for the Examination of Pupils. By the Rev. J. JOYCE, Author of Scientific Dialogues, &c. In one vol. 12mo. Price 68. Boards, illustrated with Copper-plates by Lowry, and wood-cuts by Branston.

“ The method adopted is to lay down the principles of the different sciences in a series of short propositions, which are to be committed to memory, and are divided into lessons of appropriate length. We deem ourselves fully justified in recommending the volume to parents and instructors, as containing much useful matter in a cheap and convenient form." Monthly Review.

THE NEW YOUNG MAN'S COMPANION, or the Youth's Guide to General Knowledge, designed chiefly for the Benefit of private Persons of both Sexes, and adapted to the Capacities of Beginners. In Three Parts. By JOHN HORNSEY. In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 4s. bound, embellished with 4 Copper-j1234, and 28 Wood-cuts.

NEW BRITISH ENCYCLOPEDIA ; or, DICTION ARTS AND SCIENCES comprising an accurate and popular View of the proved State of Haman Knowledge. By WILLIAM NICHOLSON, Aut! prietor of the Philosophical Journal, and various other Chemical, Philo Mathematical Works. Illustrated with 156 elegant Engravings, by LA


Practical pathematics. An INTRODUCTION to the THEORY and PRACTICE of PLAIN and SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY, and the Stereographic Projection of the

phere including the Theory of Navigation; comprehending a Variety of Rules, Formulæ, &c. with their practical Applications to the Mensuration of Heights and Distances, to determine the Latitude by two Altitudes of the Sun, the Longitude by the Lunar Observations, and to other important Problems on the Sphere, and on Nautical Astronomy. By THOMAS KEITH, Private Teacher of Mathematics. In Svo. Price 12s. Boards. The Second Edition, corrected and improved.

THE ELEMENTS of LAND-SURVEYING, in all its Branches, practically adapted for the Use of Schools and Students; and including Practical Geometry, Trigonometry, Land Measuring by the Chain, Plane, Table, Theodolite, and other instruments : the entire Practice of Hilly Ground; the Division of Land; Plotting and Mapping, illustrated by highly finished Engravings, plain and coloured complete, Tables of Sines and Tangents, Logarithms, &c. &c. By ABRAHAM CROCKER, Land Surveyor, of Frome, in Somersetshire. Illustrated with a greater Variety of Copper-plates than any other work of the kind, also with upwards of One Hundred Wood-cuts. Price 78. 6d. bound.

The object of the Author of this work has been to produce a practical System of Land Surveying, corresponding in scientific arrangement and perspicuity with Mr. Bonnycastle's well-known System of Mensuration. Every rule and case is illustrated with numerous Examples and Exercises for the Use of Teachers and siudents, and an unusual expense has been incurred to produce such Engravings, plain and coloured, as should completely instruct the young Surveyor in the important art of correct and elegant Drawings.

Patural Historp, Botanp, and Chemistry, . THE ELEMENTS of NATURAL HISTORY, for the Use of Schools. Founded on the Linnæan Arrangement of Animals, with popular Descrip.' tions, in the Manner of Goldsmith and Buffon. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. The Sixth Edition. Price 6s. bound, illustrated by Fifty Engravings, representing Two Hundred of the most curious Objects.

“ Natural History is a study particularly suited to children; it cultivates their talents for observa. tion, applies to objects within their reach, and to objects which are every day interesting to them." Edgeworth on Practical Education.

"It is to be regretted that Buffon, with all his excellencies, is absolutely inadmissable into the library of a young lady, both on account of his immodesty and impiety. Goldsmith's History of Ani. mated Nature has many references to a divine Author; and it is to be wished that some person would publish a new Edition of this work, purified from the indelicate and offensive parts." Miss More's Strictures on Female Education.

LETTERS on NATURAL HISTORY; exhibiting a View of the Power, the Wisdom, and Goodness of the Deity. So eminently displayed in the Tormation of the Universe, and the various Relations of Utility which inferior Beings have to the Human Species. Calculated particularly for the Use of Schools and Young Persons in general of both Sexes: in order to impress their Minds with a just Kilowledge of the Creation, and with exalted Ideas of its Great Author. Illustraled by up ds of One Hundred engraved Subjects, applicable to the

Work. By JOHN BIGLAND. The Second Edition, in 1 Vol. Lemo. Illustrated by Plates, 78. 6d. Bds.

“We recommend our young readers to pernse the present work as a compilation of very useful and entertaining information, free from indecorous allusions, and interspersed with useful reflections." Eclec. Rev.

An INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of BOTANY. By J. E. SMITH, M. D. F. R. S. P. L. S. Third Edition. In ! vol. 8vo. with Fifteen Plates. 14s. Bds. ***. A few Copies are coloured, 17. 88. Bds.

The Plan of this work is to render the Science of Botanical Arrangement as well as the general Structure and Anatomy of Plants accessible, and in every Point eligible

for Young Persons of either Sex, who may be desirous of making this elegant aud useful Science a part of their Education or Ainusement.

CONVERSATIONS on CHEMISTRY. In which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by Experiments. In 2 vols, 12mo. with Plates by Lowry. Fourth Edition. Price 158. in Boards.

"This work may be strongly recommended to young students of both sexes. The perspicuity of the style, the regular disposition of the subject, the judicious selection of illustrative experiments, and the elegance of the plates, are so well adapted to the capacity of beginners, and especially of those who do not wish to dive deep into the science, that a more appropriate publication can hardly be desired." Drit. Crit.


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Short Hand.
VERSAL STENOGRAPHY; or, a Complete and Practical
of SHORT-HAND. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. The Firhth Edition

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