The Chicken Book

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University of Georgia Press, 2000 - 380 psl.
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Liberating today's chicken from cartoons, fast food, and other demeaning associations, The Chicken Book at once celebrates and explains this noble fowl. As it traces the rise and fall of Gallus domesticus from the jungles of ancient India to the assembly-line hatcheries sprawled across modern America, this original, frequently astounding book passes along a trove of knowledge and lore about everything from the chicken's biology and behavior to its place in legend and mythology. The book includes lively discussions of the chicken's role in literature and history, the cruel attractions of cockfighting, the medicinal uses of eggs and chicken parts, the details of the egg-laying process, the basics of the backyard coop, recipes, and much more. Entertaining and insightful, The Chicken Book will change the way we regard this too often underappreciated animal.

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part one
The Origin s of the Chicken 9
The Global Chicken 27
Aldrovandi 41
The Cock 51
Cockfighting 69
Cockfighting Continued 98
The Chicken Apothecary 125
The Egg and the Chick 189
The Century of the Chicken 204
The Decline of the Chicken 232
The Industrialization of the Chicken 250
The Fall of the Chicken and Almost Everything Else 264
On Keeping Chickens 303
The Culinary Chicken and Egg 343

The Folk Chicken 135
The Hen and Her Egg 159

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Apie autorių (2000)

Page Smith (1917-1995) was a professor of history at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Charles Daniel is an emeritus research professor of biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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