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C. H. Parmelee, 1893
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"Report of the Dominion fishery commission on the fisheries of the province of Ontario, 1893", issued as vol. 26, no. 7, supplement.

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xxxiii psl. - Island, which point lies in the parallel of 54 degrees 40 minutes north latitude, and (between the 131st and 133d degree of west longitude (meridian of Greenwich,) the said line shall ascend to the north along the channel called Portland channel, as far as the point of the continent where it strikes the 56th degree of north latitude...
98 psl. - In every triangle, the square of the side subtending either of the acute angles is less than the squares of the sides containing that angle, by twice the rectangle contained by either of these sides, and the straight line intercepted between the perpendicular let fall upon it from the opposite angle, and the acute angle.
xxxiv psl. - That whenever the summit of the mountains which extend in a direction parallel to the coast from the 56th degree of north latitude to the point of intersection of the 141st degree of west longitude shall prove to be at the distance of more than ten marine leagues from the ocean, the limit between the British possessions and the line of coast which is to belong to Russia as above mentioned...
xxxiii psl. - The line of demarcation between the possessions of the high contracting parties, upon the coast of the continent, and the islands of America to the northwest, shall be drawn in the manner following : Commencing from the southernmost point of the island called Prince of Wales Island, which point lies in the parallel of 54 degrees 40 minutes...
xxxiv psl. - ... each government on any points upon which they may be unable to agree. Each government shall pay the expenses of the Commission appointed by it. Each government engages to facilitate in every possible way any operations which, in pursuance of the plan to be agreed upon by the Commissions, may be conducted within its territory by the Commission of the other.
xxxiii psl. - Point, the line of demarcation shall follow the summit of the mountains situated parallel to the Coast, as far as the point of intersection of the 141st degree of West longitude (of the same Meridian); and, finally, from the said point of intersection, the said Meridian Line of the 141st degree, in its prolongation as far as the Frozen Ocean, shall form the limit between the Russian and British Possessions on the Continent of America to the North-West.
58 psl. - December was 19,550, or 813 fewer than during the same period in 1891. In this connection I may be excused if I quote certain remarks 'which were made in the Summary Report for 1888, as follows : — " In my Summary Report for 1885 I called attention to the question of opening the Museum on Sunday afternoons, and I then gave some very remarkable statistics of attendance, the result of this course having been adopted at the Australian Museum in Sydney, showing that on the 52 Sundays, afternoons only,...
88 psl. - Thus, in this eight hours of a not very severe magnetic storm, as much work must have been done by the snn in sending magnetic waves out in all directions through space as he actually does in four months of his regular heat and light. This result, it seems to me, is absolutely conclusive against the supposition that terrestrial magnetic storms are due to magnetic action of the sun, or to any kind of dynamical action taking place within the sun, or in connection with hurricanes in his atmosphere,...
114 psl. - A. {cos a = cos b cos c + sin b sin c cos A. cos b = cos a cos c + sin a sin c cos B.
xxxiv psl. - Sea, and the measures necessary for its proper protection and preservation. The four Commissioners shall, so far as they may be able to agree, make a joint report to each of the two Governments...

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