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“Made up of every creature's best." A Weekly bagazine of Contemporary Literature and Tbougbt.


As Heretofore Every Saturday

THE LIVING AGE will continue to supply its readers and giving about

with the Choicest of the Best, the Most Valuable 3500 pages a year

Thought of the time. of the

Each Weekly Number World's

Contains sixty-four pages, in which are given, without

abridgment, the most interesting and important contriBest

butions to the periodicals of Great Britain and the Literature

Continent, from the weighty articles in the quarterlies

to the light literary and social essays of the weeklies. including

All Departments Science and Art of knowledge and discussion which interest intelligent Biography

readers, with fiction and poetry, are represented in its

pages. Politics Discovery

Original Translations Public Affairs

of striking articles from Continental sources are made

expressly for the magazine by its own staff of transLiterary Criticism

lators. Fiction and Poetry A Short Story Popular, yet of

and an instalment of a serial story appear in each issue. Permanent A Monthly Supplement Value

presents readings from the most important new books,

editorial notes on books and authors, and a list of the Indispensable to the books of the month. Intelligent Reader Published Weekly at $6.00 a year. Single numbers 15 cts.

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THE LIVING AGE CO., P. O. Box 5206, Boston, Mass.

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" The ablest and most interesting of Catholic publications." From the Congregationalist :

From the New York Press:

« DONAHOE'S MAGAZINE reflects the best thought.”

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For the details of the Harf-Price Offer on The
Century Dictionary & Cyclopedia & Atlas.

If you'll mention Self Culture you will receive, by return mail, a book of specimen pages of this greatest of all reference works, sample map in colors, full particulars as to bindings, terms, etc., and instructions how to join the new Wanamaker Century Club-now forming-whose members receive a set of the work in its newly revised ten-volume form on payment of $1.00 – the balance payable $3.00 monthly for fourteen months or more, according to the binding chosen.


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British Resident of Pahang in the Malay Peninsula, and Author of

In Court and Kampong,” “ Studies in Brown Humanity,etc.
The author, who is a member of the Asiatic Society and a frequent contributor to their Proceedings, has
spent sixteen years of service in the Malay Peninsula and has been constantly engaged in administrative
work in the Government of the Federated Malay States. These States, by virtue of their similarity to the
Philippines both as regards population and geographical position, have been regarded as furnishing a pos-
sible model for us in the formation of a government in the Philippines.

Mr. Clifford describes the physical and mental characteristics of the inhabitants of the Philippine Archi-
pelago, and discusses frankly the conditions which must be met if Americans are to coöperate successfully
with Orientals in establishing a stable government. His account of his recent conversation with the Sultan
of Sulu regarding the political situation will be read just now with peculiar interest.

This issue also contains another instalment of Miss Johnston's thrilling serial « To Have and To Hold,» which the Buffalo Commercial says « is the best story published for many a day."

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HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO., 4 Park Street, Boston

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Is a high-class, distinctively Amer-
ican publication, with a corps of
bright, aggressive writers and tal-
ented artists.com eest In its pages the
questions of the day are treated in
a thoughtful manner by leading
statesmen, scientists, and public men.
The fiction department is a nota-
ble one, containing the best produc-
tions of selected American authors.

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Because it is distinctively a magazine

for the bome


A Four Months' Trial Sub-
scription for 25 cents. Now is
the time to subscribe and secure
the incomparable features for


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91 Bedford Street, BOSTON, MASS. JOE M. CHAPPLE, Editor and Publisher.

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In both of these narratives, while they cover, in brief, the whole historical ground from the era of the Revolution, and deal interestingly with the manner in which the Army and Navy are commanded, clothed, fed, paid, and generally cared for, considerable space is at the same time taken up with a graphic account of the military and naval operations of the Spanish-American War, including an instructive sketch of the training and education of the U. S. Naval Academy, of the duties of the feet, and the exploits of our battleships in action, and


The illustrations which embellish the work, and which are beautiful specimens of the highest lithographic art, exquisitely produced in from ten to twelve tints and colors, are from drawings especially made for this volume by able artists. They represent correctly the uniforms worn by the Army and Navy at different periods of the country, and in many instances portray well-known historical actions and events. In this particular respect this volume is probably the most costly which has ever been placed on the market of this country.

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A distinct and thrilling history in itself. An ever changing panorama, brist-
ling with interest. Mechanically, a model of the art of modern book-making.
Represents the highest style of the de luxe edition. Contains forty-three full
page illustrations and one hundred and sixty pages of text, 1372 x 18 inches.

Printed on heavy, velvet-finished book paper. Bound in Morocco and Alligator Grained Keratol of a deep rich brown and blue color. Each copy is neatly packed in a handsome, strong paste-board box.



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III Fifth Avenue

160 Adams Street

CHICAGO €€€€€€€€€€eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee€€€€€€€

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The Werner Company's Fall Publications

Germany's Army and Navy

Compiled from the Latest

Their history from the earliest sb
period, with their present Strength,
Organization, and Efficiency ffy

Including specially con

tributed articles from the well-known mili

tary writer, Major-General

Von Specht


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HE prevalent idea that Germany's military institutions are an immense burden, and consequently a

source of impoverishment to her, does not hold good. Having been confuted by many able writers, the

assertion needs little further discussion, Germany herself forming a striking proof of its fallacy. The present work, originally intended for Germans resident in the United States, of whom many not only served in the German Army, but also fought and bled for the Fatherland, appears herewith in an ENGLISH-GERMAN EDITION. The work will doubtless be welcomed by the American public with that interest and favor which it manifests not only toward all important works of literature, but toward all national achievements, among which those of the German Army may certainly be classed. The work leads the reader through each important historical phase of the army, beginning with the universal liability to service of the ancient Germans, followed by those of the feudal institutions and the later mercenary system of the Middle Ages. It treats in a general way of the subsequent conscription methods of the nation, and finally of the present system of compulsory military duty. This section is succeeded by a highly interesting description of the army's organization, from the pen of the prominent German military author, Major-General Von Specht.

Especially interesting to the military student, as well as to the lay reader, will be the details of the infantry's modern equipment, the mancuvres of the balloon and railroad troops, with the introduction of the lance as the uniform thrusting weapon of the entire German cavalry.

The second part of the book treats of the German navy, dwelling on its history, organization, composition, and classification. It forms a highlyinteresting study to the American nation, at present reaching out to the same goal, namely, that of establishing an efficient navy.

The description of the modern German battleships, cruisers, and torpedo boats, fully demonstrates that Germany already holds high rank among maritime nations.

With the utmost confidence the work is offered to the American public as a lucid, instructive, and ably written narrative sketch of the German Army and Navy, which should be familiar to every one.

The illustrations which embellish the work are from drawings especially made for the volume by able artists. They represent accurately the uniforms of the different branches of the service in field and parade equipment, the different types of warships, with representations of the marine 'uniforms.

The mechanical execution is a notable feature of the work.

The book is a large quarto, with beveled edges. The cover material of the binding is Morocco grained Keratol, of a rich brown color. The cover design is a masterpiece, and the embossing on the same, in six colors and gold, is a magnificent specimen of the bookmaking art.

The volume contains forty-one full-page illustrations, and one hundred and eighty-four pages of text. The size of the page is 13 1-2 x 18 inches ; full gilt edges. The illustrations are superb specimens of the lithographic art, exquisitely produced in from ten to twelve colors, on heavy enameled lithographic paper of the best quality.

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III Fifth Avenue,

160 Adams Street,


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