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“How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince's daughter.' Songs of Solomon, 7-- •••




HE world has and al

ways will love a handsome foot, and many a romance has resulted from the glimpse of a perfectfitting boot.

When you consider the style and beauty of the shoe which the girl in this picture wears you will not wonder that the admiring ripples curled and arranged themselves in the shape you see.

With a view to bringing out the romance attending the beauty, style, and comfort of the Sorosis" Shoe, as now found everywhere, in golf links, tennis courts, mountain rambles, ball rooms and street, we offer to the legion of its wearers

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One thousand

five hundred dollars • 2


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Fifteen Stories

Illustrating this topic.

$500 for the First Prize

Balance in $250 for the Second Prize Smaller Amounts Literary people of recognized standing and ability will be the judges of these stories. Send for full particulars respecting this competition to

A. E. LITTLE 8 CO. Manufacturers of the wonderful

85 Blake Street, Lynn, Mass. SOROSIS" SHOE now so universally worn by women.

NOTE – The knowing one is now aware that “SOROSIS" makes her feet look well and feel well no matter what the size she wears.

Please mentiox SELF CỰLTURE when you wrive to advertisers.

A Great National Medicine famed on both sides of the Atlantic


BEECHAM'S PILLS are mild but effective in their action.

BEECHAM'S PILLS cure Bilious and Nervous Disorders.

BEECHAM'S PILLS cure constipation and Sick Headache. BEECHAM'S PILLS ensure proper Assimilation of Food. BEECHAM'S PILLS arouse Sluggish and Torpid Livers and

dispel Bile. BEECHAM'S PILLS strengthen the Stomach. BEECHAM'S PILLS cure Stomachic Troubles, such as Indi

gestion, Want of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Fulness after Meals, Vomitings, Sickness

at the Stomach, etc. BEECHAM'S PILLS cure Restlessness and Insomnia, and give

sound and refreshing sleep. BEECHAM'S PILLS remove the result of indiscretion in eat

ing and drinking. BEECHAM'S PILLS remove Wind and Pains in the Stomach. BEECHAM’S PILLS are specially suitable for the diseases

and ailments common to females of all ages, and they remove the cause of much

suffering to the sex. BEECHAM'S PILLS assist the Kidneys to perform their

special functions. BEECHAM'S PILLS purify the Blood, and remove Scurvy,

Pimples and Blotches on the Skin. BEECHAM'S PILLS will make you look well, feel well, and

keep well. BEECHAM'S PILLS are sold everywhere, in boxes, two

sizes, at

Please mention SELF CULTURE when you write to advertisers.

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