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Made up of every creature's best." A Weekly Magazine of Contemporary Literature and Tbought.

Every Saturday
and giving about
3500 pages a year
of the

Science and Art
Public Affairs
Literary Criticism
Fiction and Poetry
Popular, yet of
Indispensable to the
Intelligent Reader

As Heretofore

THE LIVING AGE will continue to supply its readers
with the Choicest of the Best, the Most Valuable

Thought of the time.
Each Weekly Number

Contains sixty-four pages, in which are given, without
abridgment, the most interesting and important contri-
butions to the periodicals of Great Britain and the
Continent, from the weighty articles in the quarterlies

to the light literary and social essays of the weeklies. All Departments

of knowledge and discussion which interest intelligent
readers, with fiction and poetry, are represented in its

Original Translations

of striking articles from Continental sources are made
expressly for the magazine by its own staff of trans-

A Short Story

and an instalment of a serial story appear in each issue. A Monthly Supplement

presents readings from the most important new books, editorial notes on books and authors, and a list of the books of the month.

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Published Weekly at $6.00 a year. Single numbers 15 cts.

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Address THE LIVING AGE CO., P. O. BOX 2506, Boston, Mass.

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An Irishman is naturally devout, and as a rule accepts the decrees of Providence without a murmur. His climate is as changeable as he is himself, but you rarely hear him grumble. Anything short of a deluge is a grand day, glory be to God, or, if he is completely wet through, a fine soft day for the country. On one occasion, when it had rained incessantly for weeks, and the crops were almost under water, I said to a man, «What do you think of the weather, Flannagan ? » (I think,” said Flannagan, looking round at the dripping hedges and soaking fields, I think, Miss, if I was to be makin' weather, an' made the likes o' this, there'd be grumblin' at it.” It was wrung out of him, and surely disapprobation was never more delicately expressed.

- Cornhill Magazine. The Japanese government is considering the advisability of inflicting capital punishment by means of suffocation — placing the subject in an air-tight chamber and then exhausting the air from the chamber by means of a pump. The death or (vacuum » chamber, as it is to be known, is to be an air-tight cell built in or adjoining the prison. It is to be eight feet in height, ten feet wide, and ten feet long. The four sides are to have each an air-tight window of three-quarter-inch plate glass, so that the operators and prison and other officials may have an opportunity to witness the execution and determine the results. The cell will be connected with an air-pump which will have a power of causing the expulsion in the cell in one minute and forty seconds, thus acting so quickly as not to allow the victim to become suffocated or distressed in even the slightest degree, but, instead, causing almost instant death. In fact, it was shown, when the experiment was tried upon a large St. Bernard dog, that the animal was dead within a minute and a half after the vacuum had been completed.

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Also the best stock of
fine Pianos in the U.S.
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Knabes, Fischers,
Sterlings, &c.,&c. We

can save you upwards
of $100. Easy payments. If interested do not fail to
write at once. Any piano not proving exactly as rep-
resented may be returned at our expense.

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“Grateful to

the Palate"

Began to Get Well When He Qult Coffee.

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You could not get me to return to coffee after my experience if you were to give me a gold mine.

Two different physicians who treated me helped me some, but as soon as I left off the medicines I went down again. Neither of these doctors told me that coffee was the cause of the trouble.

I was compelled to give up my occupation, and had been for a long time constantly taking medicine of some sort. The trouble was indigestion and constipation, causing loss of sleep, and running me down seriously in weight.

I was discouraged with the drugging and remained ill until I noticed one of your advs. about how coffee affected some people; then thought I would stop drinking it and see if that might not be the cause of my trouble. I took to drinking Postum Cereal Food Coffee, and grew to like it very much indeed. As soon as I stopped drinking common coffee I began to get well and have increased in weight from 140 to 158. Since beginning Postum I have never taken a pill or any kind of medicine, and I never felt better in my life.

L. F. McMINN, 1702 High St., Des Moines, Ia.

Showed the Value of Condensed Food.

“It is a delicious novelty and very grateful to the palate. I found, about midway in my second dish, that I had sufficient for a meal, and realized for the first time that I was eating a condensed food that supplies one's wants with a few spoonsful and does not require any. thing like the volume to furnish the amount of food required, as when any of the ordinary forms of cereals are served. Grape-Nuts are delicious food, and the Postum Cereal Co., Lim., are to be congratulated upon the discovery,” said a well-known fancy grocer.



Locomotor Ataxia conquered at

last. Doctors puzzled, Professors amazed at the return to health of patients thought to be incur. able bylo

. DR. CHASE'S BLOOD AND NERVE FOOD Write me about your case. Will send proof of cores with advico free. Dr. Chase, 224N, 10th St., Philadelphia, Pa.


We Tell You How. Rochester Radiator Co. 42 Furnace St. Rochester, N.Y.


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F. A.

STALLMAN, 103 W. Spring St., Columbus, O.


The Improved Elastic Truss is the only truss in existence worn with absolute comfort night

and day and it retains the rupture under the hardest exercise or severest strain, and will effect a permanent and speedy cure. Comfortable Belts made to reduce corpulency. The use of these belts reduces your size and leaves no room for surplus fat to accumulate. Also belts that can be used after any operation. Send for free pamphlets to the IMPROVED ELASTIC TRUSS CO., 768 Broadway, New York. Our trusses are not sold by agents or druggists. (Established 17 years.)

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Turkish Baths for 3 Cents. THE

NOTES THE question has frequently been asked, “What are Admiral Dewey's church affiliations?” Ever since the founding of the Episcopal church in Montpelier, in 1840, the Dewey family has been closely identified with the management of Christ Church, the Episcopal society then organized. Dr. J. Y. Dewey was one of the first board of vestrymen chosen, and his sons have succeeded him in office. The first church edifice was of wood, and was consecrated in 1842. In 1866–68 a commodious church of Vermont granite was built on State Street to replace the wooden structure, and this is the church in which Ad. miral Dewey has worshipped when he has been in Montpelier.

THE OLIVE The olive is one of the oldest-known fruits. It is noted by Pliny and is frequently mentioned in the Bible, where it forms the basis of many parables and figures of speech. In Grecian mythology the olive-tree occupies an important place, and to-day the <olive branch » is the world symbol for peace. The olive-tree itself is rather melancholy in appearance; but the eye soon becomes accustomed to the tone which the olive-trees give to the landscape, and in nearly all the Mediterranean countries they are found almost everywhere. In general the olive will flourish wherever the vine can be cultivated for wine-growing purposes. It will not bear a


HE best of all bath cabinets is now sold at maker's prices direct

to the user. Sold even lower than the inconvenient affairs that are advertised for this service. A tight, double-walled room, rubber coated in. side and outside, and fitted with a door. Made so that merely tipping folds it into a six inch space. Handsome, convenient and strong.

The Racine Cabinet is guaranteed to be the best one on the market. We sell on approval, to be returned at our expense if not satisfactory. Sold direct to users at from $5. to $12., express or freight prepaid ; alcohol stove, vaporizer and face steaming attachment included. Send today for our handsome illustrated catalogue, and order from that. Racine Bath Cabinet Co., Box I, Racine, Wis.

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Beautifies the skin
No other cosmetic

will do it,

A Skin of Beauty is a Joy Forever.


Removes Tan, Pimples,
Freckles, Moth-patches,
Rash and Skin diseases, and
every blemish on beauty,
and defics detection. On its
virtues it has stood the test
of 50 years; no other has,
and is so harmless we taste
it to be sure it is properly
made. Accept no counter-
feit of similar name. The
distinguished Dr.L.A.Sayre,
said to a lady of the hautton
(a patient): “ As you ladies
will use them, I recommend
Gouraud's Cream' as the
least harmful of all the Skin

preparations. One bottle will last six months, using it every day. Also Poudre Subtile removes superfluous bair without injury to the skin.

FERD. T. HOPKINS, Prop'r, 37 Great Jones St., N. Y.

For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

T Beware of Base imitations $1,000 Reward for arrest and proof of any one selling the same.


it cannot be grown above 460 latitude. The young plants and fruit are very delicate, but the tree itself is quite tough. In Italy, where the olive forms one of the principal agricultural products and contributes so largely to the wealth of the country, the trees are cultivated with the greatest care.

The kernel of the olive requires about two years to germinate naturally; but it is found that by applying clay and goat manure Nature's processes can be hastened so that it will germinate the same year.


When I say I cure I do not mean merely to stop them for a time and then have them return again. I mean a radical cure. I have made the disease of FITS, EPILEPSY or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long study. I warrant my remedy to cure the worst cases. Because

others have failed is no reason for not now Kokomo Ornamental Fence

receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise Twenty different designs, cheaper than wood fence, Special Price for Cemeteries and

and a Free Bottle of my infallible remedy. Churches. Catalogue free.

vive Express and Post Office. KOKOMO FENCE MACHINE CO., 814 North St., Kokomo, Ind., U. 8. A

Prof. W.H.PEEKE, F.D., 4 Cedar St., N.Y. Please mention SELF CULTURE when you write to advertisers.

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when the incessant grind necessary for a decent existence is severe enough to knock vital sparks out of the constitutions of the best of us, they are wise in their generation who, without waiting for a danger signal, appeal periodically to some proved medicine which can be implicitly trusted to cleanse and renovate the marvelous mechanism of the human system. -At no time since the days of Adam have bread-winners, whether men or women, stood in such pressing need as they do nowadays of a sure, convenient, and perfectly harmless antidote against brain-fag, irritability, and drooping spirits. To balance the bitter in this hard world, find the genuine sweet somewhere, and undoubtedly it is just here where


come cheerfully, and cheaply, to the rescue. A remedy always pleasantly speedy — for we have no time to rest by the way — certain in its curative power, safe and gentle in its action, and permanent in its results — is it any wonder that Beecham's Pills have found, and are ever finding, their way into the vest pocket of every wise man and into the cupboards of every thoughtful woman, maid, or matron ? Vast numbers owe their good health to Beecham's Pills

nay, more, we repeat the old, bold, but honest statement, that Beecham's Pills save thousands of lives yearly. Therefore, Beecham's Pills

Are an Absolute Necessity Annuals Sale exceeds 6,000,000 Boxes.

Io cents and 25 cents each at all Drug Stores.

CONVINCING TESTIMONY. Beecham's Pills have the largest sale of any Proprietary
Medicine in the world. This has been achieved without the publication of testimonials.

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